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ESPN: Bills have "no intention" on picking up Taylor's extension

By Sal Capaccio

Twitter: @SalSports

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Bills “don't have any intention” of picking up Tyrod Taylor’s contract extension.

If the team does indeed decline the five-year extension, Taylor will become an unrestricted free agent who can sign with any club.  The Bills have until March 11 to decide if they will pick up the option or not.

Complicating issues, however, is the fact that the QB had core muscle surgery earlier this week.  If the recovery period for that surgery prevents Taylor from passing his physical on the extension due date, the Bills could be on the hook for all of the guaranteed portion of the contract, which is $27.5 million, even if they don’t want to pick up the option.

Many have speculated the team carefully worded it’s statement regarding the procedure to distance itself from knowing it was being performed just in case there is a financial showdown over the issue.

In a separate note, Schefter, however, says Bills team doctors were not only aware of the procedure, but actually recommended Taylor visit Dr. William Meyers and were "fully aware" of the possibility of surgery.

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01/06/2017 11:51AM
ESPN: Bills have "no intention" on picking up Taylor's extension
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01/06/2017 11:59AM
What If.......
The Bills next coach only takes the job if Taylor is on board as his QB? All this BS is leading me to believe that the Bills are looking at a TANK season next year. Hopefully there is a good crop of QB's coming out in 2018, unlike Cleveland this year.
01/06/2017 12:04PM
What Sal left out from the article:
Buffalo is instead planning to move on from Taylor, despite the fact that their scoring has increased dramatically since he arrived. The year before he got to Buffalo, the Bills were 26th, and they've been 10th and 11th in the two years he has started. He's clearly a huge part of the difference. He also was seventh in Total QBR last season, and ninth in 2016. People in that company get major dollars. It's too bad that the brain dead in Buffalo are the only NFL "experts" in the nation that think Taylor should be run out of town.
01/06/2017 12:06PM
What is the plan at QB for 2017?? Cardale Jones?? Unless they plan on drafting a QB in the first 3 rounds in April or signing Romo then to me it almost looks like Whaley is trying to get fired. Going with Jones (or god forbid EJ Manuel)as the starter in 2017 will amount to a 2-3 win season.
01/06/2017 12:18PM
Gilmore and Darby can leave with Taylor. Do you think Gilmore is worth top 5 $$$?
I am tired of seeing Gilmore's back while wr's burn him for big yardage. I am tired of repeatedly (every game) watching Gilmore's attempted shoulder tackles, while RB's simply run by him. Darby has big personality issues, and he's simply becoming a Gilmore Jr. How many 30 yard passes did these two give up this year? Versus how many big stops did either make? It's not good, not good at all. Gilmore wants top 5 $$, that is a total joke. Darby is like a bookend, he was pulled from his starting spot several times for his big burns and poor play. Darby had a very good rookie season, followed by a terrible sophomore season. He had big time ethics issues at FSU with his best bud Winston. Both these guys are NOT winners, save the big $$ ad look elsewhere.
01/06/2017 12:30PM
better study long,and better not be wrong.
If there isn't a pro qb out their, and can't find a true leader from college. Than we got qb problem right now don't we. I mean jones isn't going to be ready, and Ej will be gone. And if the Gm and front office and scouts can't solve the problem. Than they will be gone soon too. The fans really don't care about this cloak and dagger mess. We just want to get the dam job done, and keep it moving forward. Hey isn't that the job, and if they can't do it than somebody else will.
01/06/2017 1:00PM
Bills have "no intention" on picking up Taylor's extension
Then the Bills don't have a quarterback for 2017. I don't think Jim Kelly is coming out of retirement. Bills fan since 1965.
01/06/2017 1:23PM
and the incompentents keep finding new ways to astound
... paint yourself into a corner with silly contract option, play him while he has a known injury, insult him and then whine when he gets his own doctor to repair the injury. Whatever this front office gets at the conclusion of the latest fiasco is welldeserved. How will this franchise succeed with all the dead money they pay out to coaches and players who they don't want/need because the newest hot commodity just hit the market?
01/06/2017 1:59PM
so let me get this straight
The bills would rather dump taylor and his 20th ranked salary among starting qbs to do what exactly? I don't understand why they feel the need to blow it all up when we are not that far off. This isn't hockey where you go to the bottom then geteichel and go back up. We could go to the bottom and stay there like the browns. Get a wr and secondary help in the draft and keep taylor because there is absolutely no one better available.
01/06/2017 2:15PM
Doug Whaley has to be fired, no point to any of this if that guy is allowed to stay.
01/06/2017 3:07PM
OBD,When is this going to stop, you are insulting your fans! I would like to know who is putting out the reports from the Bills,,,I wonder if it isn't Ralph's boy, the club president, he should be fired,,,,
01/06/2017 3:41PM
I understand it makes NO sense to keep Tyrod at his projected near-$30 Million salary for next year. Truly, he has NOT demonstrated by any top-notch performance that he is (yet) an elite or even top-third echelon QB in the NFL ... and, as such, he does NOT deserve a salary (nor should the Bills shoulder a QB salary cap hit) that would pay him on par with the top echelon QBs in the NFL such as Brady, Newton, Stafford, Ryan, Rodgers, Roethlesberger, Rivers, Manning, etc. That would be unjustified and insane to the point of dereliction of duty. HOWEVER, Tyrod is the "best" of the 3 QBs we presently have, and he was last year's starter who "should" at least be good enough to be an adequate back-up if the Bills were to find a better-quality starting QB option. Accordingly, the Bills SHOULD ATTEMPT TO RENEGOTIATE Tyrod's deal to a more salary-cap friendly number (and there can be plenty of incentive clauses to protect Tyrod if he ends up starting/playing lots and has a terrific season). If TT accepts the new contract, great ... but if he balks and refuses, then the Bills should move on because TT is NOT worth a $30 Million salary cap hit.
01/06/2017 7:39PM
Get rid of Russ Brandon now
He's the constant problem going a long way back.... Who's leaking all this info to Schefter? Brandon? Winning sells tickets. Buffalo does not need this fool anymore. He seems to fool all those around, Wilsons, Pegulas and everyone on the talks shows defend this tool...Get rid of him. Whaley can go to. Handling of Tyrod is embarrassing, a new low for this pathetic organization
01/06/2017 8:15PM
Hopefully he can not play and Bills have to pay.
Can their be any more proof that the current general manager is inept? The dishonesty is so visible but he acts like he is a believable person. Is this the kind of person the owner is? Awful. Just wait to what clown (who lies) they hire next.
01/06/2017 9:26PM
bye bye Tyrod
This so typical of what we all knew going into this season that Tyrod was a good number two man.The handwriting was on wall from the start of the season. This shows that Doug Whaley inability to build or spot talent.
01/06/2017 11:18PM
This is all for spite.
Whaley would be jeoulous if the Bills win with Tyrod Taylor, because he didn't pick him; Rex Ryan did. He is bitter. He wouldn't be able to take credit for any success a Tyrod Taylor led Bills team has. He was mad after every Bills win the last two seasons because he has always hated Tyrod Taylor. This is what the ESPN so-called experts should be reporting on.
01/07/2017 8:01AM
If this report is true (&) NOT FALSE NEWS?
Could be the smartest move they have done in a very long time around here. Go draft a rookie (QB or two), not some other team castoff or failure. Let the new Head Coach choose/draft him not Whaley or his yes people.
01/07/2017 8:20AM
In Other News...
The Bills have no intention of conducting a league wide search for a coach as no serious coaching candidate has a desire to work with Doug Whaley and Russ Brandon. The Bills will hire Anthony Lynn, a nice guy who won't threaten the current power structure.
01/07/2017 9:42AM
01/07/2017 10:07AM
Good.......get rid of the L0SER
Bye bye Tyrod. Good luck being a back up QB on your new team or being a starter for the Cleveland Browns of 49ers.
01/07/2017 6:31PM
Cardale Jones to lead the way!
okay, so now the development of Cardale Jones is high priority this off-season. A trade or draft pick to secure backup QB and lets get it on in 2017. It is going to be okay.
01/07/2017 8:41PM
Clueless writers (not you, Sal) and dimwitted fans...
...want to chase Taylor away with their pitchforks and torches but have no answer for the position. These are the same dummy's that looooved Fitz even though T2 numbers and winning % are far superior. Dorks run strong in Buffalo. It's embarrassing.
01/08/2017 7:28AM
time to blow this team up
ryan ruined the defense. Taylor is inaccurate and can't throw over the middle. time to start over because the only way this team is going is down. Darius spent more time off the field then on. Watkins should just go on the soap opera General Hospital as a patient. enough is enough! now a new coach who you have no idea how he will do until he gets here. one thing is for sure we should have never dumped Jim Schwartz.
01/08/2017 9:22AM
After listening to Doug Whaley's press conference last week it was reported Bill Belichek had to be hospitalized for severe, uncontrollable Laughingitis. ESPN's Adam Scheffler reported Belichek may need surgery to remove permanent smile from his face.
01/08/2017 10:14AM
E. J . Manuel........................
Buffalo,s starting QB in 2017! It would not shock me one bit if Whaley convinced the Pegulas to offer his boy a new contract. Like the guy above wrote, this is all for spite.
01/08/2017 10:32AM
ty rod
give him his walking papers
01/08/2017 2:26PM
"This shows that Doug Whaley inability to build or spot talent".
What a moronic statement. So you're telling me that LeSean Mc Coy (the best RB in the league), Sammy Watkins, Robert Woods, Mike Gillislie, Justin Hunter, Eric Wood, Cordy Glenn, Richie Incognito, Jerome Felton, Charles Clay, Marcel Dareus, Kyle Williams, Jerry Hughes, Zo Alexander, Zach Brown, Preston Brown, Gilmore, Darby, Kevon Seymour, and Robey aren't talented players???? Either you don't know anything about football talent or you're to big of a coward to admit why you really hate Whaley.
01/08/2017 6:53PM
Matt Moore
When is Matt Moores contract up? Ill take him for buffalo. Landry Jones?
01/09/2017 7:38AM
At least Cleveland has a plan.
Going on 18 years with no plan? (Same dysfunctional management forever?) Its always the Head Coaches fault?
01/09/2017 9:40AM
No Tyrod say hell to 2-14
You do not get rid of a player unless you have a replacement. You will play QB next year? Cardale Jones, LOL please, how about Brian Hoyer, LOL, or TJ Yates, LOL. Or Tony "Glass" Romo who chokes in big games and cannot stay healthy.
01/09/2017 12:27PM
Sorry but Taylor aint the answer at QB. He cant throw the ball, which is kind of a big deal when your the QB. Also he had a knack for coming up small at the end of games when we needed to score. Later! I would make a run at Cousins, if not then maybe look into Romo as a 2 year stop gap. Either way I would be drafting a QB in the early rounds this year. Kizer, Trubisky? Hell is Jim Kelley's nephew Chad any good? :)
01/09/2017 3:09PM
Tank Nation
I hope that the Bills will do a better job tanking the next couple years than the Sabres did. Those few useless wins by the Sabres last March cost them Austen Matthews. The Bills need a couple of 2-14 seasons to get some top picks so they get a real shot at a Franchise QB.
01/10/2017 5:12AM
Hey, TT haters! ESPN says...
.....despite the fact that their scoring has increased dramatically since he arrived. The year before he got to Buffalo, the Bills were 26th, and they've been 10th and 11th in the two years he has started. He's clearly a huge part of the difference. He also was seventh in Total QBR last season, and ninth in 2016. People in that company get major dollars.
01/10/2017 10:30AM
You're Fired!
Bring in Arnold and fire them all. Start with Waley and any other senior leader that has been around the bills for years and years. They all get paid many millions and have yielded horrible results. Fire them all!
01/10/2017 11:13AM
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