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By Joe Buscaglia
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Bills' Draft Order Update: Week 14

Heading in to their most recent game against the San Diego Chargers, the Buffalo Bills held the 13th overall pick for the 2012 NFL Draft through 12 games. With a 37-10 loss, how much did that change?

Thanks in part to both an Arizona and Seattle win during Week 14, the Bills have moved up. The Bills now have the 11th overall pick through 13 games.

Carolina, Washington and Tampa Bay all came close to winning, and two of those three would have done a big favor to the Bills had they pulled it off.

The only way the Bills will pass the Redskins in draft order is if the Redskins end up with a better record. Their strength of schedule is so poor, that they're a good ten wins in S.o.S. behind the closest 4-9 team, and 12 wins behind the Bills if they happen to become tied in the process. A win over the Patriots would have made it more plausible that the Bills could pass Washington. Their final three games are against the New York Giants, Minnesota and Philadelphia.

If Carolina (4-9) can win one of their last three (Houston, Tampa Bay, New Orleans) and Buffalo loses their last three, the opportunity to pass the Panthers could be there for the Bills. Currently, the Panthers schedule is only two wins worse than the Bills.

Tampa Bay (4-9) losing to Jacksonville (4-9) actually did the Bills a favor. That puts both teams within reach, as the Buccaneers have a showdown against Carolina and the Jaguars still have one game against the winless Indianapolis Colts. If Tampa Bay wins one, the Bills' schedule has a five-game lead on Tampa Bay's strength of schedule. If the Jaguars can pull off a win, that's the exact same case as the Carolina Panthers in terms of Buffalo's draft position.

Here is the order through 13 games:

1) Indianapolis - 0-13 (.548)
2) Minnesota - 2-11 (.567)
3) St. Louis - 2-11 (.582)
4) Washington - 4-9 (.457)
5) Carolina - 4-9 (.505) ** Coin Flip
6) Jacksonville - 4-9 (.505) ** Coin Flip
7) Miami - 4-9 (.524)
8) Cleveland - 4-9 (.529)
9) Tampa Bay - 4-9 (.538)
10) Philadelphia - 5-8 (.490)
11) Buffalo - 5-8 (.514)
12) Kansas City - 5-8 (.524)
13) Arizona - 6-7 (.462)
14) Seattle - 6-7 (.505)
15) San Diego - 6-7 (.534)

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