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By Joe Buscaglia
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Bills Beat Blog: July 22, 2011

Ok. So the lockout isn't over yet with the owners trying to play games with the players. But hopefully the two sides come to a resolution quickly. On to the blog:

With the CBA agreed upon by the owners as detailed on, teams must spend to 99-percent of the $120.375 million salary cap in both 2011 and 2012. That comes out to roughly $119.17 million.
- ESPN's John Clayton say the Bills have $35.9 million in cap room, meanwhile Mark Gaughan of The Buffalo News calculated $38 million in cap room. No matter how much it actually is, the Bills have some work to do to get to 99-percent. Figure that Paul Posluszny and Drayton Florence will get a nice chunk if they choose to re-sign. The Bills will also be committed to spending a certain amount on rookies, and they can spend some on their own players with extensions. But even with all those, they still have a ton of room to make moves. New blood will be added to this roster via free agency, that's a fact.

Immediately after the vote from the owners, it was discovered there was some chicanery going on. The players didn't even get to see the 'agreement' before their conference call Thursday night. Bills player rep George Wilson felt as though they were getting this deal essentially shoved down their throats on NFL Network.
- I agree with George. Some players are saying the owners added things in at the last minute, but there's been no reports about that to this point. But what I do side with the players on is the fact that the owners attempted (and failed) at spinning this so if the deal does break down, fans would blame the players. Why is this necessary? Why couldn't they have attached the document to DeMaurice Smith via e-mail as soon as they agreed on it? A lot of things don't make sense, but I'm going to wait until the players actually vote before I say anything more than that. Waiting for the facts.

Free agent to be and last year Bills CB Drayton Florence was not a fan of the league's antics once they voted to ratify the deal.
- If this move costs the NFL more time and prolongs the lockout, a lot of people are going to be incredibly mad at what the owners did to create another divide between the two sides.

On a lighter note, it's Stevie Johnson's birthday. Fans took the time out early this morning to wish number 13 a happy birthday on Twitter.
- Happy Birthday, Stevie Johnson. Here's to hoping you duplicate last year's statistical season.

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