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BULLDOG: What a week for the Sabres

Terry Pegula is one week into living what he says has been a dream of his for a long time.  We are one week into experiencing for the first time what seems like a dream of an owner.  Talking about winning the Stanley Cup, crying over meeting Gilbert Perrault, saying if he needs money he'll drill a well, all that works well for me.  While it is easy to get swept up in all the excitement surrounding this change I am trying to remember that charting a new course for the Sabres will take some time.

The smart money to me was never on Terry Pegula showing up and dumping Darcy Regier into the volcano.  The practical approach is to integrate yourself into the operation, observe how the man does his job, and patiently evaluate what needs to change, if anything does.  From all indications, Pegula was present while the hockey department did it's thing in the hours leading up to the trade deadline.  This should not serve as the only means of determining if you feel your hockey team is in good hands, but I would think it's a great opportunity to watch Regier perform under some pressure and without the break even mentality of the previous ownership group hanging over his head.

I am all for the fresh set of eyes approach here.  But Regier at least deserves the chance to prove whether or not he can do his job better without having to match every dollar in with a dollar out and recouping every pick the goes out in a deal by trading something else away because it may cost a couple million to keep down the road.  In a week, we have already seen the Sabres cut ties with the Craig Rivet, the Captain who couldn't get in the line-up, and made a trade for a player who is under contract to the tune of 4 million bucks next season. 


Obviously, Regier and Ruff could use for Brad Boyes to show up here and score some goals, something the players acquired by trade to give the team a late season boost have failed to do going back to the Spring of 2007.  That plays out in the weeks to come.  All I'm doing today is pointing out that in the span of one week, the Sabres resolved a lingering situation with their Captain and made a trade for an expensive, underperforming player on the chance they can help him find his touch again.

It's a start, I'd say.

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