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Poloncarz sounds off on new Bills stadium

County Executive Mark Poloncarz shared his thoughts on the idea of a new stadium for the Buffalo Bills. Polancarz told the Buffalo News that he isn't sold that the team needs one.

“They have to prove to me that the Bills can’t be viable in Ralph Wilson Stadium,” Poloncarz told The News. “If we’re going to have to build a new stadium, I want so see something that really proves we need a new stadium.”

The County Executive, who participated in the negotiation for the Bills' new lease, said he does not want to dip into other funds to provide a stadium.

“I’m not going to cut libraries, I’m not going to cut parks, I’m not going to cut Child Protective Services to give more money to the multibillionaires who run professional football.”

“I think they are taking the opportunity to use this as a revenue grab,” Poloncarz said.

The County Executive also joined Bulldog and Sal Capaccio Wednesday to discuss his thoughts on a new stadium.  Listen right here:


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People : Mark PoloncarzPolancarz
08/13/2014 6:16AM
Polancarz sounds off on new Bills stadium
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08/13/2014 6:52AM
I Agree
I not sure how a new stadium would increase revenue for the NFL as opposed to a renovated Ralph. Can anyone shed some light please.
08/13/2014 7:06AM
For sure with POLONCARZ attitude. Its all political to him. You lose the Bills, you lose everything the Bills represent here in Buffalo NY. Why start this Bulls--- now?
08/13/2014 7:16AM
The Bills are the only NFL team that has a LEASE on their stadium. The only team that does not own a stadium for them to play at. I wonder if Poloncarz understands that or understands that the Bills are the easiest NFL team to relocate because of that fact. The Bills need good propaganda right now instead of having this guy sht on the NFL and the Bills when the Bills don't have one of those 'multibillionaires' to write a check. Does he even know we don't have an owner and the organization is holding their breath until a new owner is announced. We want the keep the Bills here dan it!
08/13/2014 7:24AM
What is this guy thinking? Can someone do some research and find out why he went from "I'll do everything in my power to keep the Bills here" to "I don't think multi billionaires who run professional football need more money"? Keep your mouth shut until someone who is going to keep the Bills in Buffalo owns the team, then you can say whatever you want about the stadium. This makes me feel like Toronto or NFL owners that don't want the Bills in Buffalo, slipped him some money to put some doubt in other NFL owners minds that the Bills can be viable in Buffalo. I know he has said in the past that he thinks the current stadium is fine but why make a big stink about in the middle of a process that is trying to find a new owner for the Bills that wants to keep them in Buffalo? Shut it, for now, Mark, or we will have to start looking into your list of financial backers.
08/13/2014 7:27AM
i bet this guy has an arsenal of JC. Penny Suits too
This team cant even get a Monday Night Football game. Hello!!!!! Get a new stadium. The Sabres did it and they've hosted many national games. Including the Stanley Cup and Juniors. Get out of the barn man.
08/13/2014 7:39AM
okay i changed my mind, i want bon jovi
08/13/2014 7:43AM
He do got a point.
Now i love the mess out of football. But if if going to take away from others and what they need to live. Than the hell with that let them play at the ralph. Tax payers for decade have been picking up the bills for everything. How can we ask a tax payer to pay for something they don't have. And if you look around i mean every thing has went up that you can name of. every thing but what you can make a hour i know some people can afford higher taxes. But our taxes in new york is off the chain. Most people will never get to see the bills play no matter where you put a new stadium at. They can't afford it What do you think a parent will do. When comes down to their kids education or food or cloths. That win come first no matter what than rent or if you own your own house. Can we raise the pay at lease to see what we are working with. And of course it sad because this is what our kids might want to be when they finnish with school. Don't get me wrong i would love for the bills to play downtown. But all we want to know at what price do we have to pay. to get this job done with out hurting the working man and women and teens for that matter. Because at the end of the day we are all in this together. You can like it or hate it but it just a true fact. Lets go buffalo.
08/13/2014 8:23AM
It won't happen here. Toronto? One would go up faster there. We're still waiting for tall skyscrapers 60 stories and up to be built here while Toronto keeps on building them. The Bills...Bring on the moving vans already!!!
08/13/2014 8:31AM
Bills stadium
comments are absolutely fair. However what happens if the team leaves? Is he willing to part with all the revenue it brings to Buffalo and WNY...I would hope not.
08/13/2014 9:09AM
Just knowing it's political...AGAIN
A perfect good example why Buffalo will never be Big Market. Politicians keep shutting down any good ideas building anything here to bring in revenue. Really am surprised that Harbor Center got passed. The Senecas did have their high rise hotel shut down. The politicians don't want anything done here and that's a plain shame. What a Joke!
08/13/2014 9:16AM
Poloncarz is an Azzhole
Plain and simple. He's doing a GREAT JOB of pushing this team into the hands of an owner that will move it.
08/13/2014 9:29AM
Horrible time to be grandstanding
This is the type of leadership that has moved Buffalo from the 8th largest city in the US to the 72th in 2012.
08/13/2014 9:35AM
Lambeau & Fenway
Why are these parks still being used? I call it extreme home field advantage, keep Rich Stadium going.
08/13/2014 9:49AM
Apparently, none of the above commenters use any country service the county executive mentioned. Its a sad commentary that the insatiable love for football trumps human services. No compassion here in Buffalo, I guess....
08/13/2014 9:58AM
He has tunnel vision
Driving around country there is no more unsightly a municipality than the highway view down RT 190. A new stadium knocks off some rust from a beaten down city, its a shot in the arm, another bolstering to the health of a now beaten down city. You need to look beyond the billionaires and the NFL and think about the regression and for that matter the oppression of Buffalo and instead focus on a multi use year round facility that will bring life to the look and the economy of that once thriving area.
08/13/2014 10:00AM
Enough is enough on this krap on this stale topic sale of the Bills
It's old. Talk about it later, when it happens. The record is worn out. DEEEEE ROP IT!!! OK, let's change the record. Sabres in on Setoguchi. (e4) More to come...
08/13/2014 10:08AM
Typical Buffalo
This is why things move at a snails pace in Buffalo. Yet another guy in a position of power who has a small-minded outlook.
08/13/2014 10:29AM
Put up a winning team
I think viable implies if they start winning and the stadium fills to capacity, with corporate boxes tied up for decades, THEN maybe think about a new stadium. Otherwise if you want feature comforts at the game, stay home and pay-per-view. I remember freezing weather for playoffs and they were sell out crowds. No one cared about the stadium.
08/13/2014 10:58AM
I live in Florida.... moved from Buffalo in 1972 when I enlisted in the Air Force. My question is.... Is it an election year up there? Must be with comments like that.
08/13/2014 11:08AM
All you whiners..
Crying about the Bills leaving...An Increase in Your Property Taxes and in the county Sales Tax is what is needed and that money will go directly to a New Stadium that you have No Right to enter unless you pay More. Like a kid at McDonalds you would rather starve so you can play with your shiney new toy.....
08/13/2014 11:39AM
Exactly what benefit is there to him saying this now?
08/13/2014 11:40AM
Poor timing from Vermont
Tell the clown to keep his mouth shut. Politics at it's finest
08/13/2014 11:58AM
Private funds needed!
First of all they renovated Arrowhead stadium in 2011 SO what's the big deal about renovation? Personally I believe we have people with money that could do this on their own if needed and reap the benefits....Pegula, Jacobs, Golisano and even Kelly's buddy Jeff and Carl Palladino...people with funds AND contact and know how can do this, make money AND help the residents & taxpayers who pay the rent anyway.Think about it! Poloncarz does have a point however....he's just has questions and wants a fair answer. Maybe if Pegula is new owner of Bills, he just may think of this venture it is not out of the impossible
08/13/2014 12:00PM
New ownership First!
Don't you think about getting an owner first AND THEN worry about this later...cmon ppl first things first!!!
08/13/2014 12:01PM
re: facepalm
I appreciate how nothing in your comment is even remotely true. Lambeau Field is city owned, AT&T stadium is city owned, Arrowhead is county owned, Mile High is city owned, the Georgia dome is state owned... I think you get the idea. EVERY team thatdoesn't own their stadium has to have a lease. This applies to most teams in the NFL. Please consider actually doing research before spouting nonsense next time... it helps.
08/13/2014 12:10PM
Why use those 3 examples and act as if that is the only way a new stadium gets done. I am sure there are other areas in the budget that can be cut. There is waste, fraud, abuse, political patronage jobs and the like that can be "trimmed" for the greater good. But he chooses not to cite those things for his example. In the end, it's much ado about nothing. Get ownership right and I am sure things will get done. I do wish people would be quiet until the process is completed, though. Go Pegula being the next owner of the Bills! Doesn't guarantee anything but I feel better about him than any other name I have heard.
08/13/2014 12:45PM
bye bye bills
With that attitude. The Bills are gone
08/13/2014 12:46PM
re: Commenters:
All this joker has done since he took office is raise taxes. Now he is going to play this angle of being a "champion for the taxpayers"? How about he gets concerned about finding ways to lower the existing taxes that we pay rather than conviently use this issue to do an about face on his current tax dollar soaking policies. Guy is nothing but a farce just like most other WNY politicians.
08/13/2014 1:04PM
Someone needs to tell Mr. Polancarz to shut the bleep up! There isn't even a new owner yet and he's already prepared to fight whoever it is. ANY new owner is going to wsnt a new stadium, the NFL wants a new stadium and the commissioner said it is vital to the Bills long term viability. Instead of this foolish waste of time he needs to be looking into how to get it done.
08/13/2014 1:14PM
Completely Agree
Take the Bills and move than as far away as possible. They're nothing but a drain on our tax dollars.
08/13/2014 1:32PM
Bunch of BS grandstanding is all that is, nothing more.
What's the old saying from Don Quixote if he were to be serious: Don't tilt at windmills? Nah, this is merely a calculated move to make himself look like a dedicated public servant when they somehow do end up agreeing to a new stadium.
08/13/2014 1:37PM
What is the NFLs rules on new Stadiums
Was a letter sent out to all the cities who have NFL stadiums today as to when a new stadium needs to be built and what it should include? Buffalo should only build a new stadium if it is truly needed...and its not. If the NFL is telling Buffalo it needs a new stadium well then they need to explain in detail why this needs to happen...if something is missing then the Ralph can be upgraded ...again... to meet the needs of the NFL....if Buffalo has to follow some NFL made up rule then so does every other city who owns an NFL team
08/13/2014 2:12PM
Polancarz is right
We shouldn't subsidize multi-billionaires. Our priorities are so twisted; we should be investing in education and infrastructure. He's absolutely correct. Well said.
08/13/2014 2:42PM
Wake up Buffalo
The NFL is one of the greddiest organizations in the world. They're going to try to take every last cent that you have at the expense of your future and livelihood.
08/13/2014 3:37PM
Politicians always looking out for us!
I had to laugh when I heard his comments. Its like he's our great advocate for protecting the tax payers of erie county. We' ve had the Ralph forever and we still live in one of the most overtaxed counties in the country. Now hes going to protect us from those big bad billionaires that run the NFL. I hope he has the same enthusiasm to protect us when he presents the next county budget. At least with the Bills I get a little bit of enjoyment out of my tax money.
08/13/2014 3:52PM
Keep the Ralph!
There is nothing wrong with our newly renovated stadium. Location is perfect. We should live within our means, and not be "blackmailed" by the NFL. If they think they can do better elsewhere, good for them.
08/13/2014 4:11PM
He's running Erie County?
Even if that is his position; is this really the right time to air your opinions about a new stadium? We are trying to keep the Bills here in Buffalo, not give anyone a reason to take him out of here. Use some common sense.
08/13/2014 4:30PM
This is great news!!!
These NFL teams are such a drag on the local economy. Why should we be saddled with higher taxes just so some rich owner can make more money?
08/13/2014 4:42PM
here it is
all kinds of taxpayer money spent foolishly..When MP took over a STABLE EC..first thing he did was to take from the saving Collins have tirelessly saved for the Taxpayers, to hire friends, and restore some unneeded programs the only the Progressives wanted.Now he cries broke...S crew him...BUILD or be quiet
08/13/2014 5:02PM
The timing of this statement is not right. Wonder what Pegula thinks about this comment. Will it give him reason to pause and/or reassess?
08/13/2014 5:19PM
The "Ralph" is fine
First things first. If the new owner is local the Bills will stay so we need to be more focused on that then a new stadium. Second, Lambeau Field, Soldiers Field, Wrigley Field, Fenway Park (yes, I know the last two are for baseball) are much older but still viable. With the renovations, the "Ralph" has plenty to offer the fans of Western New York. It's the product ON the field that will bring a Monday Night, Thursday Night game to Buffalo. "IF you keep it, they will come."
08/14/2014 7:37AM
WHY NOW???????
Political Gain? This is DUMB! Really Dumb!
08/14/2014 10:33AM
Stop already!!! New Stadiums DO NOT take away dollars from libraries and parks!!!
Stop being so short-sited Poloncarz. That is political speak! Name the last "major event" the Ralph held outside of a Bills game, and high school playoffs don't count. A Sabres outdoor game, which is not coming back anytime soon. A new stadium, especially downtown with a retractable roof, gives vision to other events coming into Buffalo. And in regards to the Ralph is fine: Lambeau Field (major renovations done, way beyond the Ralph), Soldiers Field (Bears played an entire season away so as to overhaul the entire stadium), Wrigley Field (Cubs wanted a new stadium too!), Fenway Park (too historic so they built seats on top of Green Monster). Last I checked, didn't they build a new stadium for the Yankees? How about the the new Stadium for the Giants and Jets? Lets see, major college FOOTBALL games play in new Yankees stadium and a thing called the Super Bowl was just played in New York/New Jersey. Think foward, not back!
08/14/2014 1:41PM
Building the stadium in Buffalo would revitalize the downtown and waterfront. Buffalo is a great town but needs to be developed properly.
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