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NFL Draft Report

By Joe Buscaglia

QB Robert Griffin III, Baylor

Robert Griffin III, #10


6'2", 223 lbs., 22 years old

Copperas Cove, TX

2011: 72.4%, 4,293 yards, 37 TD, 6 INT

2010: 67.0%, 3,501 yards, 22 TD, 8 INT

2009: 65.2%, 481 yards, 4 TD

2008: 59.9%, 2,091 yards, 15 TD, 3 INT




- Top notch athleticism for the quarterback position. The best blend of speed and arm strength for a quarterback since Michael Vick.

- Escapability within the pocket is extremely good. Able to side-step pressure and tuck and run if nothing is open downfield.

- Shows precision on NFL caliber throws when he sets his feet in the pocket. Strong enough arm to make throws along the sideline. Enough accuracy on deep balls.

- Overall football intelligence. Savvy in the art of deception. Made countless plays after a quick fake-step, play action or pump fake that got Baylor some big yardage.



- Leaves the pocket a bit too early at times. Loves rolling out to the right side. Causes plays to blow up at times because he takes a false step or two to the right while the line is trying to give him a pocket.

- Might durability be a concern? His frame has little to do with this. He takes a lot of big hits -- even for the college level. There's a certain art to being tackled and falling down to the ground, and his limbs tend to go everywhere. Body may be at risk for harm against bigger NFL defenses.

- Accuracy dramatically dips when throwing on the run. Fine when he steps in to the pocket and throws with his feet moving. But on rollouts his accuracy falls, tends to take a lot of chances.

- Careless with the football at times when running the football.


Special Notes:

- Sat out the majority of 2009 due to a torn ACL.


Projection: Top 5 pick

- Robert Griffin III is a major player in the 2012 NFL Draft. He does some things that are rare for the quarterback position. But when you analyze his game versus that of Andrew Luck's there are more concerns about RG3 over the course of an NFL career than there is with Luck. For that reason alone, Luck will be the first player off the board. RG3 has his flaws, but won't be far behind in the draft order.

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