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Dareus is Funny

Amidst the seriousness of training camp and the pressure of  high expectations for the 2012 Buffalo Bills, Marcell Dareus had a chance to sit back, relax and have some laughs(a few at our expense) during a visit with the WGR Morning Show on Friday.
When the 6'3", 331 pound tackle came over, we were discussing Stevie Johnson's latest touchdown celebration idea. During the John Murphy Show on WGR, Johnson said he was thinking about jumping into the stands, having some popcorn and watching a play with the fans after he scores.
We asked Dareus what he would do in the event he scored a TD. "If I ever score a touchdown, I'm gonna do a lot of stuff" Dareus said while flashing a huge grin and laughing. "I believe in my kicker so I think if we get a 40 yard penalty, he'll make it."
When pressed for more specifics on a celebration, Dareus said he might line up the defensive linemen and use them as bowling pins.  He started to say he would do a front flip into the stands but stopped himself from getting too carried away.
The University of Alabama product scored one touchdown in his Crimson Tide career and it came in the National Championship game. He did what shouldn't even be called a "celebration", throwing the ball away and extending his arms out parallel to the ground but he told us he still got in trouble with Coach Nick Saban.
Dareus did talk about the potential on defense and specifically what might happen when the defensive linemen are "unleashed".
"You can't open it up all the way" the Alabama native said. "We're not trying to hurt anybody(in camp). When the pre-season comes and the regular season, we get to open it up all the way. Don't hold back on offensive linemen, don't hold back on running backs and especially not the quarterbacks."
I asked Marcell if he could demonstrate "unleashing the beast" on Jeremy who pointed out there was a big metal table between the two of them. "The table won't last that long" Dareus joked. At least I think it was a joke.
Dareus also talked about the pressure of playing at a high profile program like Alabama and how much he has learned from fellow tackle Kyle Williams.  He also reeled in Jeremy and me hook,line and sinker about a cassette tape he was carrying.
Here's the entire interview, give it a listen and have some laughs.

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