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By Joe Buscaglia
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A Listener's Look at the Bills Uni's

I woke up this morning to find on Twitter one of my followers had designed his own template for what he thinks the Buffalo Bills uniforms should look like, and I think they are pretty damn cool.

His name is Eric Epp, and here is the picture, along with his description about what looks it takes off. His twitter handle is @eric_epp. He's a member of the #UnderscoreNation, so Eric is a good man in my book. Haha, take a look. What do you guys think?

"What I did:

•Unified the Striping Pattern: With today's shrinking NFL sleeves, the 4-stripe pattern used on the Bills AFL throbacks simply look goofy on most cuts of jersey. So I went with a new striping system using a single red stripe outlined by another stripe 2x the thickness (white on blue background, blue on white background). This applies to the stripes on the helmet, sleeves, pants and socks.

• Helmet from '76-83: Only change being a thinner red stripe.

• OJ-Era Blue Road Pants: Complete with red belts and white laces

• Champion-style Block Numerals & Thick, Sans-Serif NOB font: Ala the Kelly-Era Bills

• Added a small BILLS wordmark under the collar, and returned to white shoes."

A big thanks to Eric! Comment your thoughts!

Twitter: @JoeB_WGR

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