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A pox on the Falcons house

I hope the Atlanta Falcons NEVER win another game!  The Falcons completely ruined the Super Bowl for me. 

I can't believe they lost that game.  I'm angrier at the Falcons than I was at Pete Carroll when he unbelievably decided not to run the ball.

Super Bowl 51 was playing out almost exactly as I would have scripted it.  The Patriots were getting blown out.  Atlanta had scored offensive touchdowns on three of four drives spanning the second and third quarters and had opened up a 28-3 lead with 8:36 left in the third.

In the meantime, the Tom Brady led offense was doing nothing.  Brady was getting sacked, he was missing open receivers and the Patriots were dropping passes.  The looked very un- New England.

I didn't think the game was over at halftime but I started to think about it at 28-3.  When the game went to the fourth quarter with the Falcons still up 19 points, I thought it was over.

I wasn't convinced the Patriots would have enough time to score on three drives but even if they did, Atlanta wouldn't go stone cold on offense.  Yet both of those happened, much to my dismay.

As great as Tom Brady is and I think he is the greatest quarterback of all time and as great as Bill Belichick is, the Falcons BLEW that game.

More specifically, the coaches blew it.  Offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan and head coach Dan Quinn appeared to panic because Brady was standing on the other sideline.

Despite the New England rally, the Falcons still could have put that game away with about four minutes to go when an amazing catch by Julio Jones gave them a first down at the Patriots 22 yard line.  That is an easy field goal for Falcons kicker Matt Bryant.  A field goal would have given Atlanta an 11 point lead with about 3 1/2 minutes to go.  I know its Brady but I don't think they finish off the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history at that point.

But for some reason, Shanahan felt the need to call a pass play on 2nd and 11.  Matt Ryan was sacked dropping Atlanta back to the 35.  A long field goal for sure but not out of the question for the reliable Bryant.

A holding penalty on third down negated a pass completion that would have put the Falcons back inside the New England 30. Instead Atlanta had to punt the ball away and give it back to Brady.

Maybe Dan Quinn, former Seattle defensive coordinator,  wanted to take Pete Carroll off the hook by doing his own version of "I can't believe they didn't run the ball".

How do you not go uber conservative and run the ball three times?  Who cares if you don't get a first down?  Just take the field goal and create a two score game again! Perhaps the coaches felt they needed a 14 point lead over Brady rather than just 11. 

When Brady got the ball at his own nine yard line, I was resigned to the fact he would take them down field and score. 

Now we all have to suffer through another Pats Super Bowl championship.  We have to read the endless stories about "The Patriot Way".  We have to hear about Brady's revenge tour and how he basically gave the NFL a giant middle finger.  We have to deal with Boston sports fans and media who will be even more arrogant than they have been and I didn't think that was possible.

I honestly believe after Atlanta we are the second most depressed NFL city today.  Nothing will change until Tom Brady retires.  For at least a brief moment I could have felt differently but Atlanta torpedoed that moment.  I will never forgive that franchise.

02/06/2017 10:36AM
A pox on the Falcons house
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02/06/2017 10:58AM
Quinn's Seattle karma
Give 'em the game part 2.
02/06/2017 11:51AM
Come On Howard
You hate an organization that is the Complete Polar Opposite of the Bill's. Instead of hating them you should hate how the Bill's have been run since Kelly left!
02/06/2017 11:57AM
Simple Simon
Howard, the "PAtriot way" is for real. Their Coach doesn't wait to make changes at half time he makes them before half time. New England doesn't keep talking about and considering a Tyrod Taylor like we do here. Buffalo has a looooser mentality where we bring in a Ryan who was run out of NY, we continually think "we are close" when we are not. We continually will draft WR, Safety, CB when it's a franchise QB we need. Buffalo deserves what they get. At least Atlanta had a plan to be great again and they did it, and drafted well. Here we excuse make for decision makers because "they are on the station". this town is a joke
02/06/2017 12:18PM
I'll never respect people.....
who have to cheat to win.
02/06/2017 12:27PM
Small town Buffalo bitterness. Not to worry, I'm sure we'll hear lots of stories about "The Bills Way", which will revolve around not making the playoffs (17 years and counting) and never winning a championship (57 years and counting). Not to worry though, even after Brady retires, the Pats will have their next QB ready to go, meanwhile the Bills will still be searching for their next franchise QB.
02/06/2017 1:21PM
02/06/2017 2:00PM
Shillman 550
Howard expresses anger over Pats yet tomorrow will advocate for Taylor to be signed to a 10 year deal so we can be 8-8, only in Buffalo home of the no expectation shill media, GOLLY!
02/06/2017 2:04PM
Oh Please
Brady is awesome, it is just too bad the Bills' have never been able to find a qb good enough to beat the Patriots. When they do they will win.
02/06/2017 2:25PM
A couple of running plays would have also been a chance to take a lot more time off of the clock while protecting the football and there is still a chance of making your 1st down.I was miffed.
02/06/2017 2:28PM
A pass play on 2nd and 11
No quick opening, high percentage pass play but A 7 step drop pretend you got all day pass play. Many on that team were suffering from brain freeze. Most notable, QB Ryan and OC Shanahan. San Fran is going to be the perfect fit for Shanahan. Just choke baby!
02/06/2017 2:29PM
Almost Like SB XXV
While the game has changed dramatically since the 1990-91 season to now become pass-centric by ALL teams league-wide, certain similarities exist between the Bills' first Super Bowl appearance and last night's SB LI. Obviously we have the Bill Belichick thread, along with the near 2-to-1 time of possession gross imbalance ... which leads to the Belichick strategy similarity to "just hang in there and withstand" the [no-huddle] passing flurry of the opposition, and then overpower the tired opponent late in the game. Of course, in fashioning this strategy, Belichick didn't count on Patriot receivers dropping so many passes early on in LI, or Brady being so off-target early on, or most especially crybaby Brady throwing a killer pick-6 to push the deficit and momentum to a near breaking point ... but Belichick never flinched in his strategy. As great as a performance as Thurman Thomas gave in SB XXV (he would have been MVP had we won, and arguably should have been the game's MVP anyway in a 1-point loss on a last-second missed non-chip-shot FG attempt by a team that was out-possessed 2-to-1 in time of possession), the Bills largely lost because strategy-wise, we FAILED TO RUN the ball more to take better advantage of what the Giants were giving us on defense and daring us to do with their pass-prevent defensive packages (instead we stubbornly adhered to pass, pass, pass -- which meant our defense was drained in the second half by virtue of being out on the field too long). Even as New England was making their late comeback push, Atlanta could have (and should have) still won but for the CRITICAL MISTAKE to IGNORE RUNNING the ball -- partly rooted in panic/fear of Brady, Belichick, and the "New England mystique," and partly rooted in their own stubbornness/hubris to keep passing. Once Atlanta got deep in New England territory near their 20 yard line with only @ 4 minutes left on the clock (and New England had less than their full 3 time outs remaining), they needed to RUN THE BALL to PRESERVE their SHORT FIELD GOAL opportunity that would have forced New England back into a TWO SCORE game with time running out and/or with their own remaining time outs spent. Running the ball -- even "if" the Falcons ultimately failed to gain another yard -- would have not only milked the clock a bit and/or forced New England to burn their time outs, but it would have also given the Falcon defense which had been under recent siege some MUCH NEEDED REST on the sideline AND an opportunity to SETTLE DOWN a bit and REGROUP before Brady's final onslaught. There is, of course, the school of thought that says "keep doing what brought you here" (i.e., passing) ... but one must be willing to adapt to the game time situation and throw the opposing coach a curveball too -- especially with a tired offensive line that New England's defense was teeing off on. Just a terrible WASTED OPPORTUNITY by the Falcons. As bitter of a reality as it is to admit, the Falcons DESERVED to LOSE that game the way they squandered their golden opportunity.
02/06/2017 2:32PM
Crybaby Simon
Howard Simon is a bigger crybaby than the average Millenial. Wimpy boy Simon!
02/06/2017 3:09PM
Totally agree
02/06/2017 3:18PM
Right On...
The coaches brain f*rted or egos got in the way. Professional coaches at the highest level, making that kind of salary decided to have the QB (w/ a 2nd string right tackle btw) drop back and throw at that juncture, how pathetic. At the very moment they could secure NFL's crowning glory, they throw caution to the wind and decide against the sensible, safe decision to secure the CHAMPIONSHIP! Decisions like that separate the great coach from the lesser coach.
02/06/2017 3:38PM
Never forgive that franchise?
Why not? Does other teams beating New England really make you feel that much better? Not me! Especially since the Pats beat our team like baby seals. No Howard, the Bills beating the Pats regularly is about the only thing that will break this curse they have on us.
02/07/2017 4:09PM
Enough of the "What if's" and "Shoulda, coulda, woulda"
The game played out the way that it did and that is that. If it wasn't Atlanta passing when they should have run instead....then it would have been something else that happened or some other missed opportunity by the falcons that left the door open for the Pats. This wasn't the Green Bay Packers who Atlanta played 2 weeks earlier who just simply could not find their way back into the game. This was the Patriots who always have the answers (sans the two super bowl losses to the NYG's). The Pats win because Brady is great, their defense shut down Atlanta in the 2nd half and they are also incredibly opportunistic taking advantage of opportunities when they arise.
02/07/2017 4:23PM
BILLS still SUCK !!!!!!!!
02/07/2017 7:55PM
Well Said
Ya it's funny isn't it. You know you'd think Atlanta would've learnt from Seattle's mistake from not running the ball. San Fran can have fun with Kyle Shannahan. He'll be a butcher his entire life. I'm glad we didn't get him out his dad. I get the impression Jerry Sullivan likes watching movies that feature anal penetration amongst legally aged teenaged boys.
02/07/2017 8:47PM
The truth about Tom Brady
He went 3-0 in the Spygate era, winning each game by only a field goal even though his team was illegally taping the opposition's walk-throughs. He went 0-2 against a crappy wild-card team and their middle-of-the-league quarterback. He went 2-0 against teams that were leading his team by double digits heading into the fourth quarter even though his team was favored to beat both of them. He won these games because those two teams spit the bit when victory was staring him right in the face. He reads a defense as well as anyone, but spare me the nonsense. Belichick's a cheater, Brady's a cheater, and the Pats are tarnished.
02/09/2017 11:44AM
re:The truth about Tom Brady
History won't look at the Patriots dynasty being tarnished and I wouldn't say that the Giants winning two superbowls in a 4 year span (both against the Pats) makes them "a crappy wild card team"....but believe what you will.
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