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Posted: Monday, 27 January 2014 5:15PM

New Bills DC Schwartz to employ "an attack scheme"

Orchard Park, NY (WGR 550)  -- "We’ll be fast, we’ll be physical, and we’ll attack. We are not going to be a reading defense. There’s going to be a lot of defensive lineman that will be real happy to play in a system like that."

Jim Schwartz, the brand new defensive coordinator of the Buffalo Bills, didn't take long to hit several of the buzz words that made one-year defensive play-caller Mike Pettine into such a highly-touted man in the minds of many Bills fans.

The Bills introduced Schwartz to the public for the first time since announcing his hiring on Friday evening, just under a month since he was let go as the head coach of the Detroit Lions. Before assuming the position of head coach for the Lions in 2009, he was first a defensive coordinator for the Tennessee Titans from 2001 through 2008.

In both his stops, his defenses primarily ran a 4-3 base scheme that put a heavy emphasis on their defensive line to win the battles up front and get heat on the quarterback. The Bills ran a multiple defense in 2013 under Pettine, and while Schwartz didn't want to pigeonhole his defense from one of his first days on the job, he did describe how the 2014 defensive unit will go about their business.

"We’re an attack scheme, it’s a scheme built on the guys up front getting after the quarterback. As much as you want to be multi-dimensional with personnel groups, this league comes down to one on one and I think we have some guys that can do that," he said.

"Whatever anybody wants to tag the system as far as a name, it won’t be us. We’re just going to try to do whatever we can every week to do the best to have the game plan. I think the similarities you’ll see is it will be as aggressive as it can be and try to be as physical as we can be and it will be an attack style."

Schwartz was fired by the Lions in early January, a move that was expected considering both the 1-6 finish to the end of 2013 and an overall record of 29-51 in his five seasons there. Following in the footsteps of a few recently released head coaches, the new Bills defensive coordinator heavily deliberated what his next step would be.

"When you’re a head coach and you find yourself on the outside, you want your next opportunity, you want to be very careful about your next opportunity," Schwartz remarked Monday. "I was in this case and I didn’t step in to this opportunity lightly. Not only from the administration here and the ownership and the coaching staff, but also from a player standpoint. This is a tremendous opportunity for a defensive coach."

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