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By Joe Buscaglia
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Cam Newton and Buffalo: What Do YOU Think?

There's no shortage on opinions from fans of the Buffalo Bills about the most controversial player in this year's draft.

You know who I'm talking about. It's the man that makes you either steam with frustration or get wrapped up in elation. Of course, we're talking about Auburn quarterback Cam Newton.

Because he's the type of person where everyone seems to have an opinion, I thought it would be interesting to give the fans a voice in the matter. On Twitter, (follow me @JoeB_WGR) I asked my followers to send me their thoughts on the hypothetical situation of Cam Newton to the Bills in 100 words or less.

I was thrilled, getting nearly 50 responses from you all in very well thought out and passionate answers to the simple question I asked. Obviously, I can't post all of them. But I wanted to get you some highlights of who thinks what. Their Twitter handle will be disclosed as well.

"I love the idea of Cam Newton coming to Buffalo. He doesn't have to be forced in, and under the tutelage of Fitzpatrick he will learn a lot. Gailey can design specific plays for Newton to run in certain situations and become the most dangerous "wildcat" quarterback in the league. When the staff finds that they're moving the ball better with Newton than Fitz, Cam can step up into the lead role. Cam Newton may be a once in a lifetime player and the Bills can use the rest of the draft to address the horrid defense."

"Cam Newton is a good pick for the Bills, but I’m not sure if that’s the pick I would make if I was the GM. I find myself drawn to talent on the defensive side of the ball this year – specifically Von Miller and Robert Quinn. Cam has all the physical tools to be a great QB in Buffalo and we have the coaching to get him to greatness. I will not be hitting twitter with reports of the sky falling if Nix selects him on April 28th, but I might be thinking of what “could've been.”"

"I am all for the idea of Newton at the 3 spot. Part of our franchise's MO over the last decade has been 'predictable and boring.' They have long been criticized by many fans, myself included, of not taking a gamble, a risk to improve the team and make it relevant again. It starts with a franchise QB who would give us hope. This is a perfect opportunity to take Newtone and let him sit and learn behind the 'good-for-now' Fitzpatrick, and after a year or two put him in as the leader of this franchise. Could it backfire? Sure. But no one great has ever become great without taking a gamble or two. This is it. Let's do it."

"Call it a gut feeling; call it a hunch, but Newton to Buffalo doesn't feel right IMHO. The talent is there, don't get me wrong, but when I look his eyes when he speaks, I get this feeling that he's been coached to say the right thing. And I know everyone makes mistakes when you’re young; but giving someone who has had past issues keys to the franchise & money so early in life seems like a bad idea. I might be eating crow if we drafting him and that's ok. This just doesn't sit right to this Bills fan."

"I think the Cam Newtown rumors can be summed with one word: excitement. With all the uncertainties flying around regarding his throwing arm, smarts and off-the-field issues, we’re seeing a “love him or hate him” situation forming. Having said that, no other draft prospect guarantees this much excitement. If the Bills draft him, all eyes will be on Buffalo. This would likely mean several prime-time slots if he starts, too. I mean, would you even have organized this fan submission if the rumors were about Fairley or Peterson? Is he a star? Who knows. Excitement is the only guarantee."

"As a 19 year old, my first Bills memory was going to the Jacksonville playoff game in '96, so I have no idea what it is like for my team to have a franchise QB. I want nothing more than for the Bills to get it right, but I just don’t think that Newton is the guy. True, the guy won in the SEC, has charisma, and he’s a freak athlete, but I just don’t see his sloppy fundamentals translating to the next level. It would be fun getting national attention for a couple of years, but my gut is telling me that Cam is not going to pan out in the long run."

""I just need somebody or something to make be believe in this team. Obviously I want them to pick the RIGHT guy to lead this team at quarterback, and maybe that's not Newton. But Cam is one of the guys that can give us some hope. That's all that matters at this point in franchise history. If Chan feels like he can develop him into what he needs to be, that's good enough for me."

"It will create buzz around the franchise and we need to look long term. However, I do not see him as someone who fits the team and their mentality. Perhaps Gailey can use him, but I fear that the culture will not suit him. I would rather choose a near sure thing on the 3rd pick rather than taking a chance on someone whose skills might not carry over to the professional level."

"Sure, the Auburn product has impressive physical attributes that make him a compelling selection in this year's draft for many NFL teams. Yet I believe its the pairing of the player & the situation that makes him becoming a Buffalo Bill most interesting. Chan Gailey is well suited to develop, mold, manage & mentor a young, raw talent like Newton. Having the luxury of Fitzpatrick in place thus not throwing the young kid into the fire right away is a positive for everyone concerned. I can just see Newton's charismatic & engaging smile & enthusiasm as the new face of The Bills franchise for years to come! (Not to mention a few bootlegs around the end as he bowls over AFC East defenders!)"

"Cam Newton as a football player could run the gamut from All-Pro to complete bust. Either way, his history suggests he’s the type of guy that trouble just seems to find time and time again. He’s just not the type of person who inspires confidence and, quite frankly, I find him a difficult person to root for. I want the Bills to have nothing to do with him and his smug “I’m an icon” attitude."

If you didn't make the cut, I'm sure you've got your thoughts too. Leave them in the comment area below!

Twitter: @JoeB_WGR

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