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By Joe Buscaglia
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Find the Fitz! Answers

Pencils down! Alright, so here are the answers to the 'Find the Fitz!' quiz laid out from the last page.

Player A: John Elway
32 Games, 5,879 passing yards, 35 TD -- 38 INT, 52.4% passes completed.

Player B: Trent Edwards
32 Games, 5,498 passing yards, 24 TD -- 25 INT, 61.3% passes completed.

Player C: J.P. Losman
37 Games, 5,627 passing yards, 31 TD -- 29 INT, 57.8% passes completed.

Player D: Ryan Fitzpatrick
32 Games, 5,081 passing yards, 32 TD -- 31 INT, 58.6% passes completed.

Player E: Steve Young
32 Games, 3,956 passing yards, 22 TD -- 23 INT, 53.2% passes completed.

Player F: Brett Favre
37 Games, 6,530 passing yards, 37 TD -- 37 INT, 62.2% passes completed.

So what have we learned from this exercise?

Fitzpatrick may turn in to a hero, or he may turn in to someone who's on the brink of being out of the league.

So my advice to you, don't discount any potential scenario just yet. Fitzpatrick is only 27, doesn't have all that many starts to his name for the amount of years he's been in the league, and has showed major poise against good defenses on an extremely bad team.

I'm not saying he's going to be the next Elway, Favre or Young, but each of those three struggled in their initial games in the NFL. So don't dismiss any notion until the writing is on the wall.

Weirder things have happened in the NFL.

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