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These contest rules are specific to the above contest conducted by Entercom Buffalo, LLC d/b/a WGR 550 (“Station”).  Except to the extent specifically set forth below with respect to this specific contest, the WGR general contest rules apply to this contest as well.  A copy of these specific contest rules and the WGR general contest rules are available at the Station’s studio at 500 Corporate Pkwy Suite 200 Amherst NY 14226 during regular business hours and on the contest page on the Station’s websites at www.wgr550.com.   

How to Enter


  1. No purchase necessary to enter or win.
  2. To participate in this contest, you must be a Locker Room Club member (it is free to join) and register between October 2nd,  2013 at 12:00am (ET) and ending on the earlier of (i) at 10:00am on the day of the last Buffalo Sabres 2014 NHL regular or post game season (ET) or (ii) once there are two (2) grand prize winners in this contest (“Contest Entry Period”).  To enter, during the Contest Entry Period go to www.wgr550.com,  sign up or log in as a Locker Room Club member, then click on the “Quick Start” icon and complete and submit a specific on-line entry blank for this Contest by providing your name, address, daytime and evening phone numbers (including area code), age, and email address (“Entrants”).
  3. There will be up to a 110 contest games associated with this contest based on the professional Sabres hockey 2013-2014 season regular and post season games.
  4. There will be a total of 82 contest games associated with this contest based on the professional Sabres hockey 2013-2014 season regular season games played on the following dates listed (subject to any rescheduled dates per the NHL so long as such game is rescheduled for a date on or before April 30, 2014): 
Wednesday Oct 2, 2013 Thu Dec 5, 2013 Wednesday Feb 5, 2014
Friday Oct 4, 2013 Saturday Dec 7, 2013 Thursday Feb 6, 2014
Saturday Oct 5, 2013 Tuesday Dec 10, 2013 Wednesday Feb 26, 2014
Tuesday Oct 8, 2013 Thursday Dec 12, 2013 Friday Feb 28, 2014
Thursday Oct 10, 2013 Saturday Dec 14, 2013 Monday Mar 3, 2014
Saturday Oct 12, 2013 Tuesday Dec 17, 2013 Thursday Mar 6, 2014
Monday Oct 14, 2013 Thursday Dec 19, 2013 Friday Mar 7, 2014
Tuesday Oct 15, 2013 Saturday Dec 21, 2013 Sunday Mar 9, 2014
Thursday Oct 17, 2013 Monday Dec 23, 2013 Tuesday Mar 11, 2014
Saturday Oct 19, 2013 Friday Dec 27, 2013 Thursday Mar 13, 2014
Wednesday Oct 23, 2013 Sunday Dec 29, 2013 Saturday Mar 15, 2014
Friday Oct 25, 2013 Tuesday Dec 31, 2013 Sunday Mar 16, 2014
Saturday Oct 26, 2013 Thursday Jan 2, 2014 Tuesday Mar 18, 2014
Monday Oct 28, 2013 Saturday Jan 4, 2014 Thursday Mar 20, 2014
Thursday Oct 31, 2013 Tuesday Jan 7, 2014 Sunday Mar 23, 2014
Saturday Nov 2, 2013 Thursday Jan 9, 2014 Tuesday Mar 25, 2014
Tuesday Nov 5, 2013 Sunday Jan 12, 2014 Thursday Mar 27, 2014
Thursday Nov 7, 2013 Tuesday Jan 14, 2014 Saturday Mar 29, 2014
Friday Nov 8, 2013 Wednesday Jan 15, 2014 Tuesday Apr 1, 2014
Tuesday Nov 12, 2013 Saturday Jan 18, 2014 Thursday Apr 3, 2014
Friday Nov 15, 2013 Tuesday Jan 21, 2014 Friday Apr 4, 2014
Saturday Nov 16, 2013 Thursday Jan 23, 2014 Sunday Apr 6, 2014
Tuesday Nov 19, 2013 Saturday Jan 25, 2014 Tuesday Apr 8, 2014
Thursday Nov 21, 2013 Monday Jan 27, 2014 Thursday Apr 10, 2014
Sunday Nov 24, 2013 Tuesday Jan 28, 2014 Saturday Apr 12, 2014
Wednesday Nov 27, 2013 Thursday Jan 30, 2014 Sunday Apr 13, 2014
Friday Nov 29, 2013 Saturday Feb 1, 2014  
Saturday Nov 30, 2013 Monday Feb 3, 2014  
  1. There may be up to 28 contest games associated with this contest based on professional Sabres hockey 2014 post season games played based on the NHL post season schedule, subject to elimination based on NHL rules.
  2. At approximately noon on the day of every weekday home game (except Holidays) and on the business day prior to any weekend or Holiday game, one entry will be randomly selected from among all entries then received through 10:00am on that day (each a “Qualifier”).  The selected Qualifier’s name will be announced on-air in the Hockey Pre-game show on WGR within the hour before the game time.   Qualifiers need not be listening for the announcement of his/her name to win. 
How to Win
  1. A Qualifier assigned to a Game in which the Buffalo Sabres score a goal against the opposing team during the first period of the game with exactly 14:10 remaining on the official game clock (i.e 5:50 into the first period) will win the grand prize, subject to verification of eligibility, compliance with these contest rules (including, without limitation, Sections 7, 8 and 9 below and the general contest rules).
  2. In order to win, the goal must be scored on the team opposing the Buffalo Sabres (this includes a goal the opposing team scores on themselves).  If the Buffalo Sabres scores a goal on themselves it would not be eligible to win.
  3. There will be a maximum of two (2) Grand Prizes will be awarded in this contest for the first two (2) occurrences of an winning goal as described in Section 7 and 8 above.  ONCE THERE ARE TWO GRAND PRIZE WINNING GOALS IN THIS CONTEST, THIS CONTEST WILL IMMEDIATELY END EVEN IF ADDITIONAL GAMES REMAIN AND NO OTHER PRIZES WILL BE AVAILABLE TO WIN IN THIS CONTEST.
  4. Potential Grand Prize Winner(s) will be notified by phone or email (at the address/numbers provided on the entry form) within 24 hours of the winning Sabres attempt. 
  5. In the event of a Grand Prize winner, winner will be required to sign one or more affidavits and/or liability release agreements “as is”, provide a valid US federal or state government issued photo ID, and sign an IRS W-9 before the prize is awarded.   Failure to do so for any reason within three (3) business days of being notified by Station (which notification may be either one email and/or one telephone call or message left at the number provided) will result in automatic forfeiture of any prize in this contest and disqualification of such potential grand prize winner.  In the event of disqualification under this Section 11, the prize will be re-awarded to a randomly chosen Entrant (“Alternate Grand Prize Winner”) from all Entrants by 10:00am on the day Qualifier was chosen.  Alternate Grand Prize Winner must comply with the requirements in this Section 11 within the same timeframe described in this Section 11 and failure to do so will result in disqualification.  In the event Alternate Grand Prize Winner is disqualified under this Section 11, there will be no winner for that particular contest play and no Grand Prize will be awarded.


  1. Qualifying Prize:  Each Qualifier will receive a WGR Tee shirt valued at $20, subject to verification of eligibility and compliance with these contest rules.  They will be called within 7 business days to be notified as a Qualifier and have 30 days from that point to pick up the prize. A total of up to 110 Qualifier prizes will be awarded.
  2. Grand Prize:  A maximum of two (2) grand prizes will be awarded to the first two (2) qualifiers assigned to a game in which the grand prize winning requirements to occur.  Grand prize is one of the following (based on the winner’s election pursuant to Section 15 below): 
  1. 2014 Chevy Sonic  MSRP is $16,990 from Paddock Chevrolet, or
  2. $17,000 in Paddock Bucks toward the purchase of any new or used vehicle from Paddock Chevrolet. Paddock Bucks may NOT be redeemed for cash, have no cash value and may not be transferred.   In the event that Winner purchases a Vehicle worth less than $17,000, winner shall not be entitled to the difference and the balance shall be forfeited.    In the event that Winner purchases a Vehicle worth more than $17,000, winner shall be solely responsible for the excess, or
  3. $17,000 toward a lease from Paddock Chevrolet.  Subject to lease qualifications.  $17,000 may NOT be redeemed for cash, have no cash value and may not be transferred.   In the event that Winner purchases a lease worth less than $17,000, winner shall not be entitled to the difference and the balance shall be forfeited.    In the event that Winner purchases a lease worth more than $17,000, winner shall be solely responsible for the excess.
The precise Section 13(a) vehicle will be determined by Sponsors. The prize vehicle (including any vehicle purchased with Paddock Bucks, if applicable) is herein referred to as the “Vehicle.”   Prior to being awarded the grand prize, potential winner must pay (a) all applicable sales tax (between 8.25% to 8.75% of the MSRP based on County winner resides in), $250 stock, inspection and registration fee, (b) sign one or more liability release agreements, affidavits of eligible and/or prize receipts, and (c) any other document required by Paddock Chevrolet Dealership for the award and transfer of the Vehicle.  Winners are responsible for all federal, state, and local taxes. All motor vehicle fees are the responsibility of the winner. The winner shall comply with all Department of Motor Vehicle Insurance Laws, Rules, and Regulations of his/her state of residence. Grand Prize winner must show proof of insurance in the winner’s name at the time of vehicle delivery.  Grand Prize Winner shall be solely responsible for obtaining and payment of any federal or state required registration, inspection, insurance coverage, and taxes.  In addition, Grand Prize Winner shall receive an IRS Form 1099 and such prize will be reported to the Internal Revenue Service for the 2013 tax year for the fair market value of the prize (if Paddock Bucks is selected, based on $17,000 regardless of whether the Paddock Buck have then been redeemed or not). Additional information regarding the warranty, pick-up/delivery, and other information will be mailed to the winner within 20 business days of winning the prize. Vehicle (or Paddock Bucks, if applicable) will be available for winner no more than 4-6 weeks after all required documents are complete and verified.  Neither Station nor any Sponsors have made or is responsible in any manner for any warranties, representations, or guarantees, express or implied, in fact or law, relating to such Vehicle, including without limitation, its quality, mechanical condition, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose, with the exception of any standard manufacturer's warranty that may apply to the Vehicle.   NOTWITHSTANDING THE FOREGOING, ENTRANTS ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THE VEHICLE AWARDED MAY BE THE SAME VEHICLE DISPLAYED AT VARIOUS LOCATIONS IN PROMOTION OF THE CONTEST AND WILL BE AWARDED TO THE WINNER "AS IS" AND THE VEHICLE MAY HAVE UP TO 5,000 MILES.  Grand Prize Winner will be required to complete all relevant transfer documents and to be available for Paddock Chevrolet Dealership to contact them with the date and time the prize can be picked up from the dealership during regular business hours at a mutually agreed upon date and time within 30 days written notice from Station.  Failure to collect the Grand Prize and deliver all required payments and forms within 30 days of receiving written notification that the Grand Prize is ready for delivery to Grand Prize Winner will constitute forfeiture of the Grand Prize.  If forfeited, the Grand Prize will remain the property of the Station and no other Winner will be chosen.  Photo identification, social security number, and proof of insurance are required to collect Grand Prize.
  1. The Vehicle must be currently available in the applicable Paddock dealer inventory.  Any difference in value between the maximum MSRP and the actual value of the vehicle selected will NOT be awarded to the winner in cash, options or otherwise (difference will be forfeited). 
  3. The odds of qualifying will depend on the number of entries received.  The odds of winning will depend on the on the performance of the players on the team.
  1. The sponsors of this contest are:  Entercom Buffalo, LLC and Paddock Chevrolet.
Other Rules Specific to This Contest


  1. This contest may be advertised on WROC in Rochester as part of a simulcast of WGR’s programming.  However, this contest is being conducted solely by Entercom Buffalo, LLC d/b/a WGR.   WROC listeners (along with other people who do not listen to WGR) may enter this contest only if they satisfy the WGR contest rules eligibility requirements.

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