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By Joe Buscaglia
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Bills' Gilmore threw Fitzpatrick for a loop on draft day

Let's head back to April 28, 2012.

The tenth overall selection was here, the Buffalo Bills logo was on screen during whichever broadcast you were watching, and many fans were intently watching to see which young player would be designated as the one to help out the team almost immediately.

The pick came through and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced South Carolina cornerback Stephon Gilmore as the selection. The broadcast cued up the shot of the green room, presenting Gilmore slowly getting up and hugging his family.

Except, something was off. Normally you see an immense amount of jubilation from a player as their childhood dream has come true right before their very ears and eyes. But the poker face look on Gilmore remained throughout. It cause many fans to think that he wasn't happy about Buffalo.

Heck, it even surprised quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick a bit as he was watching the draft unfold. But since he's got a chance to work with Gilmore in person, he says he comprehends why the young cornerback reacted the way he did.

"Well I can tell you my opinion of him has changed since draft day, when I saw him get drafted and have no emotion or expression on his face. Now I understand why, knowing him," Fitzpatrick explained. "It wasn't that he was upset to be in Buffalo, he just has a quiet confidence about him. He's genuinely a great guy, and he wants to get better each and every day. I can do nothing but respect that -- the way that he works out here and how he's trying to get better in asking questions and doing all that. There's a lot that's been talked about him but he's got to go out and do it on Sunday's and he knows that. I think he's excited for the challenge and he'll be up for it."

Gilmore has been atop the cornerback depth chart since the very first session of Organized Team Activities. He's continued to impress in the four days of training camp the team has endured thus far.

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