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NHL announces changes to Draft Lottery format

The National Hockey League announced changes to its Draft Lottery on Wednesday, which will be phased in over two years, and it will start this upcoming season.

In 2015, the 30th team's chances at 1st pick is reduced from 25 to 20 percent, but the 30th team is guaranteed the second pick at worst.

The 10 highest-finishing non-Playoff qualifying teams will receive higher Draft Lottery odds than they received previously and the four lowest-finishing teams will receive worse odds.

In 2016, Three draws will be held: the 1st Lottery draw will determine the Club selecting first overall, the 2nd Lottery draw will determine the Club selecting second overall and the 3rd Lottery draw will determine the club selecting third overall.

As a result of this change, the team earning the fewest points during the regular season will no longer be guaranteed, at worst, the second overall pick. That club could fall as low as fourth overall.

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08/20/2014 3:23PM
NHL announces changes to Draft Lottery format
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08/20/2014 3:25PM
Too much math
08/20/2014 3:29PM
08/20/2014 4:07PM
Next Year is all that matters
It's in the Sabres favor to again be the worst team in the NHL. McDavid or Eichl should be a Sabre next June. 2016 doesn't matter and if they don't pick in the top 3 or 4 then fine. There is no one the caliber of McDavid, Eichl, McKinnon, Crosby or Kane in 2016. It's all about June 2015 through April when the season ends. Their fortunes will either change with getting one of these 2 superstars and a cup will be won in the following years erasing 43 forgettable years or they will miss out on both and the team will never win any Stanley Cup's....ever. I pray that it's the former that happens and not the latter.
08/20/2014 4:14PM
Won't finish in the bottom 2 this year anyway so get the pipe dreams of McDavid or Eichel out of your heads. There's no quick fix, no knight in shiny armour riding into town on his steed to save the team. Murray is building this the right way and it's not by being horrible in an effort to take a pot shot at the next great thing.
08/20/2014 4:30PM
Just give the cup winner first pick. Schopp likes it; cant be wrong.
08/20/2014 4:34PM
The NFL does it right...NHL and NBA do not
The who lottery concept is unfair. In reality, the worst team should get the first pick, period. To give a middle of the road team a shot at the overall pick, prevents a lower finishing team a chance to get better quicker. It simply is unfair. The NFL does it right. Teams don't tank in the NFL for the #1 overall pick, and any other sport as well. When a team is obviously bad in the NHL, they tend to trade away players for draft picks at the trade deadline. This is to free up monies so they can sign new players to try and get better. The salary cap helps keep new players from over inflating themselves and keeps every financially equal. The lottery does nothing toward making it equal. Give the worst team the #1 pick, the second worst #2, etc.....it's fair
08/20/2014 4:43PM
well we are rebuilding anyway right.
The sabres can go either way; to the bottom again or just making the playoffs. But to think they would make the playoffs is just wishful thinking. I do agree though they will need a McDavid or a Eichl and so on. For this team to even dream about playoffs. But as long as they are progressing forward is the key. Anything less than that like years or the years before just is not going to cut it. And god knows we as fans can go through that again. lets go buffalo.
08/20/2014 4:55PM
Why change, it's not in a businesses interest to perform poorly. Are these changes driven by fear of tanking? These modifications do not seem to help the game. Maybe the league should get rid of the board of governors. It's nothing more than a good ol boy network anyway. Many of seats aren't occupied by hockey people to begin with. Who is steering the ship here?
08/20/2014 5:20PM
Sabres cowardly strategy will fail.
Personally, I have respect for teams that actually try to improve by building their team, not by taking a dive for years straight. But that is the only way our brain trust can do it, by cheating with the rules.
08/20/2014 5:29PM
Who Cares
The Sabres will be in the playoffs this coming season and beyond. That's more important. It's about competing for the Stanley Cup. Not tanking hockey games. Some of the fans here can be total idoits. Right Jeremy?
08/20/2014 5:54PM
Follow the Money
The reason for rewarding good teams is that they are in big market cities, so when their 'super star' leaves they'll have a new kid in reserve to keep their 'market' share. Did anyone watch LA before they won the cup? Does anyonewatch Detroit now that they're beatable?
08/20/2014 5:58PM
Paulrus: Sabres make more hockey department changes
Boy, they're making more changes there than where it should be and that is on the ice. What a pathetic Joke! When is that big trade coming?
08/20/2014 6:44PM
Re: why?
The AM Show WGR550. That's the answer who is steering the ship. That's where all this tanking talk began. Fire the bums! White wouldn't quit. And he got invited to the war room at the trade deadline before talking all his nonsense wasting segments talking about tanking hockey games. Pathetic.
08/20/2014 9:25PM
This is all very exciting.
08/20/2014 9:29PM
Get ready....wait for it.....wait
Now make a face like the Call It Like Rick Winner. Obviously in some gastro-intestinal distress.
08/20/2014 10:18PM
Come on Sabres and Isles.....
I mean the Isles can finish 2nd worse just behind us right? After all those NHL GMs cried foul and increased their odds to get McDavid ... it would be awesome if we got them both.
08/20/2014 10:39PM
Just Think About What this Grabage League is Up to...
So the the team with the worst record has a lesser chance of drafting the best player? Think of all the prospects that were busts even those near the top of the draft. Teams aren't tanking when they trade veterans for draft picks/prospects. Draft picks and prospects are high risk crapshoots and don't guarantee anything. Its a trendy thing now in sports (baseball, hockey, etc.). Read the article on how the Detroit Tigers ha traded away so many highly regarded prospects quality veteran players and how so many of those prospects were busts. Just because Billy Beane can do it with his A's now all the GMs (and media and radio personalities (incl WGR) that is the way to go. Guess what, hate to disappoint with a projection, but there aren't enough Billy Beane's out there. There is no way to rationalize that this change is fair or betters the competitive balance in the NHL garbage league. The "also-rans" (finish 7 to 10 from the bottom, etc) are imposing their will & making detrimental changes to the already bad (boring) product of hockey. Top quality free agents generally don't sign with franchises with losing records... they go to winning teams that have their friends also playing on them. The history of free agency is the evidence supporting this statement. As I see it, the odds are really stacked against the little guy with a losing record in this league now more than ever and the commissioner and owners are asleep at the wheel...stunting the growth of the league's popularity....other than the draft lottery show that is.
08/21/2014 5:29AM
Call it the Sabre Rule
NHL had to make the change - and I'm glad they have. The Sabers diving on purpose last season forced this. What a great thing to be associated with!! Really losing to try to gain an advantage is so BUSH-LEAGUE Let's just refer to it as the Saber Rule
08/21/2014 6:05AM
"the NFL does it right"? Indy didn't tank to get Luck? Draft placing should be a composite of several years to prevent tanking.
08/21/2014 8:32AM
Dumb and stupid. Must have been put up by the idoit White. What a jurk.
08/21/2014 10:01AM
The Biggest best sports league in the world has the best draft. The NFL. Draft lottery,s are unfair to bad teams who need an influx of top talent.
08/21/2014 12:35PM
Purdy dead around here today
Somethin's up. Breaking news both Bills and Sabres?
08/21/2014 2:33PM
Make the pick Live!
I like the idea of a 2 or 3 year avg to place your draft position. Ditch the lottery and go this direction. As for the NHL - This smells of something. Change the rules to let everyone in the game and then pick the winner behind closed doors? Hmmmmm. I'd like to see the pick live.
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