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NFL Draft Report

By Joe Buscaglia

QB Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M

Ryan Tannehill, #17

Texas A&M

6'3", 221 lbs., 23 years old

Big Spring, TX

2011: 61.7%, 3,744 yards, 29 TD, 15 INT

2010: 65%, 1,637 yards, 13 TD, 6 INT

2009: 46 receptions, 609 yards, 4 TD

2008: 55 receptions, 844 yards, 5 TD





- Athleticism is Tannehill's number one asset. A mobile quarterback that can make moves in the open-field for positive yardage, and one that does well at moving his feet inside the pocket and throwing on the run.

- Displays a great arm in his games. Makes NFL level throws that split seams of zone defenses and along the sidelines with good velocity.

- For someone that played only two seasons at quarterback, has fairly good mechanics. Needs to be tinkered with just a little bit for speed of delivery.

- Comfortable with lining up under center in a pro-style offense. Goes through his progressions and is used to calling a hot route for his receiver when he sees something in coverage.



- Not a lot of starts under his belt. Still developing as a passer and someone that deciphers a defense.

- Fine-tuned accuracy isn't his strong point right now. He'll miss a few easy throws due to putting too much power on it. Also struggles throwing a consistent, accurate deep ball.

- Will force some throws in to coverage when under duress. Interception totals are high for college.


Special Notes:

- Turns 24 in July

- Wide receiver turned quarterback in his junior season at Texas A&M. High school QB.


Projection: Top 15

- Is he one of the top 15 players in the country? No. But the frenzy for the position he plays, with the rookie wage scale in place, will dictate that he's taken in the top 15, maybe even the top 10. Tannehill will likely need a year of seasoning before he makes his plunge in to the NFL. But the tools to work with are very, very good. You don't find that type of athleticism and arm in one package too often.

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