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The Unknown Bills Blogger

Waking Up

Hey Bills Fans,
Can it get any worse? Feels like I went to sleep Halloween night and had a month long nightmare. Think back to October 30th.  We took a drive up north to Toronto and dominated the Skins’. Everything was looking peachy at that point. Do you remember all the hype after that game and how we were going to dominate and get home field advantage in the playoffs? Seems like a long time ago, I agree, but then again if you think back this month has flown by! …Good thing too because man has it been bad for us Western New Yorkers! I sure can’t wait to wake up from this nightmare on December 4th and finish the season the way we started it. You guys deserve it and we do too. We’ve worked too hard and you’ve cheered too hard to throw in the towel now.

Moving on to better news, tomorrow marks the second annual Christmas tree cutting event! I never had the opportunity to cut down my own tree growing up so since coming to Buffalo, I’m taking advantage of the opportunity. Don’t over think this one trying to figure me out. I didn’t necessarily start this tradition my first year here, but last year was great fun. We drove out to the town of Boston, climbing up into the mountains with snow just coming down in the buckets. I got out of the truck decked in all my best flannel with the family laughing at how much fun I was having. We hiked through row and rows of trees trying to pick out the perfect one. Unfortunately we made one mistake and I’m only telling you so hopefully no one else makes the same. We walked perpendicular to the road and not parallel!!! By the time we cut down the perfect one I can’t even tell you how far we were away from the truck. At this point we’ve got pictures of me picking the tree up in perfect snatch (power lift position) technique and hiking through a foot and a half of snow with this 8 ft tree all the way back. I’ll tell you as soon as we got there the beanie and flannel came off, I was hot as hell in 20 degree weather by that point. So needless to say I will be picking a tree a couple rows off the street this year. [Classic rookie mistake] So what’s the consensus out there, do you guys cut your own, buy already cut, or do you go with a lifeless, smell less fake tree? That was an unbiased question I swear. 

I must say I am a little bummed this year that there will be no snow when we go out there. It’s been great this season in terms of weather, but its Buffalo and its after Thanksgiving, I am ready for the snow…Yes I might be the only one and will probably be the first one to wish it was over in early January, but for now I’d like some snow.  Alright guys, we’ll catch up later in the week, hope to hear some feedback on your Christmas traditions or what kinds of trees you guys like.

(For Now) Your No-Named Buffalo Bill

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