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By Joe Buscaglia
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Gailey Notes on Chandler, McKelvin, 10th Pick

Before we close the book on both Gailey's conversation with me and his press conference with the media here in Indianapolis, I wanted to pass along some interesting quotes on some of the other hot topics surrounding the Bills this off-season.

On TE Scott Chandler, who is an unrestricted free agent on March 13:

"Well you'd like to because Scott was productive for us. We have familiarity with him, he has some familiarity with us. You would like that to happen, but we're in a business. The one thing I try not to do is say 'We've got to have this, or we've got to have that."

You've gotta adjust with what the best players you are given on a year-to-year basis. I'd love to have Scott. I think he was big for us, I think he'd have the same role for us this year but if he's not there we'll adjust and do what he have to with somebody else if that's what we have to do."

Where does Leodis McKelvin fit in to the equation for the Bills?

"Well Leodis has got one more year, and he has to come have a good year. I think we all know that he has a great deal of talent. He just is -- I don't want to use the word snake-bitten -- he just hasn't made the plays when he's had the opportunity. And it seems like every time he's in there, if a ball gets tipped and goes to a guy, it's the guy he's on. There's some things he does very well, we're going to give him an opportunity to be a successful football player, and then we'll probably have to cross the bridge this time next year on the free agency thing if he has a year like we hope he has."

Does the head coach think the Bills can get an impact player with the 10th pick?

"I think so. I think in today's game you have to believe your first round and your second round have to make a pretty big impact on your football team. And the other guys you hope will have some impact. If you get any more than some impact, that's gravy. But those first two have to come in and play for you."

Does he need their new pass rusher to be able to be a stand-up OLB in a 3-4 as well for versatility's sake?

"That would not be the priority. The priority would be pass rush and set the edge in the run game. Dropping would be a once in a blue moon type deal. That wouldn’t be a lot."

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