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Harold Goodwin to interview for Bills head coach

By Sal Capaccio

Twitter: @SalSports

Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians told reporters Monday that his team’s offensive coordinator, Harold Goodwin, will be interviewing for the vacant Buffalo Bills head coach position.

The Bills have yet to announce any formal interviews for the position.  Current interim head coach Anthony Lynn is considered the favorite for the spot.

Goodwin has been the Cards OC since 2013.  Prior to that he was an offensive line coach and assistant coach in other capacities for the Indianapolis Colts, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Chicago Bears in the NFL, as well as Michigan, Eastern Michigan, and Central Michigan in the college ranks.

Goodwin is a 1996 graduate of the University of Michigan with a degree in management and communications. 

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01/02/2017 1:31PM
Harold Goodwin to interview for Bills head coach
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01/02/2017 1:38PM
seems intent on interviewing only black candidates for the HC position. Fits right in with him having only black QB's on his roster. Who's the racist?? H*** yeah, I SAID IT!!!!
01/02/2017 2:46PM
If he can't discipline this team
I don't want him.
01/02/2017 2:48PM
Instead of Worrying About Being Out of the Playoffs for 17 Years
why don't Buffalo worry about 102 years ..... the combined time that the Bills and Sabres have gone without a Championship. That's the true mark of futility and what makes Buffalo truly irrelevant.
01/02/2017 3:33PM
Re: 102 years
That is bunk. Making four SB's in a row was a successful team. You need some luck every now and then. Were the Bosox irrelevant before the curse was broken? I would say no, IMO. With 32 teams or 31 teams in the league, you're not going to win very often, but you should at least compete in the playoffs every few years.
01/02/2017 3:47PM
Doug Whaley
...and guess what race the guy is? Doug Whaley needs to stop hiring by skin color!
01/02/2017 4:33PM
Re Keep Taylor.
If the Bills get rid of Taylor and keeps Whaley I am taking a leave of absence until they get there heads together. WAKE UP PEGULA.
01/02/2017 4:37PM
GUTLESS and DISINGENUOUS --- GET HARBAUGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's Doug Whaley for you. Another WGR "article" that won't allow comments -- surprise, surprise (NOT!!!) -- indicates that Whaley claims "it starts with me" ... thereby misleading readers into thinking he's finally beginning to accept his share of responsibility for this disaster. NOT so !!!!!!!! Instead, by saying that "this time" the coaching search will "fall squarely on [his] shoulders" -- ALONG WITH the "help" of Jim Manos (still gutlessly trying to give himself wiggle room in case it goes badly) -- Whaley is trying to distinguish this next hire from the previous one and distance himself from full accountability for the Rex Ryan "failure" (by implying that "last time" it wasn't his call). Well, Whaley and Brandon sure as heck were on the Pegulas' party yacht wining and dining Rex, and the "over-their-heads newbie NFL owner" Pegulas were RELYING and 100% TOTALLY DEPENDENT UPON Whaley and Brandon because they (Terry & Kim) were shell-shocked after Marrone unexpectedly quit and bailed on them out of the blue). "IF" Whaley and Brandon had opposed Rex's hire, they had a fiduciary OBLIGATION to their employers the Pegulas to do so ... and had they done so, the Pegulas wouldn't have hired Rex, because the Pegulas are all about kumbaya team effort and consensus ... THEREFORE at the very least, Whaley WENT ALONG WITH the Rex hire, so HE OWNS IT TOO and CAN'T NOW DISTANCE HIMSELF FROM IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! In fact, it's absolutely disgusting that he'd even try -- just like his snake-in-the-grass media "leaks" that Rex was going to be fired (which undermined the Bills' attempts to make a push for the playoffs down the stretch). How stupid does Whaley think we are? Get Jim Harbaugh from Michigan -- a PROVEN WINNER at the major college and NFL levels and developer of player talent (e.g., he made Alex Smith a better QB and the only years Kaepernick was truly effective was under Harbaugh) ... of course, Whaley wouldn't like that because Harbaugh knows what he's doing, has a backbone, and won't be controlled by Whaley -- which is EXACTLY WHY Harbaugh is the RIGHT CHOICE to be the Bills' next head coach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
01/02/2017 4:46PM
not a Real GM
the way Whaley handled himself to the press shows he is basically controlled by the Pegulas to a point that will make it hard to get a coach of high quality- and same for players- what coach wants to go into a contract with a GM that will throw them under the bus ? Lynn might be the new Head coach because he did as he was told to start EJ eeven if he knew he was not a QB of any future- Cardale should have played the whole game from start to finish- if they were worried about "scarring "him? then he is not a Qb worth having- look for another wasted year2017- Buffalo can make history but only in a negative way
01/02/2017 5:21PM
Why aren't they interviewing....
The boston assistant coaches? Either those guys are pretty good coordinators, or they've really mastered the bellichick cheating schemes, so either way they could be successful here!
01/02/2017 5:41PM
Another possible Whaley yes man. Status Quo!!
01/02/2017 5:42PM
harold goodwin?
Yeah, these are the caliber of coaches that will be willing to work with Whaley. Meaning the bills will be a bottom feeder for the forseeable future.
01/02/2017 11:13PM
Re:Re: 102 years
He's right. Buffalo is sad. No one wants to go live in a falling apart sad city. As a result, these poor sad "pro" sports teams cannot attract any ounce of talent. Either these teams leave Buffalo ..... or it will be another 102 years
01/03/2017 8:31AM
You need REHAB NOW: GET HARBAUGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Really you must be kidding. He would never in a trillion years even think of coming here. Money cant buy everything. Ask Hillary. So how's that new blend of hooch working out. The Organic Marcel Sage blend
01/03/2017 10:01AM
Big Names ?
The names being thrown around for the Bills head coaching job are unproven coordinators. Some coaches are head coaching material and others are to remain coordinators. None of the names being batted around are proven even those that were once head coaches and were unsuccessful. Why not try and attract a Jon Gruden or Brian Bilick who has had experience and success as a head coach. Instead Whaley goes cheap and unproven. As stated on the NFL network that no legitimate coach will come to Buffalo because of Whaley. I think that speaks in itself. Time for a new GM that won't use smoke and mirrors and has adequate pro football knowledge. Expect more of the same from the Bills if the front office does not change and the dead wood is not moved out.
01/03/2017 12:31PM
Harold Goodwin, Frank Reich, Anthony Lynn and others
Let’s go set a record of 25 years without going to the playoffs. I would take Tom Coughlin is a heartbeat over these guys as he may still have a year of brilliance. Drop the Pegula Ville reference and change it to Penguin Ville
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