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By Joe Buscaglia
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Bills to sign QB Jordan Palmer

Buffalo Bills head coach Doug Marrone has made it abundantly clear over the past two weeks that he has not been happy with the play of his backup quarterbacks. The Bills have done something about their dissatisfaction.

The franchise announced the signing of quarterback Jordan Palmer to compete to be the backup to EJ Manuel on Tuesday. Palmer was released by the Chicago Bears on Sunday after he lost the competition with Jimmy Clausen to be Jay Cutler’s backup.

"It was a whirlwind couple of days," Palmer said Tuesday. "Played in Seattle a couple of days ago, flew back to Chicago, ended my run in Chicago and flew back to California then flew to Buffalo from California. The last 72 hours have been a whirlwind, but I'm so thrilled to be here."

Entering his sixth season in the NFL Palmer, 30, has appeared in only four games since he entered the league in 2008 out of UTEP. He played in four games through 2008 to 2010 with the Cincinnati Bengals, completing 10-of-15 passes for 59 yards and also had two interceptions.

Palmer then had a brief stint with Jacksonville in 2012 before getting signed by the Bears in 2013. In all his stops, he created an idea of what the type of player he wanted to be on a roster.

"The best quarterbacks I've been around, particularly the guys who were backing up, they're leaders but they're really servant leaders," Palmer said. "I got to see it with Josh McCown last year, I've seen it with Chad Henne and then all the way back to Mark Brunell when I played in Washington. Those are the guys who provide the most resources for their team -- for the starter, for the staff, for the receivers -- whoever it may be. And when they do get an opportunity to play, those are the guys who take advantage of it and play well."

Palmer is the younger brother of Arizona Cardinals starter Carson Palmer. The Bills close out the preseason at Ralph Wilson Stadium on Thursday, August 28, where their new quarterback is expected to play, according to head coach Doug Marrone.

"We've given ourselves an opportunity for what we've been watching on tape of everyone for Jordan to come in here and show us what he has."

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**Photo courtesy of The Associated Press

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08/26/2014 8:56AM
Bills to sign QB Jordan Palmer
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08/26/2014 9:21AM
Well that a start who is next.
please just don't stop there. At lease get those scouts out their and see what out there. If they got to fly to the moon then put on your dam boots and lets get to work. Just in case palmer don't work out. I mean like dam we just went through this lasted year. Lets go scouts we are counting on you. lets go ruff buff.
08/26/2014 10:11AM
Welcome relief
We get a 30 year old QB who is 30 and has played in 4 games. Wow! He should fit right in with the rest of them.
08/26/2014 10:28AM
Thank You!
Thank you Bills for finally admitting an issue and at least trying to do the right thing...
08/26/2014 10:51AM
So long. Whaley
Take the coach and OC with you.
08/26/2014 11:03AM
Nice try RUSS! But CARSON was the one to get 3 years ago!!! Soon... your time as "CEO" will be OVER!!!
08/26/2014 11:30AM
Wait just a minute here...HOLD IT... HOLLLLLLLLLLLD IT...TIME OUT!
This ain't no Carson Palmer. Will someone tell me what is going on here? This is the wrong Palmer. This is the ON THE CHEAP suck version. Man, I thought the Bills were going to have a new starter and EJ was going to backup. Just when you'd thought there would be a line forming for seasons tickets at One Bills Drive just like when Jim Kelly got signed thinking the Bills were getting CARSON PALMER. Some April fools joke. Total bull. The wrong Palmer...What a Joke! I'm Pi$$ed. Will some one please mix me a Margarita and double it? This is a Joke going on with the quarterback position. What is it? 15 years now?
08/26/2014 12:21PM
Why Did We...
Grab the first QB available? Why not wait and see if any other teams release anyone? Is this an upgrade? We are still in the sam predicament......3 QBs and none of them are good enough to start!!
08/26/2014 12:26PM
C'mon...he has less passing yards in the NFL than Brian Mormon.
08/26/2014 12:28PM
And to think all this time I was worried that it was EJ or bust. Now I feel better. WTF...
08/26/2014 2:50PM
This is the most pathetic team in the NFL. New ownership can only be good. They need to be infused with something that is a marked change from the last 14 years.
08/26/2014 4:01PM
Our savior has arrived!!!
08/26/2014 4:06PM
1.) Schopp...2.) Me...
1.) Schopp: Interesting. LOL 2.) Me: JOKE.
08/26/2014 5:19PM
Release Thad?
Thad > EJ.
08/26/2014 5:49PM
Wrong Palmer?
Jordan's gonna play Thursday? After just 2 days on the team. Thats surprising. Well, he has good bloodlines, and a much better passing percentage in the NFL than EJ Manuel. I hope that, unlike EJ, he can complete a pass for more than 5 yds. Remember "Captain Checkdown? And read whats going on -on the field. This guy was picked up because he knows the Bears playbook. I still think that the Bills shoulda waited until the final cuts when they could pick the best QB available. But then I doubt that they would know who that is. The scouting staff is not as good as when the Bills went to the Super Bowls. Marrone is hitting the panic button. I cant wait until the new owner comes aboard -and cans the Dougs!
08/26/2014 6:25PM
All We Need!
New Owner, New G.M., New Coaching staff, At Least we have our 1st pick in the Draft. Oh wait that is gone! Another thrilling year! "Our Time has come" Ya right!
08/26/2014 7:29PM
Backup or Starter
I hope he gets more of a shot than Matt Flynn got with the Bills last year.
08/26/2014 7:44PM
Bears QB = Bears Week 1 offensive playbook
Intelligent move. Fans need to thing a little. We play the Bears week 1. Why not get information from one of their own.
08/27/2014 2:57AM
Like a looser,in typical Bills recent transactions
08/27/2014 8:32AM
bills blog
Great move r the bills leaving western new york
08/27/2014 11:36AM
oh my god thank god for Jordan, a guy who lost his job to Jimmy C. wow
08/27/2014 1:53PM
Call this what it is
How much is a win worth? I'd say picking the backup from our week one opponent to gain access to the playbook is a win even if he is not serious back up contender. This has to be a major factor and another reason I was excited about picking up spikes in the off season. Information is power and now our defense has the closest thing to the bears actual playbook with not a lot of time for them to change things drastically. Great move!
08/28/2014 9:58AM
re: Call this what it is
I got news for you. Chicago has more talent on offense than the Buffalo Bills do on defense. They can try all they want to get the schematics of the Bears offense...but in 2014 more so that ever talent wins out. Let's face the facts the Bills especially on the defensive side of the ball are not as talented as they were last year. After Jarius Byrd leaving for good and Kiko Alonso lost for the season there is no way that this defense is better. It's worse and could be considerably worse considering not having Alonso or Byrd back there and having a new defensive alignment installed that isn't as creative or agressive as Pettine's scheme. This defense will most likely resemble the Dave Wannstedt defense that was arguably the worst in Bills history. At least from a defensive alignment it's almost identical.
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