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NFL institutes new policy on domestic violence

The NFL is toughening its stance on domestic violence.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell sent a letter to every NFL owner on Thursday, announcing enhanced discipline under the personal conduct policy

Under the new policy, players would be suspended at least six games for a first offense and would face a lifetime ban for a second. The letter also specifies that the new penalties apply to all NFL personnel.

Goodell admitted in the letter that he was wrong with his decision to suspend Rice for just two games.


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08/28/2014 3:12PM
NFL institutes new policy on domestic violence
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08/28/2014 3:20PM
Common Sense?
Closing the barn door after the horses got out. Good job Rog!
08/28/2014 3:23PM
i hope the player gets his day in court or is this just for accused?
08/28/2014 4:03PM
Too little too late?
so does this apply to Ray Rice?
08/28/2014 5:29PM
ok so?
well on the surface this seems like a really good active path to making certain that players/personal are aware of the ramifications to committing domestic violence. But above that there is the united states judicial system that also imposes disciplines for the same offenses. Yet people/players/personal are still committing these crimes. My point...people make mistakes lose their cool see red call it what you will. it will happen regardless of the stiffer penalty's from the commish. Goodell is just covering his a$$ after the Rice debacle.
08/28/2014 5:38PM
Should respect the court first.
I'm all for stiffer punishments for domestic violence, but I just hope they allow everything to unfold before making any judgments.
08/28/2014 7:15PM
Another policy that should be looked into
Fan abuse like the last 14 years of Bills football. Any ideas out there?
08/28/2014 8:07PM
did you not see the video?1
rice drags his fiancée out of an elevator and you want him to get his day in court?
08/28/2014 8:31PM
Re: did you not see the video?1
Because to overweight macho hillbillies, that doesn't matter as much as having your fantasy football player on the field to play a game.
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