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Aboard The Albany Gun Rally Express

I have to say, when Tom Bauerle came to me several weeks ago and said he wanted to broadcast his show from the February 28th Albany Gun Rally, I thought it was a pretty good idea.  It would bring Tom and his listeners closer to the workings of democracy and out state government.  So I agreed.

But when he went on to propose we send a bus full of listeners to Albany for the protest, I scratched my head and thought, really?  Would anyone seriously take a full weekday, spend ten hours on a bus, all for a two hour rally?

Well I'm not sure why I questioned it at first.  Obviously the answer is a resounding YES!
Our Promotions Manager Krystyna Karstedt quickly jumped into action as we opened registration online and saw the numbers grow by the hour for the free trip. Carl Paladino jumped onboard and supported a bus with his businesses along with Firearms training of WNY and The Buffalo Gun Center.   But we did wonder, will they show up for a 5:30am departure?  Again, the answer is a resounding yes as our parking lot at the WBEN studios in Amherst started to fill and come to life by 4am.

It really doesn't matter to me or WBEN where you stand on this issue of the NY SAFE ACT.  What matters to us is that people have the passion for their beliefs and that they'll fight within their Constitutional rights for what they think is right. .These people aboard both our buses, more than eighty strong, are working Western New Yorkers who are taking a day of their life to rally for what they believe in.  That's what it's all about.

I've met every single person on the buses and all are friendly and excited, despite being a tad tired.  There is a sense of excitement aboard the buses as a group of mainly strangers who came together on the radio make a day-long trip to have their voices heard.

What will happen when the rally is over and the people and buses leave?  No one knows for sure.  The hopes of those aboard the buses is that a repeal will be in the works. But when all is said and done and the last person leaves the rally and the buses arrive back home, one thing is for sure.

Democracy worked and allowed a group of people passionate about an issue and their rights to be heard.







So what comes next?   Be sure to leave your comments on that at www.Facebook.com/WBEN930

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02/28/2013 7:49AM
Aboard The Albany Gun Rally Express
Let me know what you think....
02/28/2013 8:42AM
Give um hell
I would be there but had a comp hearing - bless all y'all for taking the trip and I pray those ELECTED EMPLOYEES can hear you !. Cuomo is a tool for doing this to any American,especially 'his' employers = the people of NYS.
02/28/2013 8:55AM
Thank you WBEN 930 AM and FM
I thinks that it is awesome that we have a radio station like WBEN and a staff, including Tom and Sandy that represent the concerns of WNY, NYS and USA! Thanks to the staff of WBEN!
02/28/2013 9:14AM
Adam Lanza would be proud
to see he has supporters, though he may really not want the likes of Carl Paladino on his side. The kid did have some standards, after all.
02/28/2013 10:16AM
Gun Rally Express
Thanks to you and Tom for your leadership in this upmost patrotic act!
02/28/2013 12:25PM
How where the speakers at the rally?
02/28/2013 12:46PM
Jerry from Cheektowaga
Your station's support for the "right wing gun nuts" shows that your station lost it's objectivity years ago!
02/28/2013 12:57PM
Thank you
Tim, Thanks for your support in making this happen! Sounds like you had the ability to squash the idea early on....but you supported it...for that I applaud you. You last statement about Democracy working? Not sure....based on how these kinds of laws are being passed....and if they can't change then Democracy is not working. NO DATA exists that this law has any validility to stop tragedy like Newtown. We are independent thinking adults should be demanding clear thinking...and all we are getting is an emotionally drunk response.
03/01/2013 9:17AM
You have lost the right to call your station a news organization...
You are shills for a point of view shared by fewer & fewer people by the day and for whatever dwindling ratings you can get from this small minority in the state. WBEN's audience is basically 60 and dying off. As long as you continue playing the role of an echo chamber for a minority point of view, you will continue to lose audience and credibility.
03/01/2013 2:17PM
Kudos to WBEN and staff
Thanks for doing what the station offered to it's listeners, for a very worthwhile ride to rally. I only wish we all could of been there. All us "right wing gun nuts" in Albany that were out of control firing round after round up into the aimless sky's of New York!
03/02/2013 9:48AM
So Sad
It's too bad the cowards that support making more victims by disarming good people didn't show up. Although a few made some comments here....but then again they are very strong, behind their keyboard. Pathetic little Marxist minions, I am sure everyone of them is on food stamps or works for us taxpayers. And Yes us taxpayers are shrinking, because we are moving to FREE States.
03/03/2013 3:28PM
Awesome protest
I was on SCOPE bus 5. I am now again proud to be a New Yorker. We need to keep the pressure on Albany. More and more counties are passing resolutions against NY SAFE. Keep up the fight
03/04/2013 5:11PM
This is why WBEN is the Top Station in NY.
Tim, It was an Honor to meet you and your tech gang at the rally. It's people like You and Tom,Sandy and your crew that make the quality of living in NY go up. The Gov has done nothing but bring it to the pits of existance. I wish I could have meetTom as the two of us in trench coats would have made a great pic. I was in the black one. Again, your the BEST. Swede.
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