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BULLDOG: Game 7 for Sabres on my mind

I do not want this to end.  The plaza has been really crowded and it hasn't even been nice out yet.  It's just so jarring when it stops.  Hockey has always been my favorite sport.  To watch, to play, to talk about.  When the playoffs get here and the calendar flips into May and our team is still going, well there just isn't anything better in sports as far as I'm concerned.  If it ends Tuesday night, we don't get May.  It just stops. 
I want to see how Stafford's facial hair comes in.
I want to see Mike Schopp with mutton chops.
I haven't even been able to ride my motorcycle to a game yet.
I don't get to talk to Rob Ray until October if it ends Tuesday night.  I mean, I could call him in July.  If you were him, would you pick up?  Of course not.
I want to continue to need to know where my 9 year old son's lucky Vanek hat is at all times.
I want Greg Bauch to have a reason to play TV Party by Black Flag on our show.
I want to continue to fend off lunatics who think they know how to tend goal better than Ryan Miller.  Really.  I mean it.  I do.
I want there to be another tweet-up for a game.  Maybe I'll even go this time.
I want to have a reason to be sitting in front of the TV with my guitar practicing switching from a C-chord to G-chord and back again, over and over.  This has kept me calm when I otherwise may have been flipping out.
I'm not a very good guitar player.  Another round of playoff games would help me practice.
I want the time during the intermissions to be excruciating.
I'm not ready to start watching the Red Sox every night after the show.
I want someone to win a car in the Quick Start contest.
I want Paul Hamilton to need to call me every day to tell me what happened at practice.  
I want people to believe that everything doesn't always go wrong for us here in Buffalo.
I want you to love this as much as I do. 
One thing I want to squeeze in here on a semi serious note.  I have been very hard on Derek Roy for the better part of 4 years now.  More on the air than in these columns.  Now is certainly not the time to explain all of that.  I just think it should be said that Roy deserves some credit for working hard enough to get back for this.  When he got hurt back in December it was said that the best case scenario was that he could be back by the 2nd round of the playoffs.  I rolled my eyes then.  2nd round of the playoffs, sure, yeah, whatever.  Well Roy didn't think that.  He did the work, and now with Connolly out, they really need him and he is ready.  That's a great job by Roy.

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