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By Joe Buscaglia
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Bills top 20 talents: No. 19 - Leodis McKelvin

As can be expected, a majority of the Bills’ top 20 talents will be on the defensive side of the ball. For the first time in this countdown, though, the defense appears on the list.

Mixing overall skill level, on-field performance and projection as the recipe for the analysis, the next member of the countdown had a step in the right direction in 2013. A highly hyped player coming out of college, number 19 on the list used to be among the most heavily criticized by fans. Playing a position that is under the microscope weekly, the 19th rated player has stuck around for quite a long time:

CB Leodis McKelvin

Age: 28 (9/4/85)
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 185

Why he’s here:
- If this were a list that ranks raw talent only and which players have the most, McKelvin and his effortless athleticism would rank somewhere in the top 10. However, when you mix in how long he’s been in the league along with his varying levels of play, it knocks him down a few pegs. Even still, at the age of 28, McKelvin possesses the skill level to be a good starting cornerback in this league. He started to scratch the surface in his rookie season, but was then derailed by injury. For the next few years his reputation was as a player that was always there to make a play, but usually ended up giving up the big play to the receiver. He had a solid season under defensive coordinator Mike Pettine which was the best of his six seasons in the league as a corner. The only problem, though, is that you can’t ignore the middle four seasons which consistently questioned his status as a former first-round selection.

2014 outlook:
- There is one question hovering over the upcoming season for McKelvin: Was 2013 a fluke due to a pressure-packed defensive scheme that hid their cornerbacks, or, has McKelvin finally gotten his bearings and is on the way to being a dependable starter? It will be fascinating to find out which side will end up with the most evidence when the season is complete. The teachings of defensive backs coach Donnie Henderson have definitely helped McKelvin, but will they be enough to change the habits learned during his formative years as a player? His performance will be something to keep a close eye on throughout the year, considering his contract and the signing of Corey Graham in the offseason.

Bills Top 20 Talents
20) TE Scott Chandler
19) CB Leodis McKelvin
18) ??? - Tuesday, July 8, 8 am
17) ??? - Tuesday, July 8, 6 pm

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**Photo courtesy of the AP

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07/07/2014 8:42PM
Bills top 20 talents: Number 19
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07/07/2014 8:56PM
Can't speak English
Leodis has to be one of the stupidest humans put on this earth. He can't speak 1 sentence in English. If his interviews weren't so sad, they'd be comical.
07/08/2014 7:27AM
Not speaking proper English doesn't make you stupid
There are people from other nations who don't speak English at all but are highly educated people. McKelvin sounds as though he has a speech issue but that doesn't make him stupid although he may sound bad when he talks. I have met some people who have the best grasp of the English language but are truly ignorant. Some people can talk a good game but are actually ignorant and there are those who don't speak English well but are very brilliant. English is a language not a measure of how intelligent a person is.
07/08/2014 10:43AM
re: cant speak english
making fun of someones intelligence is nearly the same as making fun of their looks. He cant change how smart he is or isnt, like how you cant change how ugly you probably are. Now as for your fat beer gut, that was a choice, mckelvin doesnt have one ofthose does he? He tries as hard as his little mind will let him, im mad too after he fumbled vs new england that mon night game but ya hes dumb, get over it, hes also good spirited and good at CB, finally.
07/08/2014 10:58AM
Leodis will have a breakout season
He is on the correct path and now has focus. Nice guy,wish him best of luck.
07/09/2014 1:08AM
I agree
He is a moron
07/09/2014 6:30PM
What is this?
Seriously, I know this is a slow time but the top 20 Bills? Really? There are only 22 starters. LET'S RANK EVERYTHING EVERYDAY! Talk about meaningless, mindless drivel. This should never have seen the light of day but then again there doesn't seem to be anyone in charge at this station.
07/09/2014 7:40PM
You WISH you were Leodis
I love it when when ignorant people mock other people.No wonder players barely tolerate fans. Leodis McKelvin is more successful than anyone on this board, myself included. I always thought he could be a good player - he is a great athlete. Enough of therude childish comments. You don't know anything about him.
07/10/2014 11:11PM
Respect the Man
I am a medical doctor and a Bills fan since the mid 1960's. Leodis has talent and has worked hard. He seems to be decent, and tries to help our team win. He is not a criminal. He may be more successful in some respects than I am. So be it. Good for him. So much easier to cheer him and the Bills to win than to post demeaning comments without a clear basis.
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