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By Joe Buscaglia
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More competition for Moorman: Bills claim punter

The Buffalo Bills released the challenger to incumbent punter Brian Moorman in their first round of cuts on Monday, but that doesn't mean the veteran has sewn up the job just yet. The Bills announced on Tuesday evening that they were awarded punter Jordan Gay off of waivers.

Gay, from tiny Centre College in Danville, Kentucky, was released by the Carolina Panthers on August 24 after he failed to unseat punter Brad Nortman for the job. In his time with the Panthers, he punted, did some work as a kickoff specialist and even kicked some field goals.

An undrafted free agent last year, Gay first started with the Panthers before being released a week ahead of the regular season. He then signed with the New York Giants following the end of the season and was released by the team in May. The Panthers came calling once again, as they signed Gay before his eventual release on Sunday.

The Bills recently released punter Jake Dombrowski for the roster, but head coach Doug Marrone didn't say he was satisfied with the position yet.

"I’m not saying that Brian is going out there and playing for his job, but I think that it’s the same thing. Not unlike anyone else on the team, we have to make sure that we feel comfortable with their performance and that they’re able to do it moving forward," Marrone said Monday. "If not, is there somebody on the roster that’s better or we have to go out and upgrade it."

Gay will get his first, and likely only chance to make an impression on the team Thursday night against the Detroit Lions. The preseason finale at Ralph Wilson Stadium will begin at 7 pm.

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**Photo courtesy of The Associated Press

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08/26/2014 6:25PM
More competition for Moorman: Bills claim punter
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08/26/2014 6:35PM
Isn't this the guy...
That missed the experimental extra point in the Panthers game?
08/26/2014 7:40PM
Walks the walk?
open competition for punter? how about for starting QB? Marrone has a double standard for his decisions - How about open competition for ALL positions?
08/26/2014 9:38PM
2 punters
well need them with ej as qb.
08/26/2014 9:43PM
Just Another Ploy
This means nothing to improving the team... it's just another ploy to devert attention from the fact that we have no starting qb and no hope of making the playoffs. The only way we can get our Bills team back on track to the playoffs is to make the voice of the Bills fan heard where it will be heard the loudest... in the pockets of the greedy NFL. If YOU keep paying to watch a Bills team that hasn't made the playoffs in 15 years... then thats all YOU will ever see... while the NFL laughs all the way to the bank... with YOUR money. PETITION: TO THE NEW OWNER OF THE BUFFALO BILLS... THE Doug Marone/ Nathaniel Hackett/ EJ Manuel Experiment is over and the current Bills management has failed us. We, the Buffalo Bills fans are offically protesting by refusing to pay the NFL to see an inferior football team, which has given our good city of Buffalo and the surrounding subburbs a bad reputation throughout the USA. Signed, A Bills Fan. To join this protest, like this comment... and don't forget to spread the word. Signed, A Bills Fan Since 1978.
08/26/2014 9:51PM
never mind punters lets get a real qb in town!!
08/26/2014 11:30PM
Fast Fact Joke
ON THE CHEAP will never die at One Bills Drive. I'm disgusted.
08/27/2014 2:51AM
what for
Doorman is their only pro bowl player, still a dysfunctional organization
08/27/2014 8:09AM
Motorman shanks
Brian motorman USED to be a good punter. Most of his punts are now terrible. Why should he be given a pass? Nice guy but field position is huge and he shanks most of his punts. Get us a real punter!
08/27/2014 8:19AM
What? We need qb help ej isnt taking us anywhere
08/27/2014 10:05AM
Was Anyone at the Game Saturday?
I was. Moorman looked ABSOLUTELY AWFUL Saturday. Please continue to bring in punters, QBs and any other position that looks weak on this team until we get it right! I was always a big Moorman fan when he was the only Pro Bowler on our team 10 years ago. His stats last year: 30th/32 in avg. punt 31st/32 in avg. net punt (counting hang time and return yds) 31st/32 inside the 20 It seems like Moorman's best days are clearly behind him. He looks much worse this year.
08/27/2014 10:18AM
Fast Fact
New England is laughing already.
08/27/2014 11:28AM
all above idiots
Please start following another NFL team, it is quite obvious your heads are two far up your a---- to know anything about the Bills
08/27/2014 12:03PM
Moar EJ Hater Commentz
No waaaay!!! Totally didn't see that coming. I'd love to talk with you fools one of these days after EJ finds his way. Root for another team if your incredibly large and frail egos can't handle a young qb after 3 preseason games.
08/27/2014 12:36PM
Jordan Gay
Does he know how to throw the football? Punter isn't the Bills weakness Mr Whaley.
08/27/2014 12:44PM
RE: Just Another Ploy
I HAVE BEEN SPREADING THE WALMART WORD SINCE 2001! Besides that, I have gone to EVERY HOME PLAYOFF GAME played in Rich Stadium, I still have wooden splinters in my azz from sitting in the end zone bench seats in War Memorial Stadium back in 1968 and 1969. I have been a Bills fanatic since I was 8 years old, I am now 58. I am PROUD TO SAY I HAVEN'T SPENT A DIME on any of Buffalo's 2 JOKES of "professional organ-EYE-zations" in FIFTEEN YEARS. The way it looks I will never spend another dime on them EVER. If more people followed my example and stayed AWAY, you would see HOW FAST THINGS CHANGE! WHO AM I? ...SAY MY NAME... I AM THE ELITEONE! WALMART= "THEEE BIGGEST NICKLE AND DIME LOoSER FRANCHISE IN ALL OF PROFESSIONAL SPORTS HISTORY". That's why it would make perfect sense for PEGULA to buy the Bills... IMAGINE: DOUBLE FOREEVERFORE! GOD HELP US.
08/27/2014 1:28PM
re. Just another ploy
Go crawl back under your rock in Toronto troll. "Let's protest and not go to the games". Buddy, you don't go to the games, and you're not a fan. "Hitting the owners in the pocketbook" only means one thing - the owner will move the team to a City that will support it. Of course you know this - so sorry, the Bills are staying in Buffalo and will continue to be supported in force by loyal fans. Outside the QB position, the team is pretty stacked - so you obviously know nothing. Take your drivel to the corner bar.
08/27/2014 5:51PM
Re: Just another ploy
Looks like we need more golf courses built. I'll just use one of the lines from the movie Jaws: We're gonna need a bigger boat. Will there be a putting green at Harbour Center?
08/28/2014 8:24AM
You never went to the games and didn't go to War Memorial. You're 58 years old and use terms like "Azzzzz" for your rear-end? You write like a dunce who's failing 7th Grade, and not surprisingly, that's probably your education level. The only thing you are is a delusional alcoholic, who nightly, when responsible people are in bed getting rest for their JOBS the next morning, is just hitting his drunk sweet spot. Just revving up - a little past the half-way point of that Natty Ice 30 pack. Then decides to post drivel on here. Of course you're one of those know-it-all drunks, and think so highly of yourself while ignorantly making statements that are nowhere near the truth. Keep it up big guy, you seem to be doing well in life.
08/28/2014 9:06AM
RE: just another ploy
I smell a troll in those woods! He is not a Bills fan, more like a fan of BSing from '78. The dude wants to boycott the Bills 'to force them to be better' and wants everyone to jump on his bandwagon. First the assumption that they don't want to win is stupid. Second all you get from not buying tickets is the team moving, not better play. Non sequitur. Talk about a pathetic ploy.
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