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NFL Draft Report

By Joe Buscaglia

How a Revis trade affects the Bills

Happy Sunday, everyone. It was expected to be the calm before the storm of the 2013 NFL Draft, but then Hurricane Revis whipped through on the last portion of the weekend.

According to a few different outlets, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New York Jets are closing on a deal that would put the mega-talented Revis in Florida for at least half the year. The full return is not known yet at this point, but as of now it seems the 13th overall pick in 2013 will be heading to the Jets as part of the deal -- pending a completed physical, of course.

Besides the obvious of the Buffalo Bills not having to go up against Darrelle Revis twice a year anymore, how does the trade affect them specifically?

It's quite simple, really. The Jets, just like the Bills, are one of a handful of teams that need a new quarterback for the upcoming season.

Now that the Jets have two picks in the first round, that might alter a potential plan the Bills might have had for April 25. If New York had only the one first round pick, it did not look all that likely for the Jets to select a quarterback. With two? Perhaps they take a guy they really like and not risk waiting for 39th overall to get to them.

The Revis trade offers them flexibility, and although they will have a new need for a cornerback, the depth of the class at that position dictates they can probably wait until the second round.

With the Jets having those two picks behind the Bills in the first round, perhaps it scares Buffalo off of the idea about possibly trading down and wait for their quarterback to get to them a little later than 8 while acquiring another draft pick in the mean time.

The Jets just became that much more of a threat to take a quarterback in the first round. So if the Bills were intending on taking that first round quarterback, a trade-back may no longer be an option. If they want to secure their player at the most important position in football, they may be even more glued to that eighth overall pick than before.

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