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Photo courtesy Panthers.com

Panthers have 'fair offer' for No. 1 overall pick

As we approach the June 27 NHL draft, it appears the Florida Panthers are taking phone calls about the No. 1 overall pick.

From Damian Cox’s latest column: “As far as the draft, Tallon said he has received one ‘fair offer’ for the first pick overall, which he has made clear is available for trade.”

Like the Houston Texans in the NFL, the Panthers have made it public that they are interested in hearing what the rest of the league has to offer.
Tallon has not been shy about what he wants in a deal, saying he would like a top pair defenseman.

Which teams could be interested in making such a deal? The Vancouver Canucks have been rumored to be interested in getting from the No. 6 overall to the top pick.


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06/11/2014 8:39AM
Panthers have 'fair offer' for No. 1 overall pick
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06/11/2014 8:42AM
It takes more than a fair offer to move the 1st overall pick
It has to be a no-brainer. I think this is a move by the Panthers brass to try and get a bidding war going because they don't like the offers that they do have enough to move the pick.
06/11/2014 10:04AM
Sabres Fan in Kingston
Apart from Aaron Ekblad the other top junior players are comparable. I would like to see Tim Murray try to move up one spot but not give away the house doning so. Therefore, a possible Florida-Buffalo trade involves a flip of first round picks with the Sabres including something from the second round and a prospect. The wild card is about what the Sabres may be offered for their first round pick.
06/11/2014 10:47AM
why why why
why are drewy doormat and one punch still here???
06/11/2014 11:31AM
Let Vancouver have Reinhart
If Couver wants Reinhart? Then let them have him. Ekblad is a better player all around and the best player in this draft bar none. Taking Ekblad also allows them to trade the "never was" known as Tyler Myers. They can also trade Ehrhoff if they like, to a real contender that he desrves to be traded to. Ekblad is a generational defenseman in the mold of Shea Weber or Doughty. All of the hype last year was around Seth Jones...Ekblad is even a tier or two above Seth Jones. Vancouver moving up to #1 could be the best thing that could happen for the Sabres in terms of winning the real jackpot.
06/11/2014 12:43PM
Myers, Erhoff...
bye bye! Go get the 1st pick we have a great crop of young D already
06/11/2014 1:01PM
Doesn't matter
Doesn't matter what Fla. does; the franchise will be relocated in 3-5 years. team is not supported in south fla. and is only a matter of time before another owner says he can't absorb more multi-million dollar losses
06/11/2014 1:13PM
Interesting potential dilemma for the Sabres.
We all know they want Reinhart. But if some team picks him with the nr. 1 selection, what do the Sabres do then? The BPA would be Ekblad, but they really need Bennett. Edmonton wants Ekblad. The thing to do IMO is to offer to switch picks with Edmonton for a prospect or a pick in 2015. If Edmonton refuses, we would be obliged to take Ekblad ourselves, still not a bad deal.
06/11/2014 1:13PM
Sabres need to take....
06/11/2014 2:04PM
Goodbye Eckblad!
Unless you have your head in the sand (Heeelllllooooooo Paul Hamilton) you realize that all the talk as about trading to get the shot at Eckblad. Nobody else is THAT good in this draft so the Sabres will once again miss out. Just wait until next year when they miss out on McDavid too! Makes me laugh to think anyone in Buffalo believes (truly believes) that the Sabres can ever compete with teams like the Rangers when it really matters much less the real good teams.
06/11/2014 3:35PM
Armchair GM time....how about Ehrhoff (or Myers), at least one second rounder this year, St. Louis' first next year, and a prospect (Grigorenko?). We could then take Ekblad and Rheinhart 1/2.
06/11/2014 7:59PM
How about...
Ehrhoff Adam our 3 second round picks for the #1 overall. Throw in the St. Louis first rounder next year if necessary. Pick Ekblad and Samson Reinhart #1 & #2. Suck for one more year and take Eichel and Zacha next year with their own and the Islanders first rounders. Add Grigorenko, Armia, and Girgensons to the mix and we are at least heading in the right direction.
06/12/2014 1:24AM
Fast Fact
I guess Florida might be interested in winning unlike Walmart. Whatever. The clowns on WGR are starting their douchebaggery once again. What idiots.
06/12/2014 3:06AM
06/12/2014 10:53AM
what should we do ?
Ekbiad is the best player in the draft. If he falls to two it is a no brainer, you draft the best player. We are stacked at defense, did Florida say that want a defensive paring ? Myers and Ehrhoff . Bring up our young talented defense, Use Ekbiad as youfranchise defensemen and start developing the goal scores we have in Rochester. Reinhart is a passer we need goal scores. If Ekbiad is gone Bennett apears to be a better fit here. He is big, plays with passion and has one hell of a wrist shot.
06/12/2014 11:38AM
think the Sabres would move up one spot.
06/12/2014 12:33PM
That's waaay to much
To give up to move up one spot in the draft. If Murray wants more picks then I could see them moving down, but why give up a lot to move up one spot? This franchise is almost bare to the bones why set it back farther?
06/12/2014 3:05PM
In Response to "Goodbye Eckblad!"
You have no clue what you're talking about. All the talk here in Vancouver is their attempt to move up to no. 1 to get Reinhart.
06/12/2014 11:30PM
Have a fair offer?
SO. This is a Buffalo Web site. The Sabres are our team, not Florida.
06/13/2014 10:10AM
Re: In Response to "Goodbye Eckblad!"
That's because Vancouver is getting desperate due to the impending departure of Kessler which will hurt AND the Sedins getting older and less effective. The Sabres don't have a d-man of Eckblad's caliber no matter how much chest thumping they do about Rhistolainen and Zadorov...neither of which is a stud in the vein of Shea Weber. Also, the consensus number one is still Eckblad since Bennett couldn't do one measly pull-up.
06/13/2014 10:11PM
RE: Goodbye Eckblad
Your an idiot!!!
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