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By Joe Buscaglia
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Bills place Alonso on Reserve/NFI list

Kiko Alonso is lost for the season, but that doesn't mean the Buffalo Bills aren't keeping their options open with the young linebacker.

Upon suffering a torn ACL during the nearly month-long break between mandatory minicamp and the start of training camp, the Bills issued a statement that said the injury occurred in a workout away from team facilities. That sealed his fate as having to be placed on the Active/Non-Football Injury list to start training camp.

The next step for the Bills on Tuesday was to not only disable him from the active roster, but to leave open the chance --albeit a very small percentage one -- for Alonso to return to practice within a specific window. The team announced that they placed the linebacker on the Reserve/Non-Football Injury list, which gives them a bevy of options.

First and foremost, if Alonso has a miraculous recovery, he would be eligible to return for a five week window starting after Week 6. Upon his first day of practice, the Bills would have three weeks to put him on the active roster. If he practices and they don't activate him, the Bills would either have to release him or place him on Injured Reserve.

If he is not cleared to practice, which is the more likely outcome due to the severity of the injury, the Bills can keep him on the Reserve/NFI list and per the Collective Bargaining Agreement and it wouldn't count for an accrued season in his career due to the injury happening away from an NFL sanctioned venue. That would mean that when his contract runs out after the 2016 season, Alonso conceivably would be a restricted free agent for having only three years of accrued service to his name.

Written in the same bylaws, the Bills would also have the option of compensating him for the year or not based on where and when the injury occurred. With Alonso now on the Reserve/NFI list, he no longer counts on the active roster. With the move, the Bills now have 74 active players.

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08/26/2014 3:20PM
Bills place Alonso on Reserve/NFI list
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08/26/2014 3:31PM
What does Sal have to say about this??????????
08/26/2014 4:09PM
Cut Manuel.
08/26/2014 4:18PM
Smart Move
As said, Smart Move
08/26/2014 5:41PM
He's not really hurt.. He's just busy building the harbor center.. 24 hrs a day.. By himself.
08/26/2014 5:42PM
Great Job Joe
You got this one before Hamilton did. Steal some Sabres news and create dissension. It's funny how media can back stab each other trying to be competitive out doing each other. I dun't like it, but you are better and honest at it in my opinion.The dueling beat reporters at its finest. Who's jobs who's?
08/26/2014 8:22PM
Bills Future
Recipe for disaster: drafting a 4th round talent in the 1st round last year, wasting your 2nd round pick on a stiff who should be cut this year -and trading away your 1st round pick for next year. The future looks dim for the Bills. Another 15 years til we get to the playoffs! Bye bye DW.
08/26/2014 11:22PM
The wrath of Timbo curses on
Kiko Alonzoconnolly. That sounds about right. Great ring to it. We await the cheap replacement after Thursday night.
08/27/2014 6:39AM
Who cares about lists?
Bills had one of the worst run defenses last year. This year will have one of the worst pass defenses. No balance. No playoffs. No QB after 14 years. The beat goes on.
08/27/2014 2:37PM
well that great news.
this is a player that we must keep with the bills. But right now all we can do is pray he get back soon. Can you imagine bradham, spikes, and kiko on the field at the same time; man we were looking forward to that. But this football and things happen butthe people we are keeping are going to do some great things here in buffalo. Once again good job front office. lets go ruff buff.
08/27/2014 3:25PM
Wednesday 8/27
Purdy quiet today. Anything on Sabres? Training camp is around the block. Anymore transactions on the horizon? About 10 million left to spend yet. Open up the checkbook.
08/27/2014 3:49PM
No worry
He could be ready before the playoughs start.
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