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By Joe Buscaglia
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Bills cut Hopkins, Dixon, 9 others

The Buffalo Bills and the rest of the National Football League had until Tuesday to pare their roster to 75 players. Like many other teams, the Bills elected to make those cuts a day or two earlier than they were required.

The team announced that kicker Dustin Hopkins, quarterback Dennis Dixon, guard J.J. 'Unga, running back Ronnie Wingo, punter Jake Dombrowski, wide receiver Tori Gurley, safety Derek Brim, defensive tackle Damien Jacobs, safety Jajuan Harley, wide receiver Chris Summers and center Macky MacPherson have all been released from the active roster.

The Bills entered Saturday's preseason game with 87 players on the roster. The Sunday release of Alan Branch, paired with the 11 players released on Monday brought Buffalo down to the required 75 by Tuesday.

The next round of cuts is just around the corner. Teams will participate in their final preseason games by Thursday, which prefaces the reduction all rosters in the league to 53 players by Saturday, August 30 at 4 p.m.

The Bills are up against the Detroit Lions on Thursday at Ralph Wilson Stadium for their final exhibition matchup.

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08/25/2014 10:52AM
Bills cut Hopkins, Dixon, 9 others
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08/25/2014 11:38AM
When I read the Headline...
I was hoping EJ was one of the 9 guys cut!! That is sad, wow are we in trouble this year
08/25/2014 11:41AM
Lewis is next
In the next cut down, I expect to see the Bills cut loose Thad Lewis and hopefully bring in another QB to throw in the mix. I'm perfectly fine with Tuel, who has actually been the best QB on the roster. Sadly, our first round starter at QB hasn't played any better than a street free agent.
08/25/2014 11:58AM
Bills suck this year!
08/25/2014 12:25PM
Too Many Clown Bills Fans
The comments on these articles show how many clowns are in the Bills Fan crowd. Too many!
08/25/2014 12:47PM
QB depth needs to be addressed
Tuel makes sense at #3 on the depth chart. We need an experienced #2 not just for depth, but also to help Manuel. Freeman or Leinart make sense here. At least Leinart has some experience in the system.
08/25/2014 12:50PM
More EJ comments, huh?
In b4 EJ hater comments, oh wait...
08/25/2014 12:56PM
re. Lewis is next
Okay friend, enough of the Jeff Tuel drivel. I think you commented about 20 times over the weekend on the 2 articles reviewing the game, all saying just about the same thing. It's obvious the posts are from the same person because the terminology you use, and the way they're written, is the same in all of them. I understand you're one of the classic trolls who anoint the QB warming the bench as the next great thing while the starter struggles. This is Buffalo - we've all been there and heard that since Kelly retired. The starter is struggling, or not the answer, and you guys anoint the backup (who by the way isn't good enough to beat out the struggling starter) as the better answer. You can stop now. Please. EJ hasn't looked all that good, and probably isn't the answer. But Jeff Tuel is even worse, and looks every bit the part of a street FA. Do you honestly think Tuel would start for any NFL team even if given a fair shake? Do you think he'd even make the roster as a back-up? Of course he wouldn't. Saying Tuel has looked good is nonsense. He's looked average at best against 2nd and 3rd string defenses. Against a 1st team defense he'd be flat out aweful. You must have forgot the debacle he started last year when EJ went down. I think that's why we brought in Lewis? Hmmm. How some forget. EJ marched the team down the field for 2 straight TDs against the 2nd string. What did Tuel do? EJ isn't good - but Tuel isn't an NFL caliber QB. Stop the shots in the dark. Call for a veteran FA signing. But the Tuel nonsense has to go.
08/25/2014 1:01PM
Might he be injury prone? EJ not the answer, here we go again.
08/25/2014 1:11PM
nothing worse
there is nothing worse then uninformed critics of the Bills thinking they are wise with quick quips..let me let out a laff....hahahahahaha,,hmmm
08/25/2014 1:12PM
Are you nuts?
Marrone and Whaley are banking on EJ to be the saviour. They'll all be cut in the end.
08/25/2014 1:46PM
No Coaches or GM cut?
08/25/2014 1:53PM
Qb woes..
Id rather have Ryan Fitzcraptastic then Ej wheres my NFL qb Manuel.
08/25/2014 1:58PM
EJ still on Roster?
probably majority of Western NY would of been most relieved to have seen the name of the inaccurate and ridiculously coddled QB sent packing. Its a bad match and its painfully obvious.
08/25/2014 3:07PM
SC Bills fan
EJ would have been a great 5th round pick.When are the Bills going to realize they made a BIG mistake
08/25/2014 3:50PM
Can we cut the coach
Title says it all... How do you give a guy who was 500 I. The big east a marginal conference at best in its hay day a head coaching job. Come on Bills fans let's hear it, "maybe next year when... Oh wait that's right we don't have a first round draft pick
08/25/2014 4:09PM
Tsk, Tsk to pessimists
EJ is a developmental project. Look at Bradey, Rothlrsberger, Rogers, or Farve at this point in their careers. RGIII was great his first year, but the passimists would throw him overboard now. With rare exceptions QBs take 3 years to develop.
08/25/2014 4:56PM
Enough !
sit EJ and let's see how Tuel performs? Tuel needs the experience to be a competent backup to Princess EJ- and also look for a seasoned veteran QB to help with other QB's
08/25/2014 5:06PM
let's try?
sign Jordan Palmer? he has 6 years experience? and knows Chicago's offense- he might be able to even help EJ & Tuel
08/25/2014 5:20PM
WGR55 Announcers have QUESTIONABLE carma
Look at the Buffalo Bills record since they came on board. Bring back the coach from Winter Haven!
08/25/2014 5:56PM
Why is it that when Marrone talks about the backup QBs - Lewis and Tuel arent good enough? But when it comes to "the franchise" E J Manuel, he says the people around him arent good enough! BS! Marrone just wont face the fact that the Bills needa new STARTING QB. I'd trade EJM right now for Fitz -but I dont think that the Texans are that stupid. Cut E J!
08/25/2014 7:22PM
The Joke is over in my book. Move Manuel to backup or clipboard holder...
IT'S TEBOW TIME. Really, what have you got to lose? Miracles do happen. He proved he can win.
08/25/2014 8:23PM
Looking at Brady and Rothlrsberger
They won Super Bowls in their 2nd seasons. Does anyone expect this from EJ in his second season or ever? The clowns are the front office personnel and their stooges.
08/25/2014 8:39PM
You guys are barking up the wrong tree. Does EJ need to improve, of course he does, but that could be helped by better play calling. Does anyone else watch these games and come to the realization that our offensive plays are simple at best. The plays we run are not the complicated schemes that we see other NFL squads run, but almost feel like high school scripts. Do me a favor, watch the next game, and tell me I'm wrong.
08/25/2014 8:41PM
Re: Marrone
NO FITZ...I'd rather have J.P. Losman. At least he threw it long. Joke aside, Tebow just could be the answer. No ones listening to me from my Armchair. What kind of DOUCHEBAGS ARE RUNNING THIS FRANCHISE FOR CHRIST'S SAKE??? LET'S TRY IT...WE MIGHT LIKE IT!!!
08/25/2014 9:53PM
Dam is anybody going to step up at qb
We don't care who dose it but please step the hell up. Rather it be ej or the backups or somebody they pick up. Do we have scouts on this team or what. Just don't go out and just bring anybody to camp. do some research on this player and the coach knows it too. we got to have some real progress at this position or we might be done for the year period. With real leadership the playoffs without it how we say it. When dose the sabres season start. And we all start crying all over again. When dose the pain stop lord.
08/25/2014 9:54PM
Quarterback issues could be solved
Rumors are out there that the Bills may land Carson Palmer. More to come...
08/25/2014 10:42PM
To the commenter below
I'm giving EJ till Thursday night against the Lions to develop into a QB for the Bills. That's one more game. There's no time to blow off three weeks into the regular season. Not in the AFC East with New England. It's now or never.
08/25/2014 11:24PM
It's Karma, but what's to be expected from someone wishing to hear from that has been?
08/26/2014 6:57AM
We need to cut backup QB
Good luck to the guys cut. I think Thad Lewis is next. We need to bring in vet QB backup. Seriously wish we had Vick or even Sanchez but they won't want to eff up EJs confidence. We'll get another Kobb. I predict the Campbell( dude Bears just cut) or Kyle Orton . No one half decent.
08/26/2014 7:30AM
Bills are a POOR team
Ej would not survive in the Canadian League ( he is BAD VERY BAD) Team will be lucky to win 6 games, 4 and 11 looks likely.
08/26/2014 9:25AM
not smart fan base.
Jordan palmer. Not Carson. Ur all idiots.
08/26/2014 3:26PM
let's see what happens
EJ Manuel needs work.This is preseason so the play calling is limited.Nobody is gonna show their all their calls in preseason.Buffalo now has a lot more depth in other positions.A QB is limited by the people he is surrounded by. This is a team sport.Buffalo had no depth in a lot of positions in the last few seasons when injuries were a major factor.To judge a team from preseason is ridiculous.I've watched the Bills and Sabres have crappy preseasons and end up having very good seasons over the years and vice versa.
08/26/2014 6:14PM
Hackett should go
Either EJ has it or he doesn't. Why in gods name do i have to watch 40 check down passes a game. why drag the reality out more than we have to. does anyone honeslty think that this organization is capable of grooming EJ into a franchise QB? face it,unless the bills get completely lucky in the draft, since they are not capable of recognizing talent, we will never get back to the good ol days of being competitive in the NFL
08/29/2014 6:14PM
@ SC Bills fan
"When are the Bills going to realize they made a BIG mistake" next year at draft time when we have no #1 and the way we play the Browns will be very happy as they wind up with #1 overall
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