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Report: Toronto Group 'on life support' in bid for Bills

Jon Bon Jovi and his backers are reassessing their bid to buy the Buffalo Bills, according to a Toronto Sun report.

John Kryk reported that the group cancelled a scheduled tour of Ralph Wilson Stadium on Wednesday and has no plans to reschedule it.

"They're hanging on by the skin of their teeth," one source told the Sun. "The bid's on life support."

Forbes reported Thursday that the Bon Jovi Group bid $820 million, $70 million below Terry Pegula's bid.


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08/22/2014 6:15AM
Report: Toronto Group 'on life support'
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08/22/2014 6:26AM
Best news I've heard in a long time. The Bills sound like they are solid, and now they sound like they are that much closer to be here to stay! Go Bills! :D
08/22/2014 7:22AM
peace out cub scout
take your toys and go home...this is mans work
08/22/2014 8:23AM
That's horrible!!!
I hope Jon is going to be alright. I was really looked forward to his comeback tour in Buffalo. Hope he can still make the games. I heard he didn't even show up for the tour of the facility. It must be serious.
08/22/2014 9:33AM
No surprise there...
With the imminent departure of Tim Leiweke, who's job was pretty much to hasten the Bills' move to Toronto, it has become pretty obvious that Bon Jovi and his "pals" really didn't do their homework on this deal and had no idea that the lease was so ironclad. On top of this, the disorganization is so apparent that it will kill Toronto's future hopes on an NFL team for years to come if ever. Wow, Ralph Wilson's fleecing of Ted Rogers is a gift that keeps on giving...and they say Buffalo never wins!
08/22/2014 9:58AM
Call U-Haul...
and cancel those moving trucks. Go Buffalo!
08/22/2014 10:26AM
1.5 Billion.
Final Sale, whomever? There worth it, Super Bowl bound, Right?
08/22/2014 11:13AM
dadsonpowermode fan, not buying until it happens
Sorry I don't believe this report, I really hope Pegula wins but I am a wait to see it when it happens, Go Bills. Too much false information being put out there
08/22/2014 12:45PM
Bon Jovi
Bon Jovi, has to stick it out to the end. Even if he knows he does not have a chance of winning. If he doesn't he will never have a chance to bid on a NFL team again.
08/22/2014 12:57PM
Drivel radio at its finest. Can't get any worse than that. The Bills and Sabres should just pull the plug on this outfit.
08/22/2014 1:15PM
08/22/2014 2:59PM
Re: dadsonpowermode fan, not buying until it happens
Having read your Sabres' comments over the past two years and then reading this...you really aren't too bright are you? Try learning at least rudimentary grammer and THEN post. Thank you.
08/22/2014 3:41PM
Sick and Tired
I'm getting ill from the daily reports about the Bills sale. The truth is, nobody really knows anything. It's all speculation!!!! You're a bunch of talking heads!!! I really don't want to hear any more until it's FINAL!!!!
08/22/2014 5:53PM
Run run run Runaway
Daddys girl... ehhh
08/22/2014 5:59PM
well you still talking about what?
what the hell you think we were going to let the bills go to canada. hey walmart boy are the truck still on stand by. Or is it you just don't know football. You see that the power of the Queen city of n.y. Now that is some more ecellent news. Bon jovi and partners see you would not want to be you. Now lets get john mellan camp to sing at half time. Lets go ruff buff.
08/22/2014 7:35PM
Back to the ash heap of washed up rock stars for Jon Bon Jovi
08/22/2014 8:45PM
This is far from over
There's always L.A. Don't get your hopes up just yet clowns. Bekins is on standby.
08/23/2014 12:23PM
Back out, back in, back out, back in, back out
Next article, back in. Make up your dam mind! We got truck drivers waiting in the wings. Alive, dead, alive, dead, alive, dead...Wanted dead or alive? Pathetic.
08/23/2014 3:43PM
Waiting in the "Wings"
08/25/2014 4:53PM
Toronto is still in play
People in Buffalo are attacking Bon Jovi and Toronto and there issue is quite clear for moving the Bills to Toronto, who is going to pay for a new stadium because it won't be the tax players. I wouldn't want to see the Bills leave Buffalo but Bon Jovi and his pals can outbid everyone else and since the Bills have rejected all bills and the parties are asked to resubmit the team is available to anyone that wants it. Bon Jovi can get the Bills but I really wonder how the economics (cost of tickets, food and parking) would work to pay for the Bills and a stadium (which will be have to be a retractable dome because people in Toronto are posers and afraid of sitting in cold weather after paying $600 for end zone tickets.
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