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5 mind-blowing stats from potential first-rounders

While scouting is No. 1 when it comes to drafting, but statistics are playing more and more of a role in analysis. With that, Extraskater.com posted advanced stats on the CHL's Top 25 prospects.

Here are 5 that will blow your mind...or something:

5) 30

Even Strength Goals that potential first-round picks Robby Fabbri and Jake Virtanen are tied for most in the CHL

Nikolaj Ehlers: 27
Sam Bennett: 23
Josh Ho-Sang: 22
Leon Draisaitl: 22
Nick Ritchie: 22
Sam Reinhart: 20
Michael Dal Colle: 20

4) 77.3%, 66.6%

The estimated percentage of total power play and penalty kill minutes played by Sam Reinhart, which is the most total of any top 25 prospect.

Top PP:

Anthony DeAngelo: 82.4%
Michael Dal Colle: 80.7%
Sam Reinhart: 77.3%
Nikolaj Ehlers: 76.0%
Ivan Barbashev: 76.0%
Aaron Ekblad: 70.3%
Leon Draisaitl: 61.6%
Josh Ho-Sang: 59.8%
Sam Bennett: 49.1%

Top PK:

Aaron Ekblad: 54.8%
Leon Draisaitl: 38.8%
Sam Bennett: 32.3%
Nikolaj Ehlers: 24.4%
Brendan Perlini: 23.8%

3) 69

Sam Reinhart leads all top 25 prospects with 69 assists in 60 games.

Leon Draisaitl: 67
Michael Dal Colle: 56
Nikolay Goldobin: 56
Anthony DeAngelo: 56
Nikolaj Ehlers: 55
Sam Bennett: 55
Josh Ho-Sang: 55

2) 20

Aaron Ekblad is fifth of six top 25 defenseman prospects in even-strength points. Julius Honka is no. 1 with 32.

Anthony DeAngelo: 31
Haydn Fleury: 25
Roland McKeown: 23
Travis Sanheim: 20

1) 91.7%

The percentage of points that Leon Draisaitl contributed either a goal or an assist – the highest for all draft-eligible CHL’ers.

Sam Reinhart: 90.0%
Michael Dal Colle: 85.7%
Josh Ho-Sang: 80.6%
Nick Ritchie: 76.7%
Ivan Barbashev: 76.6%
Sam Bennett: 73.7%
Robby Fabbri: 70.9%
Nikolaj Ehlers: 70.9%
Brendan Perlini: 69.6%

06/26/2014 6:40AM
5 mind-blowing stats from potential first-rounders
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06/26/2014 8:28AM
Shove your analytics.
06/26/2014 8:41AM
Sam Bennett
...seems pretty far down the list on most of those stats. Not saying he shouldn't be a Top 3 pick this year, but if you go off stats or analytics, there's much better players out there. So either the scouts are FOS, or analytics are FOS. I say the dorks who've hopped the number wagon train are FOS.
06/26/2014 9:19AM
The more I read....
...I feel Draisaitl is the pick. Mainly due to the fact, that he put up very similar numbers to the Sams and had an awful team. But also considering his size, hockey IQ, his 200 foot game, etc. But thats me. Either way, I'll take him or either Sam
06/26/2014 9:30AM
And why is this "mind blowing"?
I wish I could mail my work in, like this piece. Must have taken 20 minutes to write. Means nothing. And Pegula s**ks.
06/26/2014 9:31AM
Here are five REAL facts that SHOULD blow your mind.
1.) NONE of the eligible draftees has been recognized as anywhere near the talent level of the first pick last year (Nathan MacKinnon) or either of the top two projected for next season (Conner McDavid and Jack Eichel respectively). 2.) Eckblad is the only player that most everyone agrees has the ability and maturity to realistically start in the NHL this year and that is a bit of a stretch. 3.) Draisaitl is a step slow by nearly all accounts and does not project as a top three pick. 4.) There are three players in the draft tomorrow night that are considered very good and should be able to contribute in the NHL in a couple of years. 5.) Your stats are the single most moronic, disconnected from reality and truly useless statistics I have ever EVER made the mistake of reading. You would have scored more points had you simply said "all these guys play hockey." THAT is how useless the information you spewed out is worth.
06/26/2014 9:43AM
that last stat
Maybe I'm missing something but what is the last stat exactly? What you wrote doesn't seem to make sense.
06/26/2014 10:10AM
Sam Reinhart vs Leon Draisaitl
It seems everywhere I see Sam Reinhart I see Leon Draisaitl. I am beginning to like Draisaitl and he is bigger than Sam. Would not mind Sabres selecting him. I doubt the drop-off between he and Reinhart would be that great.
06/26/2014 12:28PM
Smart and accurate analogy
Here is a smart and accurate analogy of what these players will be. Reinhart projects to be Patrice Bergeron. Bennett projects to be Daniel Briere or Marty St Louis. Draisaitl projects to be Thomas Vanek. Who would you rather have? Give me Bergeron, Briere or St. Louis everyday of the week over Thomas Vanek. I don't want Draisaitl at all. I think he is a farce and his statas are a farce. He is a clone of Thomas Vanek through and through. Vanek was not and is not a marquee player. The other 3 mentioned are and were. Vanek was never good enough to help the Sabres win anything in a featured role. It's time that the Buffalo Sabres got some marquee players not another Thomas Vanek. It's pretty simple what the Sabres need to do tomorrow night...draft Reinhart and let some other foolish team draft their Thomas Vanek in Draisaitl.
06/26/2014 1:21PM
analytics my a ss
Analytics are for people like Schopp. They watch every game, but have no idea what's going on. They are reasonably intelligent, but haven't an ounce of athleticism. They want to participate somehow, so they do what they are good at. They crunch numbers. They are basically nerds who like the sports they don't understand. Schopp, Coller, Aaron Schatz to name a few. Remember what Tim Murray said about analytics during his first interview with Buffalo. "they are basically for people who don't understand the game. I immediately thought of Schopp.
06/26/2014 2:32PM
Booooooooooooor Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinng
06/26/2014 4:34PM
There is no stat measuring heart!!! SAM BENNETT FOR PREZ!
06/27/2014 12:47AM
That kids got heart!
06/27/2014 7:48AM
Mind Blowing?
Thank God the draft is tonight, the well is official dry. Too much speculation of 17/18 yr olds. Poorly written "article", also.
06/27/2014 9:00AM
WGR Fan Poll Today Most likely to get traded
Can't vote. None of them are on my list to be traded. Keep them. My list includes Ennis, Weber, Ruhwedel, Flynn, and Ellis. Trade them all!!!
06/27/2014 9:59AM
We can do without Schopp, Jeremy, Kevin, and Peters. All are idiots. SHOW THEM THE DOOR!!!
06/27/2014 10:22AM
One mindblower
Plenty of trade rumors and NOT ONE WITH BUFFALO. Sounds familiar and Regeir is no longer here. It's business as usual. What a Joke!
06/27/2014 3:21PM
Fast Fact
Draft Lottery a changin' in 2015...Jeremy weeps.
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