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Buffalo Bills' draft ideas

As often happens while watching the NFL playoffs as a Bills fan, I end up looking at the games and thinking about our team and just how far away we all might be from one day, actually enjoying the Bills in the tournament.  Some of you young fans may not know this, but the Bills are allowed to qualify for the post season.  There is no rule forbidding them, and say, the Lions from making it.  It just seems that way sometimes.

Anyways, it seems, judging from my inbox, that plenty of Bills fans do the same thing.  Obviously, drafting Aaron Rodgers would have been awesome.  Maybe Blaine Gabbert or Cameron Newton are waiting to turn into him...or maybe Jake Locker is.  I don't know.  I've cooled off on the QB idea quite a bit in the past month or so.  I still think the Bills need one but remain skeptical that there is a player available at that position worth the 3rd pick. 

One listener, Tom Mazzone, e-mailed me after watching the Jets take down the Pats wondering about the merits of taking a cornerback at #3.  The case was well made.  Watching the Jets make Brady look as confused as we've ever seen him could get you to wondering how your team might make that happen.  Darrelle Revis is likely the key to that and the way the draft may shake out, the best player on the board when the Bills pick could likely be Patrick Peterson of LSU.  A big fast CB.

Sensible enough.  A great player at any position should be able to help the Bills.  Problem is, the run defense is so bad teams don't even need to beat you through the air.  I watch the Jets and think who on the Bills defense could even play for them?  Kyle Williams is the only name you can make a case for and even there I'm not sure because the Jets use more of a traditional space eater in Sione Pouha in the middle of their scheme. 

I think the Bills need to pick the best front seven player they can get their hands on.  That may mean moving down a couple spots if teams are really hot for Peterson or WR A.J. Green of Georgia.  Enough with the fast skill position guys already.  The Bills need someone big and nasty.

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