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Jeanneret Will Return

We’re all wondering what moves the Buffalo Sabres will make during the off season.  There is one announcement we can tell you to expect with 100% certainty.  Rick Jeanneret will be back for his 41st season calling Sabres games.

Jeanneret was a guest during the WGR Morning show on Thursday and said he will be back but is waiting for the NHL schedule to come out to determine how many games he will work.

The Sabres play by play man scaled back on his work load last season and it made an immense difference. “I felt great towards the end” Jeanneret said. “I missed the playoffs because I was ready to go.  Having some time off in the season helped me out in that regard, a lot of less travel.”

Jeanneret was on the show to talk about his selection for the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame.  He is part of the 14 member class of 2012 and will officially be inducted this fall. “It’s kind of cool to be in the same group and when you look at the roster of all the folks who have previously gone in, it makes you feel even more special” Jeanneret told WGR.

“It still amazes me but it’s still heartwarming when I receive these accolades, just to have the opportunity to stand up in front of the folks that I know have been listening to me for a long, long time.  That makes me feel even a little bit better.”

Honored by the team with induction into the Sabres Hall of Fame last November, Jeanneret called his first Sabres game on October 10, 1971.  We asked him what some of his top memories are over the course of his great career and while he said there are many that stand out, one that came to mind was one of the more infamous nights in franchise history. No Goal.

“When you get that close to the holy grail” Jeanneret said. “It stands out because it ended the Buffalo Sabres opportunity to carry on in that series.  Unfortunately that sticks out in my mind rather than carrying up the Stanley Cup around.”

 Jeanneret is convinced that magical day will come when the Sabres will be skating around the ice with Lord Stanley’s Cup finally in their possession. But he doesn’t think about it from the perspective of broadcasting that game or exactly what words he will use when that moment comes.

“No doubt in my mind its coming and its sooner rather than later.  I just hope I am around to see it.”

“I think about it from a personal standpoint and not as a broadcaster because of over forty years of being involved. I’m not too sure how I will react” the longest tenured current NHL play by play man said.

“I will begin to think about it when they get to the Finals and as they continue I will think about it then but its not on my mind right now.”

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