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Bills will hold live scrimmage, tackling and all

Going against the grain of the past seven years of training camps with the Buffalo Bills, St. John Fisher College will see a live scrimmage in 2013.

While there have been some live drills along the goaline over the past few years, a full-scale scrimmage with live tackling hasn't been a part of the training camp process in Pittsford for quite some time.

It's a new era under Head Coach Doug Marrone, and he's excited for that very day.

"For us right now, we'll work on tackling every day, work on those drills every day that you have to be able to do from a contact standpoint, but we'll avoid that with the players early on until we drill it and get a foundation," Marrone started. "So my philosophy is, we'll have a big scrimmage Tuesday night. That'll be a big scrimmage down the road. That will be a live scrimmage."

As for when this will happen, there was a little confusion when Marrone brought up that it would be happening on Tuesday night. The way the schedule is laid out, the Bills have a morning practice this coming Tuesday, July 30 and have next Tuesday, August 6 as one of their off days.

Marrone also said it would be ahead of the preseason games, which rules out the Tuesday night practice on August 20.

As it turns out, the live scrimmage will be on Monday, August 5 a member of the Bills public relations staff clarified, one of five night practices scheduled for this year's training camp. Marrone did confirm that there would be live hitting and tackling on that night.

The practice will start off with some warmups, individual work and 7-on-7's, but then ultimately break out into a full-scale scrimmage. As it goes with any of the night practices, fans will need a ticket for entrance to that session which starts at 6 pm.

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