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Quarterback, quarterback, quarterback

Now that's what great quarterbacking looks like. For Bills fans who call our show and say the Bills should stay with Tyrod Taylor because "who else is out there" or "he's the best we've had here during the drought", I hope you watched the Green Bay-Dallas playoff game.

It isn't about having a quarterback who can manage a game while the Bills find a way to get a wild card berth.  The Bills lone goal should be to win a Super Bowl and you have to do much better at quarterback than what the Bills have.

Watching Aaron Rodgers was the highlight of the weekend.  His command of the offense, his poise under pressure, and his chance taking all stood out.  Now I know its unfair to compare Taylor to a quarterback who could be in the Hall of Fame someday so how about the other guy in the game? 

If you had no idea who Dak Prescott was, you might think he's a veteran quarterback who has had multiple playoff berths in a long, successful career.  As a rookie, Prescott has been revelation and he is NOT a manage the game quarterback.  He also plays for a team that has an incredibly talented running back but Prescott makes plays and won games this season with his arm.

It didn't work out against Green Bay but it wasn't Prescott's fault.  He brought the Cowboys back from a 15 point deficit in the fourth quarter.

After watching Rodgers take his team downfield for a go ahead field goal, Prescott and the Cowboys offense was sitting at their own 25 yard line with 93 seconds to play.  Prescott completed a 24 yard pass over the middle to start the drive and was 3-4 for 42 yards as Dallas moved into position for a game tying field goal.

Even though their team lost, Cowboys fans should feel great about the future because of the first year performance from Prescott.

Houston made the playoffs but they're going nowhere until they find a real quarterback.  Kansas City made the playoffs but the Chiefs aren't a legitimate super bowl threat with Alex Smith.

The Bills could make the playoffs with Tyrod Taylor but there's only so far Taylor can take you.  Hopefully the Bills know that and have that in mind as they formulate their off season game plan.

01/16/2017 10:49AM
Quarterback, quarterback, quarterback
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01/16/2017 11:08AM
Neither is EJ or Cardale the long term answers. I do not believe this qb is coming out of college this year. So, the question is do you live with Tyrod for a couple of years, or do you bring in some washed up, expensive qb to hold this postion? Remotely familiar to the Vince Ferragamo days.......YIKES!
01/16/2017 11:35AM
So the plan is
to trade for Aaron Rodgers? That's not a plan. There are only a few QBs that are good enough to lead their bad team to playoff success; and one of them is on a team that cheats. People think if we get rid of Tyrod that means automatically we get somebody better. Because people who want to get rid of Tyrod Taylor belong locked away in a facility for the mentally insane.
01/16/2017 11:51AM
so true. Look at the 4 qb's left
01/16/2017 12:12PM
Absolutely. There will be moments with TT that will bring cheers from all us diehards. But, we want more than a wild card game. He has some good skills but can he lead us to a super bowl. Never.
01/16/2017 12:37PM
Well taylor isn't Rodgers.
But yes they still got to draft or pickup a Qb. The best option here is to draft one, We will not be a ground and pound football team anyway. Because with new coaches comes a new scheme. But at lease these coaches just came from playoffs with in the last5 years. But so far he right on target with his staff.
01/16/2017 2:28PM
Well the Bills coulda had Rogers and they coulda had Prescott. Aaron Rogers was drafted at the end of the 1st round -and Prescott in the 4th round. Not to mention Tom Brady who was drafted in the 6th round. But Whaley doesnt care about getting a QB for Buffalo. He is just content to go with his pet EJ Manuel and Tierod. The Bills need a REAL GM. I dont know why Pegula cant see that.
01/16/2017 2:51PM
Thanks, Howard Simon
You Go Girl!!!
01/16/2017 3:16PM
Rogers, Brady, and maybe now Prescott are obviously very rare birds -- easy to say "go get one" but what do Howard and the boys at 'GR think the Bills should do in the interim (could be another decade), just take a knee? Pro teams without a Rogers or a Brady -- which is the vast majority of them -- are obliged to win however they can, especially considering the ticket prices they charge. Don't you think Rex Ryan, for all his inadequacies, knew what kind of quarterbacking he had? Is it any wonder he stressed the ground game and defense? What realistic choice did he have? I can take Tyrod or leave him, but if you leave him, you're no closer to getting out of quarterback wilderness -- and all those who now advocate cutting ties with him will no doubt be among the biggest whiners when the Bills go 6-10 with a mediocre veteran or a struggling rookie.
01/16/2017 3:31PM
Simple simon
It's great you say all this but one only need to tune into your morning show to hear endless talk about Taylor and "draft Mike Williams out of Clemson" and how your OK with that. But to be certain i'm not waiting till next years "better draft class" I draft best QB at number 10 and start him day one. Prescott shows it doesn't take "3 years" only takes 3 years if your C. Jones and a bust.
01/16/2017 4:38PM
Bills Quaterback , quaterback, quaterback
Patrick Mahomes would be my fantasy pick for the next Bills quaterback, if the the Red Raider defense didn't absolutely suck they would probably have played for a national championship. This kid has an arm that is stronger than Aaron Rodgers' ever was, he's more mobile, and like Rodgers he's not afraid to throw downfield. I think he'll have a great career in the pros.
01/16/2017 6:08PM
Yeah Howard, I think we know, so why don't ya go get us one.
01/16/2017 7:29PM
Is Dak Prescott a free agent?
Ok I get it, Tyrod Taylor isn't Aaron Rodgers or Dak Prescott. Why don't you answer the question that the article began with and tell us who could actually replace him? That's right there isn't anybody, you're just sh**ting on the guy and not providing any alternatives (even though he's been our best quarterback in the past 20 years). Let's just spend another 17 years missing the playoffs until we find the next Jim Kelly, instead of keeping a quarterback ranked in the top 10 of the league and drafting a potential replacement. No logic
01/16/2017 8:31PM
I'd keep Tyrod...
...and take either one of those offensive lines. The Bills pass protection has been pretty weak for a while. It amazes me that in a 16 week season the "experts" in the local media never once bring that up. The QB takes too many sacks? He runs too often? He won't stay in the pocket? What pocket? It doesn't exist.
01/17/2017 12:28AM
And anyone who was convinced that EJ Manuel was the Bills qb of the future will never be the guy who acquires the next Rodgers/Prescott/Carr etc. Doug Whaley believed that RG3 & Kapernick were the future of the NFL. He still does.
01/17/2017 11:03AM
Hey, dummy. The Bills didn't have a first round pick in 2005 so they could not have picked Rodgers. Everyone passed on Dak 3 times and Brady at least 5. Don't comment anymore, ok?
01/17/2017 12:28PM
This isn't even a real website.
It is only updated Monday-Friday (excluding holidays), during normal business hours.
01/17/2017 12:44PM
Mason Rudolph 2018
01/17/2017 1:07PM
it dont matter cuz......
with the 10th overall pick in the 2017 nfl draft,the buffalo ills oops, I mean jills no sorry, the bills will select.. JOE ESKIMO,PUNTER FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA!THEN A KICKER IN THE SECOND ROUND!!
01/18/2017 8:47AM
Tank time
Tank for Sam Darnold. Seriously.
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