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NFL Draft Report

By Joe Buscaglia

2012 NFL Combine, Day 3 LIVE Blog


3:47 -
It appears there's more news on the Stevie Johnson front. According to Aaron Wilson of Scout.com, a league source tells him that Johnson's agent (C.J. Laboy) and representatives of the Bills will be meeting again tonight in Indianapolis.

1:53 - Just heard from Illinois DE Whitney Mercilus. He said he's met with the Bills, and that they've showed a lot of interest. Story here. Audio below:

1:37 - Just heard from South Carolina DE Melvin Ingram, considered by some (including me) to be the top pass rusher available in the 2012 NFL Draft. Just a freak of an athlete that dropped some weight for the Combine. He's 6-foot-1 and 264-pounds. He can do a standing backflip, as recent as last week when Von Miller didn't believe that he could. A former point guard in basketball, too. Interesting guy. Here's his full interview:

11:45 -
West Virginia DE/OLB Bruce Irvin certainly has an interesting story. He dropped out of high school after his junior year. Was homeless for a time, spent three weeks in jail until he finally woke up and got his GED. He went the JUCO route before hooking on with West Virginia. Despite him turning his life around, he's not a good fit for the Bills. He's an undersized, situational pass-rusher that the Mountaineers didn't even trust on the field on run downs. More of a 3-4 OLB than anything. Regardless, his story is worth a listen. Audio below:

11:26 -
USC OT Matt Kalil came in every bit of the prospect as was advertised. A frame picture-perfect to play left tackle with the athleticism (4.96 40-yard dash) to go with it. He looks smooth an effortless when you watch his games. He is a franchise left tackle. The Vikings must be praying that the Rams trade the second pick to someone that wants Robert Griffin III. If it weren't for Andrew Luck, Kalil would be the top player this draft has to offer.

10:45 - I'm really eagerly anticipating the TE workouts today. Another Georgia guy, Orson Charles, stole the show yesterday with 35 reps on the bench press. That was the best by a TE by a whopping 8 reps. To put that in perspective, he's a 6-foot-3, 251-pound player that benched 225-pounds 16 times more than the 6-foot-7, 323-pound OT Mike Adams from Ohio State. Incredibly impressive.  Charles is expected to fly in the 40-yard dash as well. He was my second-rated TE heading in to Indianapolis, and is a candidate to go in the first round after this week.

9:39 - The talk of the workouts for the OLs today so far is Georgia OT/OG Cordy Glenn. A monster of a prospect that checked in at 345-pounds, he ran one of the best 40-times for the offensive linemen. Some have thought he's had to kick inside to guard, but played left tackle in the SEC. He also checked in with 36-inch arms, which is also very tackle-worthy. Glenn impressed me from his games on the blind side, and his stock should be rising at this point. Potential top 15 pick. If the Bills go OT at 10, he could be in consideration. Glenn spoke to reporters yesterday. Audio below:

9:08 - A brisk walk over to Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis today for Day Three of the 2012 NFL Scouting Combine. No representatives of the Buffalo Bills are scheduled to speak today, but Bills fans should be just as interested because the DEs, DTs and LBs will be strolling through the media room. Stay tuned all day for interviews from Courtney Upshaw, Melvin Ingram, Quinton Coples and more!



5:03 -
That will wrap it up for me. If there's anything new from the Stevie Johnson conversation other than what was reported, I'll be sure to keep you posted. Talk to you all on Day 3!

4:28 - Florida International WR T.Y. Hilton is a small (5-foot-9, 188-pounds) and speedy, most easily projectable to the slot in the NFL. He's from the Miami area. Sound like anyone you've heard of? The way he moves on the football field, it seemed like Roscoe Parrish is quite a good comparison. I asked him if anyone has ever likened him to Roscoe, and he said he hadn't heard of that one before. Kind of found that hard to believe.

4:18 - T.J. Graham, a "track-speed" type of smaller receiver from NC State, said today that he's met with a plethora of teams. However, he's said that he's had contact with the Buffalo Bills both at the NFL Combine and at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, AL. Don't go and start the rumors or anything, but that shows the Bills have some interest in adding a slot receiver for their offense.

4:07 - Chris Rainey, who is viewed as a WR/HB type, said the fastest he's ever run a 40-yard dash was in 4.23 seconds... on grass. He says he expects to run faster on the playing surface at Lucas Oil Stadium. If he can do that, he might set this place on fire. Audio below:

3:35 - Ok... a ton to catch up on, but I wanted to bring you some must listen interviews. Meet the top two quarterbacks in the draft: Stanford QB Andrew Luck, and Baylor QB Robert Griffin III.

12:24 -
Wake Forest WR Chris Givens is certainly an interesting prospect. He's a smaller wide receiver with track speed. I asked him what he's gunning for on his 40-time, he said "Fast. I'll leave it at that." I continue to believe that a small, speedy, quick-twitch wide receiver would do the Bills' offense wonders. Say what you will about his health, but when Roscoe Parrish was healthy for Chan Gailey, he did wonders for them.

11:41 - Just got done hearing from Georgia Tech WR Stephen Hill. He's one of my favorite prospects in the Day 2 range that can sneak in to the first round with a solid showing here in Indianapolis. He measured in at 6-foot-4 and 215-pounds. Georgia Tech listed him at 208-pounds, and those figures are usually inflated. That means Hill has been hard at work since the season ended with trainers. Hill said he's been clocked in the low 4.4s and is gunning for the 4.3 range on Sunday (when the WRs run). If he can run that, with that size, his stock is going to balloon. Here's his audio:

10:53 - One story in the books, plenty more to come here from Indianapolis. Here's the first -- and most important -- bit of information coming from Bills GM Buddy Nix today: the Stevie Johnson situation, of course!

10:27 - Just got done talking with Buddy Nix. Articles to follow shortly, but in the meantime here's some of the sticking points: He disputes the report that they won't franchise tag Stevie Johnson, says the meeting with Stevie's agent is just one of many they do every year at the Combine, and that they rolled over the cap to the maximum amount they could. Audio below:

9:45 -
Got a little more clarification on the time of the Bills' meeting with Stevie Johnson's representatives. A league source says it will be this afternoon if all goes as scheduled. That means it will be after GM Buddy Nix speaks with the media this morning. Stay tuned.

9:12 - Just spoke with Josh Kendall, who covers the South Carolina Gamecocks for The State newspaper in Columbia, S.C.,  about defensive end prospect Melvin Ingram. He said Ingram is just an absolute freak of an athlete. Apparently after practices he would cover running back Marcus Lattimore all over the field and stuck with him. Kendall said he can do a standing backflip, too. As a 280-pound pass rusher, that's pretty darn impressive.

8:49 - Welcome in for another fun day of coverage at the 2012 NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis! We heard from Chan Gailey yesterday, and today we'll hear from Buffalo Bills GM Buddy Nix around 10 am. It's a big day in terms of the Bills' biggest soon-to-be free agent. Wideout Stevie Johnson's representatives will meet with the Bills at some point today. I tend to think that it's a make or break day for those two sides. It's been reported that they've been far apart, so if they can't bridge that gap at all, talks could break down. Which way that meeting goes? It's uncertain at this point. What I do know is that we'll have the latest for you from Indianapolis today. I'll be updating this all day with the latest bits of news, audio and everything in between. 

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5:13 -
Well folks, all the players that were going to come through the media room today have. That's my cue to adjourn back to the hotel room and find some dinner. Thanks to all that followed along with me today. Still have three more days to go! Back tomorrow bright and early at 8:30, but I'll be on with The Howard Simon Show tomorrow morning at 7:30. Listen in!

4:58- PHEW! Okay... to wrap up Chan Gailey's visit with the media at the NFL Combine, here are a ton of links. Click on whichever tickles your fancy: 4:10 - Been busy transcribing and writing, but one story is in the fold. Head coach Chan Gailey says he won't be a part of the negotiations with Stevie Johnson. More stories on the way.

2:46 - Here's the 1-on-1 interview with Bills HC Chan Gailey as promised. Take a listen! Article coming soon. Gailey told me that the team has been in negotiations with linebacker Kirk Morrison about the SAM linebacker spot, as well as Demetrius Bell. A candid interview with the head coach. Listen below!

1:51 -
Closing in on the time where Chan Gailey will speak with us local guys ahead of his podium visit. Will keep you posted here and on my Twitter page. Link to it as at the bottom of the page.

1:22 - Ohio State OT Mike Adams just met with the media. Checked in at 6-foot-7, 323 pounds. He's getting some buzz as a first round pick at this point, and may just make it there based on the position he projects to. Here's the full scouting report I wrote on him. Audio from today there with it as well.

1:05 - Southern Miss QB Austin Davis says he's worked out with Brett Favre in the past, but also says it's a little bit frustrating. Favre would do something that and Davis would stop him and say "Brett, I can't do that. Teach me something." Davis says Favre still has an arm, but when asked if he thinks the former Packers great could still play, comically replied "I'm not getting in to that."

1:00 - Interesting note on Northern Illinois QB Chandler Harnish, he has a Buffalo Bills contact. Well, a former Buffalo Bills contact. Actually, a contact that was released from the organization at an awkward time of the season. Harnish is working with former Bills offensive coordinator Turk Schonert to help refine his passing technique.

12:16 - Troy OT James Brown lost 50 pounds ahead of his senior season, and it certainly paid off. Brown is one of the more athletic left tackles available. He just spoke with the media at the combine. You can find the audio of that and his scouting report here.

11:40 - Just got done hearing from South Dakota OT Tom Compton. A shade below 6-foot-5, 314 lbs. and 34-inch arms. He's the type of guy in the range the Bills will probably think about taking an offensive tackle in the draft. A small-school type that is eager for the chance. Said he feels most comfortable in run blocking rihgt now. Here's his interview if you wanted to take a listen!

10:53 -
One of the biggest topic of conversations is, and will continue to be, what the Bills will do with Stevie Johnson. The wide receiver is set to become an unrestricted free agent as of March 13. The two sides are set to meet on Friday, per a league source, in what could be a make or break type of event. It's been reported that the two sides have been far apart, and if they can't bridge that gap on Friday, Stevie's agent could very well say "Okay, we'll just test the market." If they can get over some stumbling blocks, it could be a considerately larger step in contract negotiations that they've had since the beginning of the season.

10:26 - A pair of head coaches have already spoken, and we're still waiting for the very first player to come through the media room. Offensive linemen and tight ends are today.

9:48 - Good morning everyone from the lovely Lucas Oil Stadium, home to the Indianapolis Colts and the NFL Scouting Combine every single year. Buffalo Bills Head Coach Chan Gailey is set to do his press conference at 3 PM today, then I'll have a 1-on-1 interview with him around that time as well. Then around 4 PM, we'll hear from Bills GM Buddy Nix. It's a big day for Bills news.

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