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By Joe Buscaglia
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Moats finally has a place to call home on Bills D

Through the first two years of his career, the Buffalo Bills have changed their mind on what to do with Arthur Moats more than a five-year old looking at all the flavors of ice cream.

At times it's been a need for the Bills to switch Moats' role due to an injury, other times it's just been a desire to fit him in to a specific role based on his measureables. Luckily for the third-year linebacker, the team has finally found a role suitable for him.

"Yeah, definitely enjoying that," said Moats with a smile pasted on his face like usual. "The fact that I was able to come from OTAs and stuff like that and get comfortable and then to stay at that position is definitely helping me a lot."

While Buffalo attempted to run the 3-4 the past two seasons, Moats got switched from an inside linebacker to a pass-rushing outside linebacker and vice versa a handful of times. But now in the 4-3, Moats is a linebacker for Dave Wannstedt.

The helter skelter positional lifestyle Moats had been living in through two seasons was actually beneficial, however. He explained why:

"I think it is because for the simple fact that for the first couple of years I had to know both inside and outside. Well now we're in the inside linebacker room, it's easier for me because I'm hearing everything as we sit there and get through it the first time out," Moats remarked. "[Before" I learned one position, and then I have to go a whole different room and learn something else. So when they bounce me around from Mike, to Will, to Sam, it's like okay, well I've already heard 'em when they've talked about this guy and I took notes from that so I know what to do."

Moats has been getting a bevy of first-team repetitions during his first training camp as a linebacker in the 4-3 defense. The college defensive end, at this point, likely figures to be one of the top substitutions in the linebacker group if an injury occurs.

He'll get his first chance at extending playing time in it during the Bills first preseason game against Washington on August 9.

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