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Our Coach

Hey Bills Fans,
You know what we love about our coach? He’s a straight shooter, no lies, no sugar coating, just cold hard facts. He said it best from his 1st interview, “This is a tough game, for tough people.” That comment extends way beyond the hitting and the physical pounding, and I didn’t realize it until this week. The toughest part of our game is mental. Imagine if at your job there was a video camera on you every second, and not only were you videotaped- but you were then forced to watch it over, and over, and over again while your boss is critiquing every microscopic detail of your day….every day. Then when the inevitable bad day occurs, that boss reams you, tells you that you were flat out bad and that if you don’t get better you will be fired. After that, you have to recover, perform better or every bad thing he said will turn into reality. You still think the NFL is ALL glamorous?
This scenario is actually a good day for us players. You see, a lot of times in this business you don’t get that. You hear one thing- then another happens. This is a worst case scenario, how do you know how to perform and what’s expected of you when you don’t know what to believe? This is why we are lucky to have Coach Gailey. We know what is expected of us, when he talks we listen. When he asks us to do something, we go at it 100%. When he tells us we are bad, we agree and do everything we can to fix it. This is why we didn’t stop fighting when we were 0-8 last year and that’s why we won’t stop this year. We may not win every game but you have to agree that the effort is there.   It’s just a matter of bringing the good all together at the same time. I’m not saying this to defend our Coach because our Coach doesn’t need defending. He’s done a good job and everyone on the inside knows it. I’m merely saying this because with all the coaching change this week it has me reflecting on my own situation and the more I think of it the more I realize how good I’ve got it. 
With three weeks left in the season the Dolphins Tony Sparano, and the Chiefs Todd Haley are fired. This brings up a lot of questions. The dolphins have been talking about this for weeks, why after they started 0-7 and the talks started did they not pull the trigger?  Why did they wait until he gets the team on a winning streak to pull the trigger?  And why doesn’t either team wait until the end of the season? Of course only those two teams know these answers, but let’s brainstorm. I think the main reason is this: they thought, “let’s put it out the news that we have an opening”. It allows them to sample a coach as interim currently on the payroll. It can allow certain coaches time to decide if they would be interested in that job and time to get excited before they are officially eligible to be hired. And let me just say right now, I do not envy any of the candidates for these jobs. I love the game and love the coaching aspect, but I would never want to be a Head Coach in this league. In today’s game, these guys have an extremely short leash and an unbelievable amount of responsibilities. They are expected to win in a very short time, which means they have to do it with a bunch of guys that might not fit their mold. 
Look at the college ranks, most people agree that it isn’t until the 3rd or 4th year until you can see if a college coach is any good. That’s because it’s when the players they recruited are finally on the field. Take for instance if you are a defensive minded coach and you have an unbelievable 4-3 defensive scheme, but the old staff built the team around a 3-4 scheme. It takes time to get that 4-3 personnel on the roster. This business is a “what have you done for me lately league”. In my opinion, it’s extremely tough to be successful in the short term, and you may have the winning formula just not enough time to develop it. The guys are crazy for wanting this job. Coach Gailey said it best when asked about the Cowboys Jason Garrett going into the business. He said, “I thought he was smarter than that.” You can’t help but laugh and agree with that!
So- Here’s to being a player and not a coach.
(For Now) Your No-Named Buffalo Bill

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