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JW - I'll Remember the Punt

Jeremy White

In his final press conference as the coach of the Buffalo Bills, Rex Ryan referred to an incident in the loss to Miami as one of the most ridiculous things he’d ever seen.  He was speaking of the 57 yard run that Jay Ajayi ripped off in overtime.  That run pushed the Dolphins from their own 15 yard line to the 28 of Buffalo.  

After that run, the Bills put an 11th defender on the field.

The Dolphins ran for 8.  Against 11.

On second down they ran for 3.  Against 11.  First down.  

The Dolphins ran for 6.  Against 11.

Outside that 57 yard run the Dolphins were able to put up 437 yards of offense.  Presumably the Bills had 11 on the field for all of those plays. 

Your defense didn’t keep Miami in check.  Not in this game… not in this season:

Thanks to @Botts21 on twitter for doing the research on this… 

In 2 games, Buffalo forced Miami into a 3 and out 5/24 times or 21%.

The Dolphins averaged 5.5 yards per carry against your defense when it fielded 11 players.  That’s… just under the Bills average yards-per-carry in the loss.  In fact, it’s also what the Bills have run for as the #1 rushing team in the NFL this season.

5.5 yards per carry is the best rushing offense in football.  That’s what Miami was doing to Rex's team in a must-win scenario, against 11 defenders… and he chose to give them the ball again.

And through it all, Rex regretted 10 men on the field more than anything.  

Is 10 men on the field a problem?  Absolutely it is.  Somewhere there’s been a communication breakdown.  One of your 30 million assistant coaches should have figured out how to field a complete team for your super-impressive “pin them deep” stand you were about to make.  

10 men on the field is a problem, but it’s a mistake and the coach knows it.  

To Rex, the punt is not a mistake, and that is unforgivable.

In Rex's explanation for kicking the ball away, he pulled out a story from a 2009 game between the Colts and Patriots.  Bill Belichick opted to go for a 4th and 1 in an attempt to seal a victory.  He felt it was a good idea to try to get one yard, rather than willingly give the ball back to Peyton Manning.  

Rex's takeaway from that game and situation was effectively, "Didn't work, and he lost."

He did not take away that a (then) 3-time Super Bowl Champion thought "I should keep the football and try to win, rather than giving it to the future Hall of Fame QB on his home field with 2 minutes left."  Who knew that game in 2009 would shape one of the worst coaching decisions in Bills history in 2016?


In the loss to Miami the Bills “controlled the clock” (won TOP), won the turnover battle (1-0), and pinned them deep (with that stupid punt).  

Everything about coaches like this, is about having the football.  Until they’re required to do something to keep it, that is.  They’ll spend 15 hours a day, designing game plans, and picking players and schemes to either keep the football or go and get it.

They'll draft defensive backs that are ballhawks, and defensive ends that get strip sacks.  They'll sign QBs to manage the game and throw to the fullback in the flat, just because downfield throws are too dangerous.  They will talk about winning the turnover battle for 8 months out of the year.  Too many will fail to learn that the person who turns the ball over on a football team the most, is the coach.  

It never bothered me that Rex was a bit wacky.  I didn’t care about the antics that so many get distracted with.  I didn’t care that he hired Rob Ryan because the NFL is a world of nepotism and friend-hiring.  It’s like establishment politics on steroids. 

I’ll remember the Rex teams for losing to good teams.  I’ll remember them for beating and padding their stats against the bad teams.

While the offense, primarily the run game, went off like gangbusters again, they finished just about where they were supposed to.  

We’ve seen good run games during this drought.  

We’ve seen strong defense.  

We’ve seen horrendous punts that do damage to the team.

I tend to remember the punts.

Maybe you’ll remember 10 men on the field, like Rex will.    

I’ll remember the punt.

12/27/2016 4:48PM
JW - I'll Remember the Punt
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12/27/2016 5:04PM
who cares what you think
i cant stop laughing at anything you say pertaining to sports.i likes when you asked john murphy about it yesterday and when he did not agree with your incredibily stupid position you moved on quickly to something go ahead and remember the punt;my thought about you along with countless others will be who cares?
12/27/2016 5:13PM
Admit it and move on
Well it's finally here. The big Bad Rex has been fired and it's fans like myself, who have been crying for his head, now need to come out of the woodwork's and take a stand. This is what we wanted and now it's here; his head on a platter. Don't worry, Rex will do just fine. When I get fired, I really need to be concerned about my next meal, I don't think that will be an issue with the Ryan brothers. Let'be frank,the you couldn't meet an nicer guy than Rex. This was the problem. This team is full of loafers and players that don't want to be in Buffalo. These Louts needed to be disciplined, benched and or cut. Just like Mr. Nasty over in New England does. Oh ya they just keep winning. Goodbye Rex.
12/27/2016 5:15PM
It's mind boggling
Multi billion dollar industry with only 32 head coaches, you would think they would have to be pretty intelligent to get to that point....but most of them are not. Derrrrrr I think I better punt the ball away here and let the other team get a shot.
12/27/2016 5:17PM
Hamilton is a clown
Just heard him on the radio and this joker is an embarrassment to Buffalo media. What a tire fire.
12/27/2016 5:27PM
The Problem
When will Pegula get it? Whaley IS the problem! The Bills will never be any good as long as he is here. No decent coach will sign with Buffalo. The owner keeps Whaley because the GM sucks up to him. So why have Whaley lead the coaching search? Didnt the Pegs see what happened last time? This team needs an experienced football man like Polian to come in and fire everybody and do the house cleaning. To hell with continuity -that only works when you have the right people in place. Watch -this is what will happen -Whaley will hire Anthony Lynn, keep Tierod Taylor and draft a DB #1 in the 2017 NFL Draft. NO QB! And the Bills will continue to NOT make the playoffs! Same old Bills. Same Whaley. Nothing ever changes!
12/27/2016 6:42PM
...yes it could be worse
What happens next year when the new coach wins 4 or 5 or 6 games? Do we fire him too? Without a good QB we will continue to sputter.
12/27/2016 7:11PM
Doug Whaley
He wants EJ Manuel to start because that was his pick and he is obsessed with doing whatever he can to make it work. It's probably at least 90% that he will be starting again next season. Fans need to backlash against this team now more than ever.
12/27/2016 7:35PM
I Care
"i cant stop laughing at anything you say pertaining to sports.i likes when you asked john murphy about it yesterday and when he did not agree with your incredibily stupid position you moved on quickly to something go ahead and remember the punt;my thought about you along with countless others will be who cares?" I care what Jeremy White says. You care, too. Otherwise you wouldn't be posting your disdain. Also, your grammar and spelling are atrocious. Try getting an education like J.W. from Syracuse and maybe you'd make a coherent point.
12/27/2016 7:41PM
Deja vu
All over again.
12/27/2016 7:42PM
Punt hang time?
I think Mike had a total hang time for the drought? 13 min....
12/27/2016 9:10PM
should be fired along with Ryan. Now this clown is trying to push manuel again? Good luck getting a decent coach to come to buffalo if manuel is forced on him. What a joke of an organization. I need to find a new team to root for.
12/27/2016 9:17PM
like turtles
12/27/2016 10:01PM
Me thinks...
rex supporting Trump did him in. Too many "playas" didn't like that.
12/27/2016 10:01PM
Re: I Care - and response to I Care
Murphy might know more about football than Jeremy White and others on here, including myself, but the next hard question he asks any of the Bills or his next criticism of the team will be his first. He is softer than a down pillow on them. JW or anyone else who watches is entitled to their opinion that turning the ball over to a team that was running you over may not be the best decision at that time. The fact that Murph parrots what all the old school coaches do doesn't surprise me, nor does it mean that it is the preferable decision.
12/27/2016 10:01PM
I agree.
I think the lack of aggression is spot on. To many coaches play to not win and at the end of the day they can say they were close. It's like they're playing to see who screws up first. I want the next coach of the Bills to be one who wants to outscore the opponent and is aggressive with his game management.
12/27/2016 10:43PM
ill remember them as worst owners ever.
12/27/2016 11:25PM
bad timing
Rex, needed two seasons to see weaknesses of the building year. This was a bad deal alway around the loss on sunday against a playoff team was much more than the talent on the team. Going into the year taylor was less than the answer to playoffs lack of drafting a true number one quarterback falls on management the coach only has so much power. Doug whaley job should be on the line here the Bills know at the start of season that taylor needed to prove himself, Yes he failed all year.Doug You NEED A QUARTERBACK, HEAD COACH. Doug you picked several failures at the head coaching job perhaps its time to part ways with the bills. You proven your failure at picking head coaches.
12/28/2016 2:49AM
who cares about the punt?
that's what coaches do. makes no sense to harp on it. the dumbest decision of that game was the play call by LYNN of end around to Reggie Bush. That kind of play often loses yards, and Bush loses yards on half his touches! Now that was a seriously bad decision. Punting on 4th and 2? Bad, but most do it so big whoop.
12/28/2016 5:54AM
all you dopes deserve this
bills fans deserve everything they get. pathetic stadium and fans that get drunk and fight and barf. What a dark day. I love it suckassss
12/28/2016 7:32AM
My Opinion
So maybe I should give my opinion of your opinion of someone else's opinion of J.W.'s opinion? I do not care about a playoff drought. If we had beaten the Pittsburg second string years ago and gone nowhere in the playoffs I would feel no better. I care about 2 other droughts: quarterback and head coach. We have a chance to end the latter. I have no confidence D.W. will do it.
12/28/2016 12:57PM
@ Admit It and Move On
Spot on. It's done -- and people need to let it go. Instead, during the Holiday Season no less, these indecorous, puny, weasel writers feel the need to smugly "pile on" a good guy but undisciplined and marginal coach who (deservedly) lost his job. Such warmth, charity, and good cheer ... too bad we don't get to analyze every aspect of their job performance under a microscope, EVEN AFTER THEY HAVE BEEN FIRED. Sometimes these self-appointed "expert" writers make me want to puke. Merry Christmas indeed !!! It would be nice if these guys instead might fill their article space with POSITIVE stories about Rex (or anyone associated with the Bills or Sabres, past or present) until we get a new coach -- or at least until the Holiday Season is over. Try a little kindness.
12/28/2016 3:55PM
I'll remember Reggie Bush
Poster above is spot on. That loss of 8 yards took the wind right out of the stadium, and led to the field goal we all knew would be no good. That play call is what is making me more nervous than anything else about the prospect of Lynn becoming HC.
12/29/2016 9:06AM
GUESS WHAT NO BILLS: Ranking the 9 worst picks of the 2016 NFL Draft
I call them as I read them. National Story
12/29/2016 10:06AM
I will remember
Jeremy shilling for both teams, treating Eichel like he's better than Crosby and protecting Whaley cause he's on the station, but sadly embarrassed and punked by tim Graham who called him out
12/30/2016 4:29PM
Just Walk: what I'll remember
Dammit, JW, you tried to be artistic in one one. Dramatic, if you will. I'll give you a D for effort and an F- for execution; however, these fit your averages, so, as david byrne might say, "same as it ever was, same as it ever was". Want to know what I will remember? The tank. Yes JW, I will remember you shilling up the tank hard. crazy hard. As sean and sean might say, "whicked haahd". And we tanked, and got Jack. Then, in the next season, we were terrible..... but that wasn't an indictment of strategy, JW, it was just bad luck!! Well, lo and behold, we again are wiping up the rear of our division! That tank was brilliant. It lead us straight to the promised land. You and the supreme voice of everything dumb, yet covered in condescension so as to make it sound not-dumb, Schopp should sit around high-fiving over how well it worked out. My goodness, the two of you are not strong swimmers, in the sports-talk-radio sense.
01/01/2017 6:44PM
regarding jw head cheerleader
to the guy who had a problem because a couple of my words were misspelled.i am so sorry my post was not perfect.try to grasp my point jw should not be on the air.his posts defy any logic.i am certain he never played football in his life as i am sure you have not either.i dont care if he has a doctorate from problem is he states his opinion like it is fact.far from it but maybe you can take one of the posters that i am sure you have of jw off of your wall and send it to me.
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