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Report: McDermott, Bills may be finalizing deal

By Sal Capaccio

Twitter: @SalSports

It appears the Bills head coaching search is nearing a conclusion, and by all indications Carolina Panthers defensive coordinator Sean McDermott is about to become the team's new head coach.

According to The Buffalo News, the Carolina Panthers defensive coordinaor is in Florida today possibly finalizing a deal to replace the fired Rex Ryan:


Multiple sources familiar with the search have told WGR that the team’s front office and ownership have all been very impressed with McDermott since they first interviewed him over a week ago and may be ready to offer him the job.  McDermott and Anthony Lynn have both been considered the leading candidates thoughout the interview process.  They were two of the four official interviews the team conducted, along with Arizona Cardinals offensive coordinator Harold Goodwin and Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Kris Richard.

Additionally, I’m told if McDermott does become the team’s next coach, former Chargers head coach Mike McCoy could join him as his offensive coordinator. McCoy was fired by the Chargers after this past season.  Prior to his four year stint in San Diego, he was the offensive coordinator of the Denver Broncos from 2009-2012.

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01/10/2017 11:33PM
McDermott emerging as front-runner for Bills job
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01/10/2017 11:46PM
Get your tickets now!
2017: After Tyrod Taylor is run out of town (too good), Bills draft the 6th best QB in the draft, in the first round, who fails to show any sign whatsoever that he will be a good NFL QB...3-13...Bills blame "new system" for the failure, but Whaley says "we're close". 2018: Watkins' agent demands trade prior to season; Bills send him to NE for a 5th round pick....Bills trade their first round pick to move up one spot to draft his replacement, the 10th best WR in the draft....finish 6-10; Whaley claims "progress". 2019: Massive overspending on defensive free agency....Bills start 5-2; Whaley gives McDermott a 5 year extension midseason; that QB from 2017 continues to regress...Bills collapse and finish 5-11...McDermott fired after week 16...Whaley says after the season he had no input on decisions made the last 3 years, and "quite honestly, I don't remember any of it".
01/10/2017 11:50PM
So an offensive coordinator that had Peyton Manning as a QB
Those always work out well. Way to conduct a thorough coach search, Bills. I'll bet McDermott loves to punt. Anywhere, anytime. Punt, punt, punt!!!
01/11/2017 12:06AM
Next Order Of Business...
DRAFT A QUARTERBACK!!! Whaley likes giving away picks. Picking at 10 is the perfect time to give picks away and move up. We need to treat quarterback like the most important position on the field, know!
01/11/2017 12:32AM
Save yourself Sean
Don't take the job
01/11/2017 1:44AM
So When Dougie Said "Exhaustive Search"....
....he really meant a one week looksee that consisted of all of four candidates, none of whom have been a head coach at any meaningful level. The hits just keep on comin' over at OBD, huh? I expect we will hear sooner or later that it was Anthony Lynn who cooled on the Bills not the other way around when faced with the prospect of working under Whaley and without Tyrod Taylor. So we have a first time HC, no QB, 23 FAs and less cap space than all but 8 teams in the league. Nice baseline to build off, huh? Let's make sure to re-convene here in 12 months when the Bills inevitably will be looking for a new GM who will start the tear down in earnest. We can then look forward to a nice, long re-build ala the Browns or Pegula's other wayward franchise, the Crossed Swords. Call me when the real swamp draining begins.
01/11/2017 5:23AM
New chair...
For the deck of the sinking ship.
01/11/2017 6:34AM
I am very OK with this
If he works out he could be the coach for the next 15 years. Also like the McCoy combo as O Coordinator. If they pull this off this coaching staff already trumps the Rex Ryan train derailment. For some reason I feel that he will succeed. If Marrone had stuck around and if the Bills had picked up Tyrod along with Shady the Bills would have made the playoffs in 2015 and 2016. Rex almost destroyed everything. I also like the draft of players from Alabama, Clemson and Ohio State. Rex was the wrong coach for many of our players and was hired on his false hype and press clippings. His agent must be very good. As far as Lynn goes I like the guy until I heard him speak.
01/11/2017 7:00AM
2 years and he will be out
with no qb what can u expect?? same song and dance year after year after year...
01/11/2017 7:11AM
1st tiny ray of sunshine.
A Lynn would have been a disaster. getting proven commodities at OC & DC would be big for this team. Most the pieces are here. 1 safety and a QB that can throw from the pocket and we'll see improvements on day 1.
01/11/2017 7:12AM
Looks like and sounds like a yes man.
This will set the Bills back another 5 years?
01/11/2017 7:18AM
Me finds me lucky Charms
HIRE the man. Meh to chef Jacob and his puke a boo recipes. Even the seagulls are dropping because of his food. His hors d'oeuvres look and taste like Canadian Goose dung
01/11/2017 7:36AM
Sounds like another 7-9 or 8-8 record GROUNDHOGS DAY!!!
01/11/2017 7:46AM
Sounds like McDermott is one of the candidates okay with cutting Tyrod because he can succeed with a top defense. I think Lynn would require keeping Tyrod. Question is who will be QB next year. If they don't draft one that plays immediately they will have to trade or pick up a FA. Unless its a rookie playing the cap hit will be at least as large as keeping Tyrod next year. Any HC who wants to win right away is going to demand a known talent at QB. I wonder if Whaley has sold Pegulas on a 2-3 yr plan.
01/11/2017 8:08AM
anyone whales isn't high on has to good.
01/11/2017 8:18AM
Buffalo fans wouldn't know a good
coach if he hit them right in the face. what city fires Scotty Bowman??? nothing but idiots in this town who are so used to losing one game makes a season for them.
01/11/2017 8:30AM
Players should vote for next head coach.
What do the Terry and Kim know about football? Important the players like the coach and want his style and plan. Too many vets on the team trying to earn respect again. If im a vet this is my house - and ive been here longer than the owners..., im asking to be traded.
01/11/2017 9:46AM
Coaching Search
Good to see they are doing a super-extensive search ... and they aren't just rushing into it after interviewing a handful of candidates ...
01/11/2017 9:55AM
Based on WHO WE ARE and what we have done: GOOD HIRE
I mean did you really expect John Elway to walk through the door as a new General Manager or that Coordinator from New England as coach. Too many fans have their fingers up someone else’s you know what. At least this guy has a proven track record on Defense unlike the Rex Ryan fluff a thon. A Lynn spooked me with some bizarre play calls in the red zone but since he was a Rex Guy maybe Rex was calling those plays.
01/11/2017 10:04AM
MEH is better than D U N G as in MARRONE
Hey don't believe me read the newspaper web sites on the web in Jacksonville. Almost sounds like they are getting the pitchforks and torches out as in they don’t seem to like ole Douglas Macaroni along with his pinstripe bowl resume at the collegelevel. Jacksonville or not Florida is football country ACC and SEC.
01/11/2017 10:05AM
Best Available
Lets face it.The reporting has been consistent in that no one wants to work with Whaley and Brandon. A. Lynn, who I believe was a Whaley "yes man" was simply not qualified to take the next step. McDermott was the most qualified of the candidates who were even interested in being the Bills HC. He is the best we can expect while Whaley/Brandon are running the show.
01/11/2017 10:06AM
Why is Whaley even here??
Bucky Gleason asked the best question last Monday when he grilled Whaley on what it is he actually does. Supposedly Whaley didn't care for McDermott and wanted Lynn or Goodwin. So if Whaley was supposed to be spear heading this search and his input was valued the most then why isn't Anthony Lynn getting promoted as the permanent HC? Hiring McDermott would mean that Terry Pegula once again made this hire and valued nothing of what Whaley had to say. Perhaps Doug Whaley is fired much sooner than expected? He should be since all indications are that Pegula is paying him to do nothing.
01/11/2017 10:09AM
Sign here Sean
Be our next interim coach for one or two years and get paid for 5. 9-7 is our standard for excellence, 8-8 is our expectations. Lose the last game of the season against a soft opponent that would get us into the playoffs, provide that the Pats and Steelers lose and the Browns and Bengals win.....etc. etc.
01/11/2017 10:28AM
To Doug Whaley,
We know an excellent D/C...we had him before..2 actually...hire one of them as our D/C. Next..Hire a proven modern day O/C..heck A.L. would work, he's done a good job here with the running game. Next ..Hire a Good Organizer/Planner as a H/C... Next..Groom and Promote from What Works..don't be an Idiot.
01/11/2017 11:05AM
Delusional Bills Fans: Giving everyone a bad rep since the 1960's
I am no Bills apologist but I can't for the life of me understand the negativity in most of these comments.... You want a head coach with prior head coaching experience? News flash: All the good ones are being kept by their current employers (for good reason), so does that mean you want a retread? I guess so. Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden aren't coming out of retirement, by the way... You want a more "exhaustive" coaching search done? News flash: A lot of the "hot" candidates cant be interviewed because their teams are in the playoffs. Perhaps we should wait until after the Super Bowl when every other head coaching vacancy is filled by candidates the Bills liked but were too late to pull the trigger on? Sean McDermott has a proven track record of success as a defensive coordinator, and, as a first-time head coach (which most are these days) there is no indication that he doesn't have the ability to turn things around with the Bills, other than the Bills prior history of head coaches. Give him a chance before you give up!
01/11/2017 11:19AM
@ So When Dougie Said "Exhaustive Search ..."
You nailed it. The Pegulas are crazy to offer a 5 year contract (which is what they gave Rex Ryan too), because that's simply all the more years they will be on the hook to pay the guy's salary after he inevitably gets fired. At least Marrone only had a 3 year contract for his initial NFL HC employment -- precisely because, up to that point, he had only been a position coach in the NFL and a .500 head coach at college football "powerhouse" Syracuse! (Though it was Brandon, NOT the Pegulas, who engineered that deal -- a foolish and irresponsible deal which BTW allowed Marrone to QUIT unilaterally [as opposed to being fired] yet still get paid his $4 Million annual salary for the final year of his contract while doing NOTHING for the Bills to "earn" a paycheck !!!) "Exhaustive search" my foot !!!!!!! NOT a SINGLE coach interviewed with former NFL head coaching experience (or even successful major college HC experience) !!!! In other words, the Bills are willing to serve as the "LEARNING LAB" where a young NFL HC wannabe will make his mistakes through trial and error (since he's never been an NFL HC before to get that out of his system -- the same way a young Bill Belichick did at Cleveland) !!!!!! Then after getting fired because he'll be unsuccessful in Buffalo under Whaley and Brandon, he'll re-tool as a DC with a good team and/or under a good/real HC (like Belichick did under the Tuna), get his re-tread HC chance elsewhere, and possibly do great things with his new HC opportunity. Who knows, in some sick, twisted karma of the universe, maybe the guy will eventually go on to become Belichick's eventual replacement at New England and we'll suffer through several more decades of Patriot mastery over us :(. DISGUSTING !!!!!!!!!!!!! "IF" we are going to hire an unproven for his first NFL HC opportunity, I'd at least feel a whole lot more comfortable about it and be much more open minded about it IF THE BILLS HAD A PROVEN WINNING FOOTBALL EXECUTIVE making that hiring decision ... rather than proven FAILURES at football operations (Whaley and Brandon) and/or nice people but CLUELESS football people (the Pugulas) making that decision after such a LIMITED HC "search" !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about "the gang that can't shoot straight"!!!!!!!!!!!! The ONLY thing "exhaustive" about the Bills HC "search" is the adverse impact it has had on my (and other fans') patience with our beloved team. The only solution: Fan BOYCOTT.
01/11/2017 11:32AM
Sabres Fan in Kingston
While I remain ever hopeful about the Bills future (and not knowing much about McDermott) the track record of the team's ownership and management creates, at best, skepticism. Oh yes, and for far too many years with different ownership and management the matter of a QB has been badly fumbled.
01/11/2017 11:40AM
McDermott, if you sign for 5 years, fire your agent for even considering this!
01/11/2017 11:54AM
Shilltime 550
I don't care who they hire. If Tyrod Taylor is QB the team is a joke not a playoff contender. They need to move up and draft Watson don't care what they give up. Tired of hearing how good the QB class is next year, we may not have a top ten pick. Grab the Qb in round one. Every national sports guy will tell you Taylor stinks, so tired of the station pushing for him to come back
01/11/2017 12:34PM
get something out of shaq
Hopefully he can get something out of shaq, losing snaps as the season goes.... BS, Washington doesn't dress, whaley blames that on rex Get chad to QB, he turns it over more than Fitz
01/11/2017 1:07PM
Hey McDermontt or anyone else
The only question that needs to be answered by the Pegula's is will you be allowed the length of your contract to get the job done. Given their history with Rolston, Regier, Nolan, Ruff, Lafontaine, and Rex Ryan that is the primary consideration youneed to know. Lots of luck, my guess is your going to need it. One Wr, inexperience at QB, lots of new players this is the start of a long season & rebuild.
01/11/2017 1:11PM
Getting a new coach in Buffalo is like the Browns hiring a new coach. There is not a lot of people that want to coach a team that doesn't have the X factor QB and you play Brady twice a year. And lets not forget, a new owner and a GM that has gone through coaches like pairs of socks. I do like McDermott but not sure he will be set up for success.
01/11/2017 1:18PM
Two Thumbs Up
I am OK with this selection. McDermott has been around for awhile. McCoy may be able to convince Rivers to ask for a trade.
01/11/2017 1:23PM
Tire Fire
Bottom line is this...the Pegula's don't know football people. Whaley is in way over his head and this is NOT Pittsburgh. It is going to take another 10 years of Pegula learning how to handle the NFL and find the right people to pay. All this hire is....just another tire on the fire. Unless a real pro sports person is hired to run both organizations and Terry gets out of the playoffs for any team he owns.
01/11/2017 1:39PM
good move if its true
We get a solid defensive minded coach and if he brings in Mike McCoy we have a proven OC. Now we just need Darcy Whaley to pick a solid draft!
01/11/2017 1:46PM
Ho Hum. Oh, I said that last year. Oh, I said that the previous year...Oh my I said that three years ago...Oh I said that the ten years ago! Oh, the hell with it.
01/11/2017 1:56PM
Re: Buffalo Fans / Scotty Bowman
Scotty Bowman - most overrated coach in the history of hockey. He had 10 Hall of Famers on the Habs. Then he went to Buffalo and failed. Led a team that just won the Cup in Pittsburgh to another Cup with such no names like Mario Lemieux, Paul Coffey, RonFrancis, Kevin Stevens, Rich Tochett, Bryan Trottier, Mark Rechhi and oh yeah, Jaromir Jagr! Then the following year this stacked team was beat by Al Arbour with a bunch of no-names!
01/11/2017 3:29PM
This Guy Will Shake People Up......................
That will be good if Buffalo gets him. He is just what the doctor ordered to deal with dopes like Dareus.
01/11/2017 8:23PM
The worst is yet to come...
17 years is just the tip of the iceberg. The drought is only beginning.
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