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By Joe Buscaglia
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Bills' Branch arrested for drunk driving

Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Alan Branch has been on thin ice in the battle for the 53-man roster. After his latest misstep, it could be the final crack that makes him plunge into the icy water infested with unemployment.

Head coach Doug Marrone announced to the media after the team’s 27-14 loss to Tampa Bay that Branch had been arrested, but couldn’t give any further details. According to a source, Branch’s run-in with the law was for allegedly driving drunk.

“I’m going to meet with him tomorrow,” Marrone said Saturday night.“I  found out somewhere around noon midday. I just had so much on my mind. I tried to call him and couldn’t get ahold of him, so I just got ahold of him some other way through other people and said, ‘I’ll meet with you tomorrow.’ That’s all I know for a fact, I can’t say anything else.”

Branch was with the team at St. John Fisher College for their walkthrough on Friday. There wasn’t any indication where or when the defensive tackle was arrested.

Since signing his extension in December, Branch has seen his hold on the role of top backup at defensive tackle evaporate. He didn’t show to voluntary workouts and didn’t communicate with the team as to why he wasn’t there, he failed his conditioning test at the start of training camp and was demoted to the third-team defense throughout all of camp.

The Bills excused Branch from the game on Saturday against Tampa Bay. His three-year extension was worth a total of $9.3 million.

Tim Graham of The Buffalo News originally reported the arrest was for drunk driving. The Bills get back to practice on Monday in Orchard Park, which leads up to the first round of cuts being due on Tuesday, August 26. Teams must bring their rosters down to 75 players by the close of business on that day.

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**Photo courtesy of The Associated Press

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08/23/2014 10:11PM
Bills' Branch arrested for drunk driving
Please enter your comments below.
08/23/2014 11:10PM
i would drink to if i was a buffalo bill
cool time!!!!
08/24/2014 12:20AM
"Arrested Development" the Branch Conspiracy
Ok sounds far fetched but what better way to cover Brandon/Whaley/Marrone's mess with the looming Alan Branch situation than to orchestrate some kind of mystery arrest. Since when is it Bills' policy to have the HC annouce something like this so coyly, without any official statement from Biills PR. Where did he even have time to get arrested in the first place? Didn't they just break camp this AM and leave to go to the game? Did he skip curfew last night and go for some "pops" at Shooter's, or maybe on theride back this morning stopped off on the Thruway and get loaded or did maybe the New york State Troopers stop him and did he fail to walk a straight line? zIf so that is nothing new he hasn't had much practuice this preseason lining up. It just seems very bizarre. If you were the Bills' brass instead of cutting a guy you already paid a $3 Million bonus, why not concoct some crazy scheme where the player gets arrested and automatically suspended by the team/league for the season and you don't seem like morons to the new ownership. The player gets to live off his bonus is conditionally let back the next year to resume his playing career. As a bonus you don't loose him to the competition as if he was ouright cut. They say truth is stranger than fiction.
08/24/2014 1:59AM
Good as gone.
08/24/2014 7:33AM
no quarterback
This guy ej stinks bills will have another dissapointing season
08/24/2014 7:53AM
Arrested Development & good as gone
Your both idiots Please move
08/24/2014 8:46AM
Bad Timing?
Baloney Marrone is gonna use this as a shield for poor loss on Saturday- what is so wrong is to keep pushing EJ as number one down our throats? cut your losses and either find a new QB or give Ttuel the bulk of the snaps- Tuel seems to have some skills that EJ doesn't- which player will get the spotlight when they lose the first game of the season?
08/24/2014 8:46AM
Be a pro!
News like this infuriates me. Channel 4 reports arrest at 215 am. He got his contract extension and then he shows up to camp unfit. Clearly he has bigger issues! I am all for helping people along but they have to WANT help. He seems to be self destructing. I've said it before and will say it again, it wouldn't hurt to have a team psychologist. So many players can't handle the notoriety, the million$, the pressure? I don't know maybe some players are just clunk heads with untamable egos! :(
08/24/2014 1:23PM
Well that's the nail in the coffin.
Dog you get arrested the day before a game. Well that's a no,no in a coach book branch will be cut come tuesday point blank. It's been nice but you got to go. lewis and dixion will be cut too they are not going to play lets wait and see game. they are ready have did that. Whomever they bring in which i hope it will be a vet. Will more than likely push ej to 2nd string. It will all start vs the bears. Lord all this talent and you get shut out and booed off the field. That mess was just like when fitz was here. It's like our teams got a curse on them that they can't shake it off. They better do something fast the clock is ticking and it's moving real fast.
08/24/2014 1:25PM
This is another example......
Just another example of the thugs and trash that have infultrated the NFL and have drug it down to an umimpressive prison league. The coaches and GM's have no control. The class is gone in the league and it is all about the money! These are our kids hero's today. Great roll models!
08/24/2014 8:24PM
poor branch
Why should we care about another "pro" athlete wasting their talent. It Happens every week and shouldn't be newsworthy anymore. I hear Walmart is looking for people.
08/24/2014 8:53PM
hands up...
nuff said
08/25/2014 8:58AM
Since when does pre-season mean so much
Calm down so called Bills fans. Get a grip. I guess you are all football experts. The guy is a second year quarterback. They all develop differently.
08/25/2014 8:58AM
My reaction when I heard this news
Same as the frozen image of the call it like Rick winner on the WGR home page.
08/25/2014 11:06AM
National Felon League
08/25/2014 1:47PM
Branching Out
My Head Hurts..That Night Train's A Mean Wine
08/27/2014 3:46PM
Re: poor branch
I don't think he would do any better on the Sabres bud.
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