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Bills's Goodwin surprised his tweet got so much play

Orchard Park, NY (WGR 550)  -- After the Bills got booed off the field Saturday, Marquise Goodwin showed his displeasure. The second year wide receiver tweeted, “Looks like we will have to play against our own "fans" this year. Same ones booing prolly the first in line for autographs. Smh.” Goodwin received a backlash that he claims he never saw coming. The wide receiver said, “It was something that I felt at the time, I felt like it needed to be said, everybody’s entitled to their own opinion.  Everybody knows what happened, we didn’t come out and have a good first half. I have a big admiration for the fans of Buffalo, great fan base and they’re real supportive, but they can be harsh at times.” Goodwin added, “I didn’t take it personal, I didn’t expect anybody else to take it personal or take it to the extreme they took it.”
Goodwin never apologized for the tweet, but he agreed he must be more responsible with what he says. He did say, “I was just trying to raise awareness that we really don’t need to be booed. Obviously we knew we didn’t have a good first half, but we receive a lot of support from the fan base and we have a lot of respect for them, we just want the same in return at all times and that’s all I was trying to put out there.”
The fans came at him hard with what he said was over 300 responses. Goodwin said, “I wasn’t expecting that at all, to be that severe. Some of the comments that were made about me, ‘Glass Goodwin, he gets hurt all the time,’ I didn’t really take any offense to it because personally, it's true and sometimes the truth hurts.” Goodwin added, “I don’t take any offense to it because half the people if I saw them face to face, they would shake my hand and tell me it’s alright.”
Doug Marrone said he knew nothing of the tweet, but overall said, “I think everyone has a responsibility for what they put out there and what they don’t put out there. I think you have to be careful of what you put out there, but you’ve got to be able to answer to it. That’s my message to players all the time. My biggest fear is that when I come up here and I talk in front of everyone and I constantly keep reminding myself of 20 years from now, my son’s going to look my name up and what’s he going to see, that I was on a rampage after I disrespected someone, I mean that’s not the type of father I want to be or husband I want to be or role model I’d like to be. We must keep educating.”

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