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By Joe Buscaglia
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Bills' Watkins a full participant, Gilmore limited

At long last the Buffalo Bills will get their regular season started this coming weekend and finally put to rest the extended preseason that 2014 provided. Step one in that process was going through their first Wednesday of the regular season, which serves as the lengthiest practice of the work week

The Bills took the field outside the ADPRO Sports Training Center with rookie wide receiver and first-round selection Sammy Watkins back in full. The team announced shortly after the session that Watkins, who suffered a second injury to his ribs last Thursday, was not limited in practice throughout any of the drills.

Watkins, just as he was on Monday, played the part of an optimist when speaking with reporters after practice.

"Yeah, I’m ready to play," he said. "With the ribs you don’t know, whether you feel one hundred percent one day, or eighty, ninety. Until I get that first hit, that will explain it all. Now I know how it feels to get hit, and what the outcome will be. A lot of pain, losing your breath but it’s not going to take me out of the game. Just get a breather and come back in."

Despite his overwhelming positivity, head coach Doug Marrone wasn't as ready to commit to Watkins being available on Sunday in Chicago.

"I think we’re just going to wait and see for the game," Marrone replied. "It’s hard to judge right now."

The Bills are hoping they won't have to exercise the same approach for cornerback Stephon Gilmore for the team's first game of the season. Gilmore was one of three players that had to be limited during Wednesday's practice due to an injury. The starting cornerback was slowed up by a groin injury, but insisted that it won't affect him for the regular season opener in Chicago.

Gilmore, along with rookie linebacker Randell Johnson (ankle) and safety Jonathan Meeks (neck) were the three players that had to skip some reps on Wednesday. The lone non-participant of the day was tight end Lee Smith, who has continued his attempt to come back from an injury to his toe.

The playing status for each of the five players has yet do be determine. The Bills are mandated by NFL rules to disclose all of their injured players with a specific designation for Sunday.

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**Photo courtesy of The Associated Press

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09/03/2014 6:37PM
Bills' Watkins a full participant, Gilmore limited
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09/03/2014 7:19PM
why have the Bills been so unlucky with injuries? conditioning? players are jinxed? poor decisions on how long to let player recover fully? this falls on Baloney and Wallyworld? going for broke does NOT mean pushing players that need time to heal to playasap- give them proper time and they will play longer
09/03/2014 10:12PM
The wrath of Timbo curses continue
What a Joke!
09/03/2014 10:58PM
More Mike Schopp please...
I have decided that my life simply is not negative enough. Therefore, I am requesting that WGR expand the hours that Mike Schopp is on the air. Nothing beats getting in the car, tuning in on the App and hearing Schopp ramble on about how bad things are in Buffalo. It brings a true sense of negativity to my otherwise joyful life. No hope, no joy no belief in in our teams, no nothing. I want to be down about everything so I hope folks there listen up and put Schopp on all of the time. I want nothing but down, down down. More Schopp please.
09/04/2014 12:14AM
Rest Sammy
Let him get healthy, then bring him back once we beNCH EJ. No sense of getting Watkins hurt when EJ is starting, he can't get him the ball anyways.
09/04/2014 12:54AM
Doug Whaley
is first on the chopping block
09/04/2014 1:01AM
Russ Brandon
must be fired
09/04/2014 9:55AM
He shouldn't play
He was hurting when he came out the last game, and he only took a forearm, not a crushing blow. Keep him out till 100% or else he won't be injury free all year.
09/04/2014 10:14AM
Enough of this
When does Sabre talk begin?
09/04/2014 12:40PM
No matter how much polishing you do
A Turd is still a turd..... 81 wins out 224 games since 2000 = 36.16%. Sad but true... Super savior Watkins will be out of action/season by 3rd QTR as he is continuosly hung out to dry chasing errant passes by the football challeneged management #1 QB endall/saveall "EZ MISS-u-all" to the rib cracking jack-knife tackling techniques of the DB's.
09/04/2014 3:36PM
WGR550.com oughtta have Hamilton stick to writing about hockey -if he is afraid to write articles that people can comment on. Leave the Bills blogs to Joe B.
09/04/2014 7:12PM
Fast Fact
Our next bust...Watkins.
09/05/2014 6:44AM
Buffalo Ugly
All of the WGR550 Sports Announcers. Please do your homework before you spew out rancid fantasy as fact when its indeed made up fiction by your script writers.
09/05/2014 4:26PM
GO BILLS!!!!!!!!!!!
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