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By Joe Buscaglia
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LIVE at the NFL Combine

Back for another day, and this should be the most exciting one yet. Cam Newton and every top defensive line and linebacker prospect possible will be made available to the media today. We still have yet to hear from Ryan Mallett and Colin Kaepernick as well.

9:23 - Well an early start, Cincinnati WR Armon Binns is the first player brought through the media room. He had a lot going for him two years ago, but faulty hands have made him slide down the wide receiver board. Binns will likely be a late round pick.

9:35 - Looks like Twitter may be down, apparently it's been down for five hours now. I'm able to tweet through the third-party TweetDeck, if that helps. @JoeB_WGR

10:28 - Getting ready to get going for a wild day today. Cam Newton, Julio Jones, Nick Fairley, Marcell Dareus, Da'Quan Bowers, Robert Quinn, Von Miller are all expected to speak today. By the way, Twitter is back up and running.

12:43 - It's been a couple of hours since my last post, but a lot of first round talent just came through the room. Cam Heyward, Cam Jordan, Ryan Kerrigan and Marcell Dareus all spoke within the past hour. And because you've been so patient, here's the ENTIRE interview from Dareus. Funny guy. Highlight of the presser was when he was asked how he'd describe himself as a player. Dareus "I'd describe myself as a nice guy." Talked about how he helped up each player he brought down on the field. Great stuff. Here's all of it:

2:09 - Just got done listening to my new favorite sleeper in the draft, Arizona DE/OLB D'Aundre Reed. He was a backup at Arizona, but his 6-foot-4, 261 pound frame is carried as well as anyone I've seen. The perfect frame to be a 3-4 OLB. If he runs well here, he could be a legitimate high riser in this draft. Watch out!

Welcome everyone to Day 2!

9:13 - Auburn QB Cam Newton will be speaking with the media today. My number one question is this: Is Buffalo too small a town for someone like Newton? What else are you curious about, tell me on my Twitter page @JoeB_WGR.

9:43 - Still waiting on the first player or coach to come through the media room today. Hopefully some of the tight ends and offensive linemen caught up in the medical portion of the week will make an appearance. I'd like to talk to Notre Dame TE Kyle Rudolph.

11:07 - Coaches have filtered in, but still waiting on the first player. I'm expecting a storm to come through of quarterbacks.

11:37 - Just heard a little bit from Kentucky HB/WR/KR/PR/Do anything and everything guy Randall Cobb. For Kentucky he threw for touchdowns, ran for touchdowns and caught some more. Guys like that tend to rise as the process goes along. As long as he runs well, I think he's a lock for the second round, could even sneak in to the first.

12:23 - Just talked to TCU QB Andy Dalton, he said it was a great opportunity to work with the Bills coaching staff and Chan Gailey. But, Dalton said he doesn't have a meeting set up with the Bills here at the Combine. The interview is a bit over-modulated, but you'll be able to hear it.

1:12 - Washington QB Jake Locker just spoke, here's the audio from that one:

We're all set up here in Indianapolis getting ready for the first busy day of four to begin.

Today's a big day, literally. The offensive lineman in all their glory will be rolling through the media room along with the tight ends. Oh, yeah, and Chan Gailey will be speaking at 10 a.m. at the podium. Folliow along with me here all day, and on my Twitter page for the latest breaking news at the NFL Scouting Combine.

9:50 - Ten minutes from Chan Gailey speaking. This will be the first time he talks to the general media since the season ended in early January. I expect a lot of interesting answers about quarterbacks, the defense and much more. Stay tuned.

10:29 - After 25 minutes of Chan Gailey speaking with the media, many of topics came out. The number one thing I took away from it is that he's "anxious" to see Cam Newton work out this week. More to come in a separate story. Also, Buddy Nix will be speaking with some select media today as well.

11:30 - Just saw a tweet that USC OT Tyron Smith weighed in at 307 pounds today. That's a big thing for him, and he's now in the conversation -- if not the favorite -- to be the first offensive tackle off the board. Smith used to be a tight end. Scouts love that for footwork purposes.

11:52 - Full story on Gailey is up right here. Buddy Nix should be speaking with the media any time now.

12:19 - Denver Head Coach John Fox told reporters that he was less than enthusiastic with the team's current defensive tackles, and that he's got a lot of confidence in Elvis Dumervil switching back to DE in a 4-3. Combine that with Denver just re-signing Champ Bailey to a long-term deal, and all signs point to either Nick Fairley or Marcell Dareus being the pick. So even if Fairley sneaks past Carolina, he's definitely not getting past Denver in my opinion.

12:39 - Alabama OT James Carpenter checked in at 6-foot-4 and 321 pounds. He said he prefers guard over tackle. You really shouldn't say those things to the media, especially when they're coached to preach their own versatility. Carpenter did have a good week at the Senior Bowl with the Bills coaching staff. I asked him if he gained anything from working with Chan Gailey and offensive line coach. He basically said just more of the same of what he learned at Alabama.

1:53 - Boston College OT Anthony Castonzo just spoke with the media, and I thought he came off very well. Wanted to post it here for you.

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