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By Joe Buscaglia
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Reaction: Steelers 19 - Bills 16

The Buffalo Bills put their best effort into bringing a second victory back to New York with them in the preseason, but a slow start by both the first-team offense and defense inevitably ruined their chances. The team concluded their five-day stay in Pennsylvania with a 19-16 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

On Thursday night, just two days ahead of the game, Bills quarterback EJ Manuel had one of his best practices as a professional football player. Was he able to capitalize on that performance and implement it into the game setting? Here are some reactions from the Bills’ most recent contest:

No TD-ville
- Five drives, no touchdowns. Heck, let’s take it a step farther. Three games, 10 total drives, no touchdowns. That is the stat line that bogs down the first-team offense with quarterback EJ Manuel at the helm. They haven’t managed to scrounge up anything more than a field goal to conclude a drive, leaving most frustrated by their inability to do so in a meaningless, exhibition contest. On Saturday, the inconsistent version of Manuel was seen and it cost the Bills on more than a few separate occasions during their offensive drives. While Manuel wasn’t hesitant, he settled in for a lot of underneath throws to running backs and tight ends, due to (what he said was) the Steelers dropping seven back into coverage. The Steelers likely saw what Manuel did to their defense on Thursday at practice and vowed not to allow any intermediate-to-large gains through the air. The quarterback threw some errant passes, with the interception to Ryan Shazier and the two inaccurate throws on the run being the most glaring ones. He did bring about a pair of very good throws, too. He found Robert Woods on a deep comeback route that Manuel placed on the money along the sidelines with a hearty amount of anticipation laced into the throw. Later on he found T.J. Graham open in some space for a third-down pickup as well. What matters is that the drives stalled deep into Steelers’ territory, which means that the Bills have to figure things out next weekend against Tampa Bay.

Watkins scare
- On the first drive of the game, most Bills fans gasped for air when they saw first-round selection and wide receiver Sammy Watkins get injured. When he went to the locker room, there was a very small amount of panic in regards to Watkins, too. The wideout was discovered to have an injury to his ribs, which doesn’t give any indication as to the timetable that he could be out. NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport reported during the game that Watkins’ rib injury didn’t appear to be serious, although the report wasn’t specific as to when the rookie would return in full. Head coach Doug Marrone wasn’t aware of the severity of the injury and only called it a contusion, but quarterback EJ Manuel said that he thinks Watkins “will be fine.” For now, it’s a wait-and-see approach.

Rush defense continues to shine
- Coming into Saturday night’s contest, the first-team defense allowed only 18 yards on 10 carries of designed run plays combined between the New York Giants and Carolina Panthers. They kept that in tact against the Steelers by allowing just 11 yards on five carries. Granted, the Steelers were moving the ball down the field through the air as they pleased, but the run defense showed once again why this could be a much improved unit. Brandon Spikes, Jerry Hughes, Nigel Bradham and both Kyle Williams and Marcell Dareus all contributed to one of the lone bright spots of the evening for the top units.

Pass defense problem?
- If teams aren’t having success in the run department, odds are you know what their countermove will be: they’re going to try and spread the ball around to get the opposition to back off the line of scrimmage. With all the success that the run defense had, the pass defense was left in the dust on Saturday. The Bills had Stephon Gilmore, Corey Graham, Da’Norris Searcy and Duke Williams as the starting unit, and all four struggled throughout the evening. Gilmore gave up the touchdown in the corner of the end zone to Markus Wheaton, which was his second beat for a score in as many weeks. Graham had the best day of the group as a tackling corner, but he lost a step on Antonio Brown on the 76-yard touchdown which allowed for Duke Williams to run straight into Graham to cancel each other out. On that same play Searcy was slow to recognize both what was happening and what was coming his way, got caught flat-footed and by that point the speedy Brown was already long gone. Some might ask why Aaron Williams wasn’t in with the first-team, but head coach Doug Marrone implored everyone to not read into it. He said the exercise was just to familiarize Duke Williams with the top unit before the season, but the coach remained that Aaron Williams is in fact the starter. The secondary could be an issue if the pass rush isn't there for the Bills, so it's certainly a situation to monitor.

Backup QB
- Question: “Are you satisfied with your backup quarterback play?”
Doug Marrone: “No.”

The look on Marrone’s face paired with the tone of voice he used to answer the question makes one believe that he is not at all happy with how the backup quarterback competition is shaping up. Both Thad Lewis and Jeff Tuel have really struggled to discern themselves, with Lewis having the worst camp of the two. That continued on Saturday night with Lewis completing only 1-of-6 passes for 18 yards, and throwing a fairly poor interception to end his day. On the ensuing drive, Tuel came in and was a tad better than Lewis completing 5-of-9 passes for 48 yards, but was also sacked four separate times and lost a fumble to Pittsburgh. Turnovers will drive any coach crazy, especially when it’s the two men trying to be the backup plan for second-year player EJ Manuel. While Tuel will likely stick on the roster regardless of what else happens, the same can’t be said of Lewis. Should the right player become available on the open market the Bills might look to strike to help bring some composure to the position past Manuel. Lewis’ job could be in jeopardy if he doesn’t pick up his play… and quickly.

Branch bubble?
- At the beginning of the offseason, the Buffalo Bills signed defensive tackle Alan Branch to a contract extension and thought he would serve as the top substitute for Kyle Williams and Marcell Dareus. That idea, like the very contract that kept Branch in town, looked good on paper for all parties. However, Branch went missing in action during all the offseason workouts. While he didn’t have to show up because the practices were voluntary, but Marrone gave the impression that the two weren’t even in contact at all. Branch also flunked his conditioning test at the start of camp, and he did admit that there was some displeasure voiced to him early on for not having his body ready for training camp. Since he’s returned to the field, Branch has been placed at the back of the line for defensive tackles. Corbin Bryant, Stefan Charles and now Landon Cohen are all getting time on the field before Branch. That trio has looked good, whereas Branch is barely noticeable outside of his size. It’s not the greatest of indicators that he started his night in the fourth quarter. He needs stark improvement to solidify a spot on the roster, because Marrone said that the veteran defender is "working for a spot."

Bills MVP: DT Stefan Charles
- Stefan Charles was a master of disruption against the second-team offensive line for the Steelers. Charles made his presence felt early on with a sack, then followed it up with another sack and the forced fumble that led to the eventual Bills recovery, which put their team in great position for points. With how disruptive he has been and how unnoticeable Branch has been, there is a case to be made for Charles to be the third defensive tackle on the roster even though he doesn’t have all that much experience on defense. He's having a great camp.

Bills LVP: OT Cyrus Kouandjio
- If Cyrus Kouandjio were a fifth, sixth or seventh-round draft choice, he would be in danger of being released by the Bills altogether. However, he is a second-round pick and the Bills won’t walk away from him after just one training camp. Marrone is an offensive line coach through and through and could welcome the challenge of trying to get the most out of Kouandjio. But he has a lot of work to do, which includes being able to fix his poor effort on the Steelers’ strip sack that secured the game-winning field goal for the black and gold.

Up Next: The Bills have Sunday off and then get back to work for their final week of training camp at St. John Fisher College. The first of their final four practices is Monday night at 6 pm.

Final Thoughts:
- The Bills have started training camp before anyone else and will be one of the last to end it, too. With this much time and that many reps under their belt already, the offense needed to be a lot farther ahead than what they showed against the Steelers. It all boils down to EJ Manuel and how he’ll react to a given coverage and an actual game situation. He displayed it at times against Carolina and all throughout Thursday’s joint practice with Pittsburgh. Simply put though, no touchdowns in 10 drives is unacceptable with all that time spent on the practice field already. Manuel knows it, Marrone knows it, the rest of the players know it. For the Bills to be successful they need to learn how to score as an offensive unit which is a task that they just haven’t been able to master yet. Quite obviously, it’s essential to both the short term and longterm plans of Buffalo moving forward.

Twitter: @JoeBuscaglia

**Photo courtesy of The Associated Press

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08/17/2014 4:55AM
Reaction: Steelers 19 - Bills 16
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08/17/2014 5:14AM
No Change
Bills suck. Manuel sucks. Marrone sucks. Germy White sucks. Bon Jovi sucks. Don Cherry sucks. These certainties shall never change-even if training camp lasted a year....
08/17/2014 5:16AM
Where's Mario? Dareus? Williams? Gilmour got burned in the endzone.
I don't think the Bills are trying. I know it may seem crazy, but it seemed like it was all about getting the kicking game and special teams in check more than scoring a touchdown. Its Preseason.
08/17/2014 5:41AM
Draft 2015?? looking fwd to season 2015
I understand it is only preseason, but the play of the offense needs to show some progress. As Joe stated, 'no touchdowns in 10 drives', how can anyone be thinking this team can make the playoffs. One 'sports expert' predicts the Bills with a record at 4-12. Which means, by November we fans will be thinking of who we will draft in 2015. That means ( LOL ) until we get a QB...rnds 2 - 7... draft only a QB.... someone shall emerge taking so many?? right?? ....and i like the current coaching staff, and i agreed taking the risk drafting Manuel... but it will soon be time to cut ties and focus on his predecessor.
08/17/2014 6:52AM
EJ's bad and
Hackett's worse. This offence looks horrendous. How about that 4th down pass on the goal line? Is the line that bad...or Boobie just a boob.
08/17/2014 7:35AM
Not Happy with back up QB?
Marrone should be more disgusted with EJ, the almighty starter they think he is. Please show the fans what you see in him, and leave out all the praise from practices. Pre-season is not about winning, it's about evaluating. I think we have seenenough to know. He's not the one....please prove me wrong.
08/17/2014 7:48AM
Not all Mauel's fault
After watching the game last night, I'm not impressed with our young OC. Hackett's play calling is questionable and maybe the TD drought is not totally Manuel's issue. How many times have we seen a run play up the middle or off tackle on third and one? I know our offensive line is in transition but maybe we could be a little creative. Steve Tasker said that the offense is only using about 10% of their play book so maybe things are just to vanilla? On the bright side, can't wait to see the new stadium and all the improvements on Saturday!!!!!
08/17/2014 7:54AM
6 and 10
08/17/2014 8:17AM
cant wait to watch
EJ FitzManuel!!
08/17/2014 8:26AM
Joe, Marrone was kinda snarky to your question about Woods. An expression of frustration towards EJ in not getting him the ball the other 3 of 6 times?
08/17/2014 8:28AM
Well, at least we already know the weaknesses for 2014-15
Quarterback and the Secondary. Same as last season. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT WHALEY!!! It's PUTRID.
08/17/2014 8:36AM
slow down
Joe we know you don't like the Bills and don't give them credit. The Bills did move the ball fluently the offense just didn't score. Please remember this is preseason, I think the team will solve issues on offense and defense.
08/17/2014 8:54AM
My reaction
They beeeeeeeeeeeLOW! (BLOW)
08/17/2014 9:01AM
Offense is Vanilla
Joe did you ever play Football? Just wondering, you sure seem to know it all.As far as the offense, hoping that this is a very Vanilla look, if not it will be a long season, not sure the offensive coordinator is all that good, hoping I am wrong, we have a lot of weapons, lets find a smart way to use them.
08/17/2014 9:17AM
Play calling was questionable.
Went the game in Pittsburgh. Bills looked clueless and lost. Nothing came to together or worked. Again, the play calling was questionable and often desparate looking. They never found any momentum. Come on Bills give us somthing.
08/17/2014 9:21AM
Gee, I'm glad marrone is concerned about the backup QBs
Really! Marrone not happy with play of the back up QBs and what exactly separates the "franchise QB" from the backups. The fact is he can't score with an offense that has as much potential and talent than most teams in the league, if not more.
08/17/2014 9:33AM
3 games, no TDs. between EJ's lack of skill and confidence and the play-calling, this team is again destined for the trash heap. Good WR's, Solid D and a stable of quality RB's will not and cannot overcome the leader who doesn't "have it" Keep on whistling past the graveyard, but if the frotn office doesn't decide to move on from EJ, or at least find a serviceable starting QB until he "gets it", this team will continue to flounder between 6-10 or worse. I'm not a "hater", just a realist. Funny how Chris Brown and the Bills seem to find all sorts of silver linings and totally overlook the obvious.
08/17/2014 9:58AM
same old bills
It's the same year after year this year will be no different.
08/17/2014 10:18AM
2 more games
Thank God we have 2 more preseason games. EJ better get his act together in the next two games or we are in trouble!
08/17/2014 10:31AM
Since the very start on this year Bills traning camp, you never fail to poin out E.J. Failures. Even when he does smithing right you, lead with what he did wrong. My question to you is, when are you going to point out the failures of this coaching staff? Fair & Balance reporting Joe! Head coach - Former O-line player, yet the O-line is still bad Offence Coordinator - No imagination whatsoever. Especially in the red zone I'm starting to get the feeling that the best coach the Bills had, is now in Cleveland.
08/17/2014 10:43AM
I agree EJ is not an NFL QB, but when do the apologists in the media point a finger at Hackett. I mean zero touchdowns from the starting unit, total failure in the red zone - again. Even the head coach is not happy with the backup QB's. Maybe it's not the players, but the scheme.
08/17/2014 10:43AM
There should have been a QB competition at #1 Whaley blew it there
Every other spot on the roster has competition, except the QB spot. EJ is the number one for better or worse. Seems like the only time he has done ok is that one practice with the Steelers where he actually felt some pressure to perform. I think not bringing in a veteran QB to help mentor EJ and compete for that #1 spot is going to be the Bills downfall this season. I really like Doug Whaley, but it sure looks like he may have blew it at the QB spot. Why he did not bring in a veteran just boggles my mind. If EJ sucks, Doug Whaley is out of a job more than likely. I am really trying to hold out hope and wait to judge until the regular season starts. But it's so hard after all these pretty terrible performances by the first string offense (mostly EJ not being able to get anyone the ball).
08/17/2014 10:45AM
It's still...
…the Keystone Cops. 6-10.
08/17/2014 11:03AM
Time to bring in Tebow?
Why not? It wouldn't hurt with a couple of preseason games left to see what happens. That's what preseason is for. What we've got isn't working. There are better out there for the secondary as well to check out.
08/17/2014 11:11AM
How can this Coaching and management group allow this to happen yeas in a row. It was clear last year that Tuel and leis are not adequate backups. They better make a move quick for a new back up with experience because we are going to need it!!!
08/17/2014 11:14AM
I see the same things I saw last year.
A pitiful offense with terrible playcalling (possibly due to being handcuffed by a subpar qb - but that is the fault of not only the qb, but the gm and coaching staff that have supported going with only said qb and not even attempting to upgrade the position). This offense is going to induce comas this year - the coordinators favorite play (and I'm thinking defenses might be catching on to this) is to run the ball between the tackles on first down. Then run the ball some more, and if they do pass, make sure it's for less than ten yards. Manuel still looks clueless here in his second year, and not only doesn't look like he's getting better, he looks worse than during last years preseason - not a good sign. Almost all his passes are short dump offs and on the rare occasion he goes down field its either an inaccurate throw or a terrible decision/read. I keep hearing it's a 'process', but an NFL level qb should be able to consistently make passes downfield and manuel still isn't doing it here in year 2. Then to waste two first round picks on a WR is like spending all your money on bullets without owning a firearm. This team is an absolute joke and will be ridiculously lucky if they can win six games again this year. Hopefully the new owner will clean house when he gets here.
08/17/2014 11:18AM
Uneasines about all QB's
Although it is not time to panic, you have to wonder if the Bills have a legitimate NFL QB on the roster. This rests with the GM and the scouts. The coaches can only coach what has been given to them. Time to start looking at other options.
08/17/2014 11:32AM
And Joe B is who exactly?
08/17/2014 11:39AM
some good things and some bad things.
well we like to see the good things about the bills. But they really have to focus on the bad things. Don't want to hound on the mistakes but they got to be corrected. And mean like yesterday, we can't go into the season with out a strong backup to ej. because if ej start messing up than who in the hell is going to pick up the slack. I mean with all three qb so far just can't seem to throw over players at the line. Because of all this knocking the ball down at the line isn't going to cut it. And all this running the running back up the middle isn't cut it too. I hope this is just seeing what they can do. And what they can't do. cause this can't be the playbook but all and all they look good. lets see how good they are in the next game. Because cut down is comming sooner than you think. Lets go ruff buff.
08/17/2014 11:58AM
I see the Bums are warming up for another pathetic season.
And Pegula really wants to buy this embarrassment? He should see a therapist.
08/17/2014 11:59AM
Cyrus Kouandjio
is a turnstyle. Not looking like a good pick in the 2nd rd.
08/17/2014 12:25PM
The Bills have no passing game. They have to depend on the run. Sure, EJM can march up and down the field, throwing dinky 5 yd passes and screens. When he's accurate, that is. But when he gets into the red zone he cant get anything done. The Bills have to depend on Carpenter. Manuel cant throw the bomb. The Bills have good receivers but they are wasted. How many times have you seen EJ throw a pass where the receiver either has to jump for it -or stop and turn around to get the ball. He cant hit anybody on the run. And they used to call Trent Edwards Captain Checkdown! Remember that? Yesterday Rothlesberger showed the Bills what a good QB looks like. The Steelers first team beat the Bills "first-team" offense, and the Steelers scrubs beat the Bills scrubs to wrap the game up. More of this next Saturday. Remember what Tampa Bay did to EJ and the Bills last year? Manuel sucked in that game too. Its gonna be more of the same. And its gonna be a long season for Bills fans.
08/17/2014 12:30PM
Remember when Kouandjio showed up at camp and proclaimed he was a winner and hewouldnt put upwith lo
Sometimes someone with no experience at this level should keep his big mouth shut and show what he can do before proclaiming how great he is. "I am all about winning, winning is what I do", I don't have a lot of sympathy for a guy like that. In my line of business, when some kid comes in talking about how good he is, how he's all that, those are the people who more often than not.....fail, and fail big time. Yup, I remember, not long ago, how Kouandjio was going to "bring" winning to Buffalo, though he'd never played a single down as a professional.
08/17/2014 1:02PM
All about EJ
I'm over the "wow EJ completed that tough pass" phase. This is a professional football franchise, either EJ can be consistent, or he can't. Watching preseason, even a lot of his completed passes aren't all that accurate. He just doesn't seem all that comfortable on short passes especially (the 4th and 1 tipped ball comes to mind). Manuel seems like a nice kid who works hard, has desire but just can't get it done. Basically a long term project we drafted with a number 1 pick. I hope for the best, expect the worst. Watch ANY other NFL quarterback, one you aren't emotionally invested in,compare him to EJ, and you will realize just how much the Bills, the media, and fans, are letting their hopes get in the way of reality
08/17/2014 1:18PM
I'm hoping the offense is suffering from a vanilla preseason game plan. The goal line up the gut has to end how bout fake it and go outside, anything but what they have been doing. Branch is dead weight these young guys look hungry. A home game nextweek should help everyone. Then we shall see.
08/17/2014 1:55PM
Paulrus column: Is not scoring touchdowns a worry yet"
Dumb question. Of course, there was no comment section to rebuttal. He must have wrote that from a cheeseburger stand and didn't have time. OUR QUARTERBACKING SUCKS PAUL!!! or you don't notice.
08/17/2014 2:00PM
Please, please, I'm begging . . .
. . . either assign an editor (someone with a high-school-level knowledge of grammar) to this column, or demand that the writer take a course in remedial English. This is an embarrassment, and profoundly insulting.
08/17/2014 2:05PM
3rd, maybe first?
three Pre season games, not counting Pittsburgh, when Jeff Tuel took over the first two games, he Scored touchdowns! He might be young, untested, Yes he needs Seasoning, however when He's in the game the team Responds! simple as that. He seems to get things done. Give him 1st team reps! and Play.
08/17/2014 2:06PM
This season...
If EJ doesn't perform well this year, so long Whaley and Marrone! Oddly enough, because the Bills gave away their 2015 1st round pick, EJ might be safe regardless of how bad he plays.
08/17/2014 2:36PM
boy genius?
Not sure Hackett should go unmentioned here. He is, after all, the Offensive Coordinator.
08/17/2014 2:37PM
Come on!!!
Post the reactions.
08/17/2014 2:38PM
Woods not starting hurting EJ.
Woods should be starting , he catches everything. He has some mojo with Woods from last year. Even EJ said it himself. Woods and Sammy combo on the outside. You can still bring in Hogan and Mike Williams with the 4 WR package.
08/17/2014 3:05PM
Trade The J's
Now is the time to prepare for next year!!! We need to figure out how to get back our Number 1 pick for next year to get a QB. My solution is try to trade CJ,EJ,TJ. None of them can help the Bill's this year win a playoff position, maybe some idiotgeneral manager needs a running back (Denver) and will trade for a number 1..Let's take out loses and gear up for next season... I hope the golf seasons goes till Dec.
08/17/2014 4:47PM
I've a couple of questions
I listened on-line last evening when explaining the Rothlesberger to Brown second play TD Mark Kelso said Aaron Wlliams didn't turn his hips correctly and misplayed the coverage... this article says Aaron Williams wasn't on the field which game was I listening to? Also, why does an out of town/national "insider" have better information about the injury to Sammy Watkins, than does the flag ship station's own beat reporter... have the Bills become so big time they don't talk to the local boys? But really when it comes right down to it; haven't we seen this move down the field and end the drive with zero or three points too often for too, too many years? What does it take to find competent professional football players who can score inside the twenty yard line? This is not what everybody has been waiting for since last December. Doesn't really look like the front office is worried about its own collective near term or long term future.
08/17/2014 5:34PM
number 3 should maybe be number 1.
Say all you want about him being number 3 (or 2) but out of the 3 games, pre season or not, Jeff Tuel has scored touchdowns in 2 of them! Maybe Tuel needs to start a game or 2 to see IF he can bring it. as with most rookies, they need seasoning, time IN the game.
08/17/2014 6:03PM
EJ Manuel
He's great in practice...
08/17/2014 6:24PM
Booooring!!! I'm 60 and been a Bills fan since 1965 and they can move outta here!!
08/17/2014 7:25PM
Gonna Be A Long Year
EJ looks like he has regressed instead of progressed...just call him EJ dumpoff...very shaky when trying to throw down field....has very talented receivers..just can't get them the ball...Tuel and Lewis are pathetic.....our defense should help us win some games....but without a proven quaterback...were looking at a 5-11 season at best..Gonna be a Long Year!!!!
08/17/2014 7:35PM
What Backup QBS?
For that matter, do we even have (1) QB good enough to compete? So far, its looking very bleak. Can you believe, wasting another whole year without at least drafting QB better then what this team presently has? Bring in Tim Tebow for the last 2 preseason games or will that make our present Management and Coaches look bad.
08/17/2014 8:53PM
EJ must make plays when it counts
It's not enough for EJ to just move the ball down the field, constantly dumping it off to an RB or TE. He needs to make the big plays, getting the ball into the end zone. Rationalize all you want about receivers not getting feet down or dropping the ball. That stuff happens to every team in every game, and good QBs win despite it. If EJ can consistently be thwarted by dropping 7 back, then he's never going to be an effective QB. Sometimes you have to make plays against the best they're throwing at you. None of our QBs appear to be anywhere near capable of that. I wish EJ well and would love to see him succeed, but he's got to start making plays instead of just taking the nickle and dime stuff that defenses are giving him.
08/17/2014 8:59PM
EJ sucks team sucks
08/17/2014 9:19PM
Time For A Change
Bring in Tebow!
08/17/2014 9:55PM
The Sabres have a big announcement...stay tuned...
Who is getting traded??? An e5 Presser??? More to come...
08/18/2014 12:53AM
Another Painful Season Coming Up
Did anyone notice how far off target Ej's pass was to Sammy on the play where Sammy got hurt on? It was at his feet. A simple 10 yard slant. EJ wouldn't even be a viable 2nd string QB on most NFL teams. He'll be selling insurance in a yearor 2. Thank you Buddy Nix for this departing gift.
08/18/2014 4:51AM
Play calling
Team moved the ball up and down the field but couldn't finish. I put a lot of that on play calLing. Also the O line is just not cohesive enough to block a 3rd and short or goal line play. We need that dimension this season badly.
08/18/2014 6:31AM
How can anyone have a good reaction?
Three preseason games of really nothing. Especially on offense? (Is this team really that (BAD) as they look?) What are the Coaches teaching? Maybe you cant teach lack of talent (QBs)?
08/18/2014 7:39AM
USA TODAY! (08-18-14)
NFL Turns to young QBs as recent draftees are developing much faster. Why not here in Buffalo? How many years has it been since Jim Kelly retired, 17? Something is wrong with this picture?
08/18/2014 9:18AM
Take note
I'm a Tebow fan. He wins. Go get him!
08/18/2014 9:25AM
What has he done wrong?
I see that coming. The famous Pegula phrase.
08/18/2014 9:41AM
Turned on 'GR for a moment this morning and Sherry White and Motormouth Capaccio was on. Tuned out quickly. Did Howard call it quits and move back to NY or was it another lack of interest call off. People do get fired for poor attendance at work. How does he hold a job with all this time off? Anybody?
08/18/2014 10:11AM
Fast Fact
With any quarterbacking, the Bills would be 3-0 so far this preseason.
08/18/2014 10:18AM
E J Maybin.
08/18/2014 10:33AM
The Radio Guys sound like The Team looks...
I just listened (Monday morning) to a half hour, all I could stand, of Jeremy leading Sal and Matthew in a radio round of excuse-making for the QB, the head coach, the offensive co-ordinator, the water boy -- the WGR boys reduced to this, mere shills for a desperate team, embarrassing. And I love their idea/hope that the Bills are actually hiding their great tricky plays, like the fade pass to Mike Williams in the end zone -- wow! that'll be a huge surprise to their opponents, it's only been used by every team in the league with a tall receiver for thirty years or so. Are they going to waste C.J. Spiller again too? The one guy who's not drinking the Kool-Aid is Mike Schopp, and most fans don't want to hear from him because they've had their drink too. And I completely agree with the notion that this is the weakest trio of QBs that any NFL team has ever taken into a season, and for a 2nd year too -- they're putting all their chips on one guy, E.J. Manuel (50/50 at best), and throwing in the towel if he gets injured again. How smart is that? Totally irresponsible for a professional organization, unfair to the rest of the players as well as the fans.
08/18/2014 10:48AM
Paulrus: NHL Combine in Buffalo?
This isn't the news conference I was hoping for. I was expecting a blockbuster trade. What a Joke getting sucked into nothing of importance.
08/18/2014 11:43AM
Tea leaves say....
The tea leaves say thia all adds up to a 4-12 season. Not only may the QB situation overall be the worst in the NFL among Manuel, Lewis and Tuel but the secondary might also be the worst in the NFL. Players like a departed Jairus Byrd and injured Kiko Alonso are very difficult to replace and they have done a completely inadequate job of replacing them. In addition to the grave concerns at QB, this pass defense which was among the best in the NFL last year (#2 overall in turnovers during 2013)they could very well be the worst defense against the pass in 2014. So many misinformed people saying that this team is much better than last season. They are in fact worse all around as a team in 2014.
08/18/2014 11:57AM
Please put your 8th grade graduation picture back atop the page so it goes with the articles properly.
08/18/2014 12:19PM
Hey Hacket! Try a SPREAD OFFENSE for Once!
I would like to see our 2nd year Off Coordinator employee a "Spread Offense" once in awhile...Pittsburgh and Roethlisberger used it, WHY CAN'T WE. Oh yeah, we are only running 10% of our playbook! We don't want to show other teams or hand during pre-season...C'mon, give us something!!!
08/18/2014 3:42PM
Bills season over by Halloween... Marrone will never win in the NFL.
08/18/2014 3:45PM
Bring in Tebow?
Why, to make the 3 other crappy QBs on the roster look better?
08/19/2014 2:34PM
Remember Coach Chuck Dickerson on WGR.
At least he didn't keep making excuses for bad coaching/management and bad players. Why such a big change?
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