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BULLDOG: Sold on Pegula

This is why it is great to have sports ownership that will spend every dime they can.  This week is awesome.  And long.  It really started last Thursday when word of the Sabres potentially having a deal to land Robyn Regehr first surfaced. 

Now, not only am I looking forward to Friday and the opening of NHL Free Agency, I am energized by the possibility that the Sabres might do something big to their roster an hour from now.  Or tomorrow.  That is what the philosophical shift in the way that the Sabres do business has done for the fans.

It has energized them.  I am buzzing and I think fans are right to be.  It has been so long since we have had the chance to enjoy this part of the hockey off-season.  Rather, it had become something to be dreaded.  Settling for the fallback of the fallback guy.  Not being in on guys who it seemed would fill a need for the team.  It was frustrating and ultimately left many feeling defeated, which is a weird thing to be feeling about your hockey team when it's 90 degrees outside.   

Now someone, somewhere  is waiting to remind me of the pitfalls of overpaying guys on July 1st and mistakes that can haunt a team for years to come.  I know.  That is part of the reason I am hoping that the Sabres make their big move before Friday comes when they run the risk of being among too many teams chasing the only fish worth catching, Brad Richards. 

However it shakes out, this is fun and I am loving it.

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