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By Joe Buscaglia
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Releasing Edwards is the right move

On Monday, the Buffalo Bills made the surprising and relieving decision to release Trent Edwards from the team and move on with Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm.

It's a move that I think makes a statement, and is one that discerns this regime from the previous ones.

Best of luck to Trent, but everything that he represented was the exact opposite of what we all wanted out of the 2010 Buffalo Bills.

I'm not exactly sure why people will complain about how the Bills operated with this move. If you're depended on at your workplace in one of the most essential roles and you can't get anything done in that capacity, then guess what. You'll probably be fired. If you're deemed to be ineffective, then why should they continue to give you chances?

The fact of the matter is that Edwards didn't fool the coaching staff in training camp. The way he played during practice and preseason made him the most viable option of the three at that present time. Any coach, football player, reporter or fan that went to every single practice would tell you that of the three (Trent, Fitzpatrick, Brohm), Edwards was the most consistent leading up to the regular season. Of course he'll win the job with that reasoning.

Then, two weeks of the regular season went by; he was hesitant, ineffective and couldn't lead the offense. End of story.

Now he's off the roster completely, and the Bills in my mind deserve credit for the move.

If this were the Dick Jauron era, Trent Edwards would probably still be starting. What Chan Gailey and Buddy Nix exhibited with this decision is that absolutely nothing is sacred.

The whole ideology of 'being married' to a player just for the sake of being stubborn and trying to make it work regardless of on the field performances was finally neglected, and I love it. How can it be considered a bad thing?

Trent stunk up the joint on the field, and the organization reacted. So what?

That's the type of mentality I've been dying for as someone who's watched this team for however many years I've been alive. Volatility on rosters runs rampant throughout the rest of the league, and the Bills are finally catching up.

It's a strong move that says, 'Hey, if you suck, you're not going to last here.' Good.

The fingerprints of the Jauron era are starting to be removed, and that's a great feeling.

The Bills might and probably will be awful for the next 13 games this season. But there is a silver lining -- At the very least, we know that this team is not afraid to make a decision and admit they were wrong at some point.

That's way better than being stubborn or too incompetent to realize what's happening.

Just saying.

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