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Back to the QB drawing board for the Bills

Its time for the Bills to crank up the old quarterback search machine.  I keep saying I want to wait until the season is done before I reach a final decision on Tyrod Taylor but, to tweak a phrase from the late Dennis Green, I think Tyrod is who I think he is.

If there was ever a game to drive the point home, it was Sunday's loss to the Oakland Raiders, which pushed the Bills very close to a 17th straight season without a playoff berth.

While Taylor and the Bills offense went into a deep freeze, Raiders quarterback Derek Carr was lighting up the field with his precision like passing.

You might think its crazy to blame the quarterback when the other team scores 38 points, 29 of which came in the second half, but I'll tell you why this game was all about Taylor.

Despite the fact Carr and company were held to a mere three field goals in the first half, you knew they were going to put together a run.  For me, the question was whether or not the offense could respond with points of their own but the answer was an emphatic NO. 

While Carr was leading Oakland to touchdowns on three consecutive drives, the Taylor led Bills offense did nothing, literally.  After the Mike Gillislee touchdown that gave the Bills a 24-9 lead with 9:01 left in the third quarter, the Bills went dry.  They scored no points on their final six possessions.

Here is the anatomy of a collapse:

* After the Gillislee TD, Oakland scores to make it 24-16 with 5:17 left in the third quarter.  The Bills offense goes three and out with Taylor's third down pass a little too far in front of Sammy Watkins. A defender was on Watkins and might have tackled him short but an accurate pass would be nice on third and four.

* Oakland gets another touchdown to pull within one point at 24-23 with :57 left in the third.  The Bills have another three and out and on third and 15, Taylor throws downfield for Watkins but its too high.  Watkins has to go way up to get two hands on the ball and can't do anything to protect himself as a defender breaks up the play.

* The Raiders get their third straight TD and are now in front 30-24 less than a minute into the fourth quarter. Once again, Taylor and company go three and out.  On second and eight, Taylor misses a wide open Gerald Christian for what would have been a big play down field.

* The Bills defense finally gets a stop but Taylor is hit by former UB star Khalil Mack, causing an interception which gives Oakland the ball at the Buffalo 16 yard line.  The Raiders find the end zone again, extend their lead to 38-24, and basically end the Bills day.

In those four possessions, the offense had 10 plays and recorded a grand total of three net yards.  Sure, the defense isn't getting the Raiders off the field but how about some more points from the offense to stop the bleeding.  Heck, how about a first down??!! 

Taylor became unglued.  He looked jittery in the pocket, was running into sacks, missed guys that were wide open and was slightly off target on other throws. 

Oakland's defense did not have a good day on Sunday.  They did give up 24 points and 212 yards rushing but they won the game.  You know why?  Because they have an offense that can win games, more specifically a passing game.

Seven days earlier, that Raiders defense blew a 17 point halftime lead to Carolina.  Oakland was up 24-7 at the half but found themselves trailing 32-24 in the fourth quarter.  You know what happened?  Derek Carr and the passing game came to the rescue.  He led two scoring drives that produced 11 points and a victory.

Why can't the Bills do that?  Why can't the Bills have that quarterback?  Why are we always talking about how the Bills need to run the ball, control the clock and keep the other team's quarterback off the field?  When will opposing teams say that about the Bills?

Derek Carr was taken in the second round with the 36th overall pick.  Rookie sensation Dak Prescott was drafted by Dallas in round four with the 135th selection.

The Bills should keep drafting a quarterback every year until they find a player who can win games from them as opposed to a quarterback who manages the game.

12/05/2016 10:52AM
Back to the QB drawing board for the Bills
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12/05/2016 10:57AM
it's just....
Groundhog Day.
12/05/2016 10:58AM
When will opposing teams say that about the Bills?
Never they have a staff that can not evaluate the QB position correctly and puts not stock in the WR position either. Well other than trading up to draft one in the best draft class ever when one of the 17 that are good would have fell to them anyways.
12/05/2016 11:12AM
Cardale Jones
Could it by time to start Jones and see if he's worth a further look next year?
12/05/2016 11:21AM
10000000% correct Howard
10000000% correct Howard
12/05/2016 11:36AM
pointless article
I agree Howard but we know how it goes. Both Ryan and Whaley love Taylor and will tell you it's injuries and they will blow more draft picks on WR, TE, RB to "surround him" with talent. There's simply no accountability in Buffalo. You guys have the Coach or GM on and it's all softball questions and no passion or anger. We make excuses and tolerate losing. Terry Pegula is clueless and just goes along with what his coach and GM tell him. If Taylor is extended I dimply won't watch another game until he's gone. I value my own time too much.
12/05/2016 11:40AM
Replacing Tyrod not correct in near future
Look at analysis of 1st 25 games vs other top QBs. Ceiling is good especially when he gets stable and good receivers. The sky is not falling. 2017 QB draft is notable poor. .
12/05/2016 11:42AM
the first intelligent article ever typed by Simon. End the Tyrod Taylor gimmick - all of the NFL has enough film on his major weaknesses. I, for one, would rather go 0 - 16 and draft a potential franchise QB rather then suffer another wasted season. Thisshould pose no problem for Pegula as 5 years later the Sabre's are still a long way from contending.
12/05/2016 11:50AM
Tyrod not good enough
You can't blame the defense for this loss, despite the score. At 24-9, all you have to do is MATCH the Raiders as they inevitably score. Tyrod is incapable - he lacks the physical attributes, and the mental discipline, to stay in the pocket and do what it takes to take control of a game like this. Enough is enough. If Cardale is not the answer, if he is going to be another never-ending "project" like EJ, let's find out now.
12/05/2016 11:55AM
Coaches too
Rex and his Brother should have been fired before their plan landed last night! How they handled the end of the half was a complete embarrassment and show how inept they are at coaching in the NFL. They had a first down and 2 minutes and did nothing with the ball instead they wanted to go to the half with all their timeouts. Only to give the ball to a team that has a coach who actually trusts his players and can trust them to do the right thing with the ball. boom 30 seconds later they get a field goal. Then to defend his actions at the end of the game. Every game their defense gets shredded. Embarrassing!! Sorry for rambling..
12/05/2016 11:57AM
Thanks Howard..
Your right Howard the Bills won't go anywhere until they get a qb who can give the team a passing game. You talk about Carr and Prescott can the Bills find a qb thru the draft. We could have had Russel Wilson to. The problem is the guy doing the picking Doug Whaley he should be on the same flight as the Ryans out of Buffalo. Whaley has made terrible draft day moves. EJ and Watkins and trading up to get them. If Bills are to ever make a real playoff run it starts with the GM. Back in the 1980's when Bill Polian was brought in as GM the Bills with the right guy at GM made great draft picks and trades. Whaley has failed at finding a coach and finding a QB and a receiver. McCoy was his best move but by the time a QB is found he will be gone.
12/05/2016 11:59AM
Poor Drafting=No Playoffs This Century
When the Bills traded up for the 4th overall choice I thought they finally got it right and were going to take a real game changer and hometown favorite Kahlil Mack. The same K.Mack that just about put the final nail in this year's playoff coffin. Instead we take oft injured Sammy Watkins in what was believed by all(and proved to be) a receiver-rich draft. The article asks "why can't the Bills have that quarterback?". The answer is, we need a competent GM. We haven't had that since the John Butler and Bill Polian days. Change the coach, change the GM or be doomed to more years of mediocrity.
12/05/2016 12:02PM
it's come to this ...
i think you have to give EJ a shot this weekend, then at least you'll have a clear conscious when you cut both him and TT this spring.
12/05/2016 12:08PM
Drawing board @QB
Oakland has one we don't!It's that simple.
12/05/2016 12:22PM
Then tell us, O wise Howard Simon...
Who IS the savior QB that you want the Bills to bring in to replace Taylor? Jay Cutler, Tony Romo? Mike Glennon? Trade a roster player and a 2017 1st and 2nd to San Diego for Philip Rivers? Or, perhaps they can do what Philadelphia did and give away the store for Deshaun Watson or some other rookie QB who will look great in his first couple of games and then be figured out. Bottom line, unless Howard is named the new GM after this season, there won't be a new QB on the team. #PutTheFansInCharge
12/05/2016 12:31PM
It has to come from Terry
Rex will never abandon one of his players. Pegula has to say that organizationally we are moving on from Taylor. Cut EJ, start Jones, TT is backup. No need to wait.
12/05/2016 12:31PM
the qb needs to be let loose
In my opinion it is the coaching staff that is holding the QB back. If they would let this poor guy loose and let him call his own plays I believe TT would be able to move the ball.
12/05/2016 1:20PM
Everyone who mentioned Cardale is correct
We have to see if he has something to build upon. EJs gone and TTs too expensive for a QB who isn't. Can Cardale be developed (i.e. fight for starter or at least be a backup to a competent, albeit short-term QB) or do we need to go all-in and draft QB high up this year? "Playoffs!" you say? Get real.
12/05/2016 1:25PM
Injuries and a QB that cant throw short to intermediate passes
I would agree that the bills need to keep hunting until they find a play maker at QB. The injuries to the receiving core have not helped Tyrod but they are not the sole issue and reason for his poor play. The run game should open up the pass but when your QB is not accurate enough or astute enough to hit open receivers you will lose all the time. KEEP HUNTING FOR A PLAYER AT QB BUFFALO!!! I AM SICK OF BEING A DIE HARD FAN OF A LAUGHING STOCK TEAM!!
12/05/2016 1:34PM
Phillip Rivers is 35, dummy.
12/05/2016 1:51PM
The fact is Tierod Carpart is a running back, plain and simple, playing QB. Or he could be a wideout -if he can catch. But he should not be playing QB. He is not a drop back quarterback. And he is NOT a winner! But the Bills will always be losers as long as Whaley and the Ryan bros. are in Buffalo. Pegula should get wise to that fact, or the Bills will always be as bad as his Sabres. BTW why is it that the Bills always pass on local hometown favorites like Khalil Mack, Rob Gronkowski and James Starks, and others? Poor drafting is why they are where they are -outta the playoffs. Remember when they took Torell Troup one pick before New England grabbed the Gronk? And the injury-prone Sammy W before the Raiders took Khalil Mack?
12/05/2016 1:51PM
Tyrod is not the Answer
Tyrod is not good enough at reading defenses or throwing accurate. I have no faith in him. 26 games and not a single 300 yard game - in a passing league no less. We have seen enough. Time for Tyrod to go.
12/05/2016 1:55PM
the worst receiving group
you cant blame TT when he has no help. Please, goodwin a starter?? there is a reason why the titans and dolphins let go of Hunter. Oleary with his 4.9 40 ans short arms? and then a not so 100% sammy all leads up to the worst receiving group in the NFL. Unless you have an elite QB like Brady, no QB is going to tear up defenses with that group. Need to draft another WR and TE since we use lots of 2 TE groupings. Get sammy healthy because when he is he is a top 5 receiver in the league.Then when that happens you will see if TT is for real
12/05/2016 1:59PM
RE: Poor Drafting=No Playoffs This Century
Khalil Mack had a coaching staff in Oakland that knew what to do with him. If he had come here, he would have had a good defensive coordinator for one season (Schwartz), and then he would have been ruined by Rex Ryan. So, what would have been the pointof taking him at 4? Because he played glorified high school football at UB?
12/05/2016 2:05PM
Missing Marrone?
I actually miss Doug Marrone and his staff. He got multiple 300 yard games out of Fitz and Orton. Watkins best year was with Orton. Defense was better with Schwartz. Whaley is the biggest problem. He has made some good moves but has no clue when itcomes to picking QBs. How many times has he said "we're set at QB", first EJ now Tyrod. Him and Ryan gotta go...blow it up.
12/05/2016 2:30PM
Terry Pegula-
"The sole reason for the existence of this team is to make me more money!" -Terry Pegula
12/05/2016 2:36PM
Same as it ever was
For every great run Tyrod makes, he makes 5 bad throws. So, yes, back to the drawing board.
12/05/2016 2:37PM
no tickets
Please Bills head office. donot call me back for season tickes. I can't handles anymore.
12/05/2016 3:00PM
@ Thanks Howard
100% correct. I take NO PLEASURE in saying certain people need to be fired, but the NFL is a business, and the Buffalo Bills business model is a complete and utter FAILURE. We, the hard working fans who pay precious and scarce $$$$$ to support our team deserve better. NOTHING will change in the outcome of this team's fortunes until there is MAJOR ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE THROUGHOUT. 17 consecutive years of playoff non-appearance, and counting (we are NOT making the playoffs this year because there aren't enough other teams who will have epic collapses for us to leapfrog -- even IF we managed to win the final 4 games). Pegula MUST hire a PROVEN WINNING football architect who has overseen Super Bowl CHAMPIONS (e.g. Bill Polian, Ron Wolf, Ernie Accorsi, etc.) and give him carte blanche to hire the right coach & staff and assemble the right players. Give him a partial ownership stake as long as he is employed if need be; do whatever it takes to get the right leader in place. (I'm even willing to allow Whaley to stay on as an apprentice to the real GM so he can learn a thing or two). Keep Russ Brandon out of anything related to football operations and instead put him in charge of business/marketing, etc. -- that's his forte. Let these people play to their strengths, NOT operate as fish out of water.
12/05/2016 3:23PM
another hot take article
Taylor was bad. The defense was bad. Why do people need it to be about one or the other? It's both. Both were bad. Both need to be addressed. Internalize that, and then start asking, "what do we do now?"
12/05/2016 3:39PM
RE: Missing Marrone?
Um, what exactly did this team win, or what tremendous accomplishment did they achieve, while Doug Marrone was the coach? How about they bring back Chan Gailey or Perry Fewell to be the head coach?
12/05/2016 3:44PM
RE: Rivers
So? Brees is 37. Yet, it seems like every off-season, people call up WGR with ideas on what the Bills can offer the Saints for a trade (see the brilliant gem of "Scott Chandler for Drew Brees, straight up" that Schopp and Bulldog had to contend with at one time).
12/05/2016 3:44PM
Team game
They win or lose as a team. This is a mediocre team. I've always believed that losing is a fault of the players. Sure, the coach and GM pick those players, but they expect, we expect them to go on the field to win. They do have some good players, but not enough who are dedicated to the philosophy of winning. Those players should be embarrassed about squandering such a good lead and losing by that margin in a game they really needed to win. So now playoffs are virtually gone, again, and again, its a mediocre season.
12/05/2016 3:47PM
This is on Rex and the D.........
I concede that Tyrod had a horrible 2nd half with bad throws, poor pocket presence, etc but he did lead the team to a 15 point lead with about 24 min left of football to go. In my opinion it's games like this where Rex and his defense are supposed to make a difference not give up 29 points in 13 min! Tyrod is serviceable if you use him like Michael Vick by incorporating 6-8 running plays a game for for him. If not, he's a below average QB when in the pocket and the O-line has given him good protection. We've let Rex run his defense for almost 2 seasons and it's just not working. The reason for this is that the success of his D is predicated on lock-down CB's that can play man. Gilmore, Darby and the rest of the DB's just aren't getting it done. Salt in injuries to Sammy, Woods and a few other WR's and there you have it........
12/05/2016 3:48PM
RE: @ Thanks Howard
I can only assume that you're in your 60s or 70s, because each of those "football architects" you mentioned are all in their 70s as well. Why does this fanbase want to continually reach back into the PAST instead of looking toward the FUTURE? Is it part of some sort of football populism movement?
12/05/2016 3:48PM
Compared to others...
Using, gulp, Brady as the gold standard, the most striking deficiency is his inability to get rid of the ball quickly. In less than 2 seconds, Brady finds an open receiver and delivers with proper accuracy and pace. Our O-line does offer enough protection I believe. Issue # 2, when he misses, it's always high...just like Fitz always through behind. I'm so sad right now... It's hard to believe we are going to jettison 2 QBs and the head coach in the same year. Starting over...again.
12/05/2016 3:56PM
Put in Cardale!
What would it hurt! Put in Cardale. Heck...he won a national college championship with the Ohio State Buckeyes, and has a killer arm. Maybe he is another Dak Prescott waiting to happen. Speaking about Dak Prescott, its no fluke that he is on the Cowboys. Jerry Jones personally flew around the country with his scouts and interviewed all the top college quarterback candidates and they picked Dak!
12/05/2016 3:59PM
But wait
12/05/2016 3:59PM
The focus here is wrong,
it should be on defense. Yes, Tyrod Taylor after 22 starts is not ready to wear the franchise crown. He could carry a team with a decent defense. You don't think so, okay. Let's bring in competition. Where's our defense? Our coach was supposed to be a defensive genius. You ask to ask yourself what's going on when we are still worse on defense than when he arrived. Why Donnie Henderson was forced out so the coach could hire his brother. Henderson coached an over achieving secondary his entire time here; "the dude" was fresh from his failure in New Orleans. Our defense put little pressure on Carr yesterday. It looked like prevent defense at times. The story this year is that our offense is better than our defense most Sundays. Our defense is mediocre. Where is the accountability?
12/05/2016 4:28PM
Oh Nooooooooooooooo
TiteWad is a BACKUP- don't blame lack of quality receivers- he can't get the ball to the normal ones that are open flapping their arms- he would be a great backup cause of his ability to run and pass- it has been shown now that if you can find a QB that fits your scheme- you have a good chance to win- the Bills have a great bunch of RB's- a good tight end- 2 great receivers and an O line that just needs time- the D? well we have the players just not the right coaching- oops I forgot Rex is a defensive coach?
12/05/2016 4:31PM
Re: Terry Pegula-
I really don't see the reason to bash Terry Pegula. The Pegula’s have put a lot of money into the Bills, Sabres and the downtown area of Buffalo. With the Sabres, we all knew the plan and it wasn’t going to be overnight. The Sabres got the right GM and Coach for the job and you can see the team starting to progress. I can still see the Sabres challenging for a playoff spot this year now that Jack is back. With the Bills they have, what I see as the wrong GM and Coach and the team seems to going in the wrong direction. Without the Pegula’s the Bills would be moving to LA or Toronto. The mistakes the Pegula’s have made are hiring Ryan and Whaley. I do think he needs to fire both and bring in a winning Coach and GM to replace them. If you look at spending over the last few years, since Terry has taken over, you will see an owner putting money into the team trying to put a completive team on the field. Unfortunately Whaley has squandered a lot of that money on bad FA contracts and wasted draft picks. The Rex has mismanaged the team and proven he’s not a head coach. He makes bad coaching decisions left and right, weather its to call a play, challenge a call on the field, or even when to call a timeout. The failure of this team needs be laid at the feet of guilty parties and that’s the GM and Coaching staff.
12/05/2016 4:35PM
RE: RE: Poor Drafting=No Playoffs This Century
The "glorified high school football team at UB" was in position to upset Ohio St thanks to the play of Mack. The fact that he was so dominant on such a poor team, with no help around him, is ample enough reason to have taken him at 4. Being a local favorite was icing on the cake. But hey, we got Sammy and his 6 games a season instead. Much better pick.
12/05/2016 5:04PM
Same ole same ole..
Let Jones play the rest of the yr, all these rookies getting to play what can it hurt? Plus he can see over his linemen...
12/05/2016 5:30PM
Jimmy Johnson
I like playing against the Bills. They make me WIN
12/05/2016 6:40PM
@ RE: @ Thanks Howard
60 actually. And I never said it "had" to be Polian, Wolf, or Accorsi. Those were merely EXAMPLES of the TYPE of people we need (hence the "e.g." in parentheses) -- because they fit the essential trait of what the Bills need: i.e., "a PROVEN WINNING football architect who has overseen Super Bowl CHAMPIONS" !!!! If you want to win a championship (as TP claims -- and I take him at his word because we all long for that), then it's basic logic to stop putzing around with longshot "up and comers" and go out and hire someone who has DEMONSTRATED that they actually KNOW HOW to achieve the goal, and have done so. All the better if they have done so on more than one occasion and/or in multiple destinations. It just so happens that people like Polian, Wolf, and Accorsi may presently be available -- at least for a short term to right the ship and groom their replacement -- and that's good enough for me. I'm certainly willing to have the Bills hire any other proven championship GMs/coaches, but all of those are otherwise tied up: Ozzie Newsome isn't leaving Baltimore, Belichick isn't leaving New England (he's the real genius there, not their GMs), Elway isn't leaving Denver (I wouldn't want him anyway), etc. I'm too old to keep spinning our wheels looking for the next wunderkid to run the show who we can hire for a bargain price (precisely because he hasn't "done it" yet). We need to find a proven champion ... and those available just happen to be older -- so what? That doesn't mean they have forgotten how to win and build winners -- especially a smart guy like Polian who keeps up-to-date with the modern NFL and whose eye for talent is as sharp as ever.
12/05/2016 7:24PM
RE: RE: RE: Poor Drafting=No Playoffs This Century
Ok. So, where was he when UB played Baylor that same year and lost 70 something to 0?
12/05/2016 7:32PM
Come on Bills Nation... I've been a fan since 1960... Were being killed by injuries...
Hey... Bottom line... 1. We have a team in Buffalo THANKS TO KIM AND TERRY PEGULA. 2. We lost to a good team and we have a devastated receiver corps. No Clay, Woods, Harvin... 3. Taylor has no chemistry with our subs from Free agency or Scout teams oreven Sammy who just came off IR. 4. There has been no quit in this team!... 5. No Aaron Williams... 5. We have a great opportunity to win the next four! Goooo Bills!!!
12/05/2016 8:48PM
But I will not give up on the Bills! This past June, Wife and I moved to the Orlando-Daytona area. Leaving Buffalo after 54 yrs. of my 60 up there (6 served in the U.S. Navy) was tough. That being said, I moved with great appreciation of the Pegulas. What they have done to/for our City (on a national and regional scale)sets the bar for the future, one that unfortunately was never met in years/decades past! Of course all fans and owners want winning teams year after year. But as I stand today...I would rather have a .500 team than none at all! We'll get 'er done! Thank you Terry and Kim, and best Holidays to your entire Family!
12/05/2016 9:05PM
12/05/2016 9:56PM
Need to start up front - In the Office
I don't claim to be a football coach but I have been a professional in the field of human resources for more years than most of these Bills fans have been Bills fans. I have been engaged in every aspect of HR including hiring and talent acquisition. One of the first things you look at is what has a person done in the past as a predictor as to what they will do in the future. Dig into Rex's career as a head coach. He had two winning seasons, his first two. Based on the facts, he can be the best salesman in the world but if he can't close the deal, he isn't worth hiring for your sales team. A friend of mine was recently in New York City and was talking to another NFL fan who told him, you're going to find out that Rex is all talk but he'll never deliver. That's what we have seen too much of here in Buffalo. I feel the Pegula's really have their heart in the right place but unfortunately they need the right professionals in the right place to hire the right people to handle the job for them. Ryan is not the right person for that job.
12/05/2016 10:50PM
Play Jones
The second the Bills are eliminated, which in all likelihood will be Sunday, they should play Cardale the final three games, see what he can do, and give him some game experience.
12/05/2016 11:20PM
Stevie Nicks on the song "sara" .To the Bills after being a fan since 1964....
When you build your house,then call me............
12/05/2016 11:57PM
To "but wait where in the Hunt"
This team is in total denial of facts. We do not dominate any game. We don't have a Star player { except for McCoy}. Almost everyone gets injured ( Where is Rusty Jones?). Some players don't even belong in this league and if I wasn't as Old as I am I probably could catch and run better than our receiving core. Bottom Line 17 F'n years of B.S. !!
12/06/2016 12:57AM
Good article Howie
But can't you just say 17th straight year without a playoff berth, not "very close to"
12/06/2016 1:15AM
To ohhh nooo
Who are the 2 great recievers, look up the word great
12/06/2016 6:26AM
Anything can happen !
The season is not over yet ! Anything can happen. We still have a shot at the playoffs. All you people in here THINK you have all the answers. How come come NONE OF YOU are coaches in the N.F.L. ??? Answer... because you don't have a clue !!! GO BILLS !!!!
12/06/2016 7:16AM
High hopes are gone
I had high hopes for Tyrod and was even making excuses for his play but he is not an accurate passer and will never be the guy to win games for us. Too bad but I think the time has come to give him and EJ their walking papers. The QB is the most important position on any team and that couldn't be more evident than New England. There was no way we would ever shut them out had it not been for the fact that they had a QB as bad as ours. Maybe the rest of our team is pretty good? I'll bet our defense could play more aggressively if they knew they had a QB to bring them right back. Imagine how awesome a good QB could play with the running game we have or vise versa?
12/06/2016 7:22AM
All good insight
Good article and lots of good comments. M view is that Sammy Watkins has to catch the ball..I don't care if guys are hanging all over him, he is supposed to be a superstar. No Robert Woods...Goodwin is a spot player, Clay is a bust and everyone blames Taylor. Who would YOU throw the ball to and feel confident? Jones is not the answer..who would you draft, what would you do?
12/06/2016 7:27AM
The Pegula's have made many mistakes
now its time to dump Ryan and Taylor.Ryan is a fast talking used car salesaman and Tyrod is in accurate to say the very least. time for a change. lets move Pegula's!!!
12/06/2016 8:01AM
The Tyrod Taylor experiment is over.
What a great little slot receiver Taylor could be. This was a great article. Everyone looks at WHY we lost. Just looking at the QB and thinking about his performance. He was a long shot at best. He will never be where Carr or Dak is now, & I'd bet, they'll get better. Do what ever it takes to get a top prospect at QB. If you're gonna go down, go down swinging instead of with someone else GARBAGE!!
12/06/2016 8:05AM
the season was toast when it begun because of Tyrod Taylor.
No way should Rex Ryan and coaching staff take blame for this inept QB. the fault falls on Whaley who gave Tyrod Taylor an new contract with guaranteed money that he clearly is not deserving of. Whaley failures prior to Rex Ryan are being exposed by a proven winners method's. this bills team will not go any where UNTIL Pegula cleans out the upper organization failures, Jim Overdorf, Russ Brandon and Doug Whaley. Rex Ryan is a proven winner. His early Jets team had better TALENT than of this bills team. He had a BETTER GM in Mike Tannenbaum. jets were in the playoffs.....
12/06/2016 8:17AM
REx Ryans second year with Jets...11 & 5 plus playoffs...
Rex Ryan is using what he was dealt. Mis Managed...PLEASE. A darn good QB plus loads of talent on both sides of the ball get a team to the playoffs...
12/06/2016 9:22AM
We will never see the Bills of the 90"s again...........
The game is changing and the commitment is not there! Time to re-think our football team. GM is not good enough and the Rex's are just money grabbers! Give them all the boot. It can turn around faster than we think. Just do it!!!
12/06/2016 9:38AM
I don't care anymore
Get a new quarterback. Won't matter. Fire the coaching staff. Spend three more years rebuilding. Then fire them, rinse, repeat. SEVENTEEN YEARS! I'm over it. Just as a comparison, the Pittsburgh Steelers have had 16 head coaches in their entire existence (1933-present), and only 3 since 1969!! The Bills have had 20, since 1960, and 8 since 1998! In that same span, (1998/1999-present), the Patriots have had 2 head coaches, the Colts have had 4, Green Bay has had 3, Seattle has had 3, Ravens have had 2. My point? They're all regularly in the playoff hunt. They have stability... at Quarterback and at the head coach position. Why can't the Bills go find the next Mike Tomlin? The next Mike Holmgren? Why do we constantly take the retreads that have failed elsewhere? Whatever. I'm tired of caring.
12/06/2016 9:56AM
Bills aren't bad enough to get franchise QB from 1st pick
Bills have to try QB's that were late round picks that have talent but maybe didn't get the greatest shot to win or on small programs. EJ is proof that athletic QB's from big programs don't always translate t winners in the NFL. The speed is greater so you need a leader first, then a QB that has a good long touch and if your really lucky a guy that can make all the throws. Bills are missing a leader since Fitz and a guy who does it all since Bledsoe. Last true all around QB was Flutie who won anything. Taylor is not a leader and is sporadic on long throws. We need to move on from him, time we see what Jones can do if we lose 1 more game. Next year we draft another QB to compete with Jones and either win or start to rebuild by trading guys off. we have a good young core mixed with over priced vets. Our rebuild would be short but Jones deserves the chance Taylor got.
12/06/2016 10:05AM
Terry Pegula....
Mike Schopp likes sausage in his dinner roll. Mike likes Tyrod because he loves the rod.
12/06/2016 1:46PM
Tyrod is fine - fix the team around him
Did you see the piece in BuffaloRumblings? Clearly, T-Rod is not perfect, but his trajectory is in line with other good to great qb's after his first 25 starts. You can't keep going back to the drawing board. Don't react on emotion - look at the numbers. Get him more quality receivers, a right tackle and defense the back end of the defense in the draft or free agency. This team, with Tyrod is close...just a few more pieces and we'll be there. We can't see the forrest for the trees because of our 16 (17?) year playoff drought.
12/06/2016 3:03PM
Coaching Staff.
I said it in January 2015, Rex Ryan is not the man to lead the Bills. GM is fine, he has always found players when needed. Its the coach's that are not preparing this team, off-season and during the season.
12/06/2016 3:43PM
Tony Romo
with this team. draft some better olineman. fixed.
12/06/2016 4:45PM
Prescott is a fluke
The Bills are terrible at drafting, everyone agrees. But Prescott is a fluke. If you truly thought he was a future NFL starter you would not leave him until the fourth round, it would be too risky a bet. But the Bills should draft at least two QB's every year until they find someone - and give them a chance. And don't bring in an old guy over 35.
12/06/2016 4:57PM
Tyrod ability
Taylor has the physical attributes but not the mental attributes. He had the lowest wonderlic of current qbs. 15 I believe which is extremely low for QBs. He just might not be able to retain enough knowledge for the position he plays.
12/06/2016 7:03PM
People Don't Get It
For all practical purposes, the Bills season IS OVER -- it ended when we failed to win a necessary game in Oakland, and thereby not only failed to catch a team or two ahead of us in the Wild Card race and/or keep pace with others ahead of us who won, but we also fell FURTHER BEHIND a couple of teams ahead of us! While it may still be "mathematically possible" to sneak into the playoffs, doing so requires the COMBINATION of MANY factors happening simultaneously ... the combined likelihood/possibility of which is of INFINITISMALLY SMALL "mathematical" odds. Not only MUST the Bills run the table in the final 4 games (Rex foolishly believes that's all that's needed), BUT ALSO it will require SEVERAL teams ahead of us in the standings and tie-breakers to COLLAPSE and almost go 0-4. The Bills of late have NOT even demonstrated an ability to do our part and win out -- but even if they do (for the sake of argument), not all of the other teams we need to collapse utterly will do so. Praying for "miracles" and depending on help from others is the price we pay -- yet again -- for failing to take care of business ourselves earlier in the season. And as for the Pegulas, people DO appreciate them saving the Bills for WNY ... but we also want them to take a cold objective view of what needs to be done and do it free of sentimentality! When Marrone bailed, Whaley and Brandon went into overdrive schmoozing the stunned Pegulas into making themselves appear to be organized and indispensable, and Polian got cold feet about returning ... so here we are saddled with a lousy Whaley-Rex-Brandon regime. And stop with the injury excuses -- ALL teams suffer critical injuries, but winners and champions overcome them !!! TP needs to hire a proven winner GM and then get out of his way while he blows up and reconstructs the Bills.
12/06/2016 7:39PM
josh gordon??
12/06/2016 11:49PM
Oh Brother!
There is no defense for hiring two Ryans.
12/07/2016 12:02AM
Polian astute again...
He wanted to come to Buffalo, but would not take a position with The Bills unless Brandon, Whaley, and Ryan were shown the door. He knows ineptitude when he sees it. Hopefully The Pegula's will wake up to the fact he again showed keen insight into what it takes to win in this league. And perhaps Brandon has sold a lot of seats, but it's becoming obvious it's because of die hard fans, and not him..
12/07/2016 5:00AM
No 1 Draft Picks, all busts for 16 years
even fat darius..front office needs to be accountable
12/07/2016 6:07AM
RE: the worst receiving group?
What games are you watching? How many times this season have this group of receivers waved their hands for (t.t.)to pass them the ball in wide open positions and he can't find them? GET REAL! You have to be a Bills basher, packing snowballs? There seems to be lot of snowball packers around now pretending to be a Bills fan.
12/07/2016 6:43AM
Addicted to losing
Anyone that thinks they should stick with Taylor is either addicted to losing as some kind of sadomasochism or they aren't tired of 16 years of futility. Those people are why this team stays in purgatory.
12/07/2016 8:43AM
Rex likes him
Rex this year called him a Franchise quarterback. So you know what he thinks. To me the offensive does not help, and he is always looking to run, he hardly ever just plants his feet, and throw the ball
12/07/2016 10:08AM
Time to Point fingers at the Pegula's
We have seen it with the sabres and now with the Bills, They have no fire or passion to win, just about making money, just like Golisano. It starts at the top, I'm sorry but Doug Whaley like Tyrod Taylor is not good enough. We need real football minds to run this organization, enough with old Buffalo retreads, go outside and find a real GM that has an eye for talent, I'm sorry Terry and Kim but your no different,GO BILLS and TAKE THE SABRES WITH YOU, I tired of supporting our crappy sports teams, no more!!!!
12/07/2016 12:13PM
clean house
we need to get out of salary cap hell. goodbye trod, gilmore etc,etc,etc. anyone can hand off to lessen mccoy, use the money to get safety help and cornerback depth maybe even a wide receiver who plays every sunday.
12/07/2016 12:41PM
Re: I don't care anymore
You are right on the money! Fire the Ryans, let Taylor walk. It's what the Bills, Browns & other crappy teams do all the time.
12/07/2016 1:04PM
Coaches Roaches any half competent one will do if you have the players or scheme how to put together a team. Going all in on big dollar players and giving away 1st round draft choices for what could have been had later in the draft should stand out like a sore thumb as to where the blame lies for failure of this franchise to improve. Until a competent GM and front office is in place this will continue.
12/08/2016 12:38AM
Tyrod is not a starting QB
Just sit him the rest of the season and then let him go after the season is over. I don't want to hear about him or ever see him again. He isn't a leader, doesn't take responsibility for anything when things go bad, has limited talent at the QB position, is arrogant to think any team including the Bills would pay him (a back up QB) the kind of money he is damanding, and he is clearly delusional to think that the Bills still have a legitimate chance of making the playoffs now. Only a complete m0ron would think Tyrod Taylor still could be starting QB in the NFL.
12/08/2016 1:40AM
Man, man Man!
We need a QB and new coaching staff....BAD. Also a safety or two. Add in a WR, RT, and a bruising RB and we would be fixed, contending for the SB which should be the goal, not the playoffs. I would love to steal Cousins.
12/08/2016 9:46AM
Bills will draft Chad Kelly
Because Chad is just like them. What I mean is that all of the Bills Honchos who are in charge are of the same mind set. Whaley, Ryan, Pegula, Lynn are all very high self esteem guys who take risks because of the thrill. They feed off each other and cannot separate reality from fact so they continue to roll the dice on risky picks and players. Look for them to draft Kelly.
12/08/2016 10:15AM
FITZ & TYROD a comparison over time to Chan Gailey & Rex Ryan
Marginal quarterbacks are marginal quarterbacks. Let’s look at FITZ. He was great here then flamed out with Chan. He also was great with Chan in NY but flames out again. Blame Chan? No. Blame FITZ yes. FITZ also had NO supporting cast from a Receivers perspective in Buffalo but had an excellent coordinator in Chan. Tyrod is similar but has ZERO support staff here but has an above average supporting cast when they are on the field. So if Tyrod has all of his player pieces he’s decent. Without them he’s terrible. So does he go first? Nope. So what's the Rex factor? Defensive guru. Nope. Offensive genius. Nope. So what's Rex useful at? TV commercials? I would unload him first or force him to fire his brother along with the Defensive Coordinator and rehire Mike Pettine. Either way Terry could force the Rex hand to quit without having to pay him three more years. Being from corporate America Terry knows how to do that if he really wants to. Rex goes first. Tyrod goes later
12/08/2016 10:25AM
I agree with the Tyrod is fine - fix the team around him analysis which includes coaching. What has DAVID LEE ever done? Name one quarterback whom he made better. NO ONE. Look at his BIO. He was given the QB coach job in Dallas for one season because HE COULD NOT RUIN IT. DAVID LEE HAS NEVER DONE ANYTHING. HIS APPOINTMENT TO QB COACH IN DALLAS WAS FOR POLITICS HES A YES MAN COACH SO THAT’S WHY REX HIRED HIM. REX IS FROM THE OLD BOY SYSTEM AND HE HIRES YES MEN DESPITE THAT THEY CANNOT COACH. DASVID LEE MUST GO.
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