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Report: Up to 8 Bills bidders to meet with trust

Just when you thought you had the sale of the Buffalo Bills all figured out, new entrants get thrown into the mix.

According to Tim Graham of The Buffalo News, the Bills have up to eight suitors that are scheduled to meet with the estate of Ralph Wilson, Jr.. While the exact number is not known, it is more than the three bidders that have been confirmed to have submitted nonbinding bids ahead of the July 29 deadline.

While it was earmarked for quite some time as the first big day of the sale, as it turns out the deadline was flexible. As the Bills are a privately owned entity, they can change deadlines as they see fit, which led to the flexibility of allowing other groups to indicate their interest.

The three parties that have been mentioned since July 29 have been Terry and Kim Pegula, the Toronto-based group led by Jon Bon Jovi and Donald Trump. While that trio has been identified, the names of other persons or groups have yet to be in more than a speculative manner.

There has been at least some speculation regarding two others that could possibly have interest in the team. There is the Los Angeles-based hedgefund manager Jeffrey Gundlach, who has ties to western New York, along with Pabst Blue Ribbon owner C. Dean Metropoulos.

It is unclear if these are two of the 'mystery' groups that have advanced to the next stage. A part of that next stage, though, will be the aforementioned in-person meetings that will take place over the next three weeks, some of which in the Detroit area. Trump has already gone through the process, and the Pegulas will meet with the trust next week in New York City, according to Graham's report.

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08/07/2014 8:06AM
Report: Up to 8 Bills bidders to meet with trust
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08/07/2014 8:31AM
Can we really take ANYTHING the media reports as even semi-fact based? So far all the updates come from "insiders". That a classic reporter term - meaning they thought the scenario up in their head. Instead of reporting that the article is pure speculation on the writers part, they intend to add "credibility" to the article by saying they received information "from sources close to the situation" or "insiders". It's all a made-up scenario. This article for example....states "Up to 8 bidders to present to trust"....although further in the article it states the exact number is not known. THEN HOW DID YOU COME UP WITH THE 8 BIDDERS??? There's either 8 or there's not. More responsible reporting would be to say "It's quite possible there's more than 3 bidders at this point per insider reports, but the exact number is not known". Throwing the number 8 around is just a sleazy, attention grabbing headline MADE-UP by Graham. He's been the ring-leader all along this process - passing on these updates to every media outlet in the country. I would say almost 95% of reports come from information passed on in Graham tweets, and posts, and articles. Only a small fraction have any form of truth to them. That guys a clown - this story is completely made up by the attention whoring BN
08/07/2014 9:41AM
Can we trust this new information?
We were told that Pegula bid 1.3 Billion and Trump bid 1 Billion. Then we were told that the reported bids were excessive. They were not that high and leaks were being made indicating they were high in order to discourage other bidders. Then the Trustees announced they were extending the deadline to attract new bidders. Then we were told that the Bon Jovi bid was rejected because of inadequate assurances by Bon Jovi that he intends to keep the team in Buffalo. So. What is the truth? If a new owner is required in some fashion to assure the team stays in Buffalo, wouldn't that eliminate Los Angeles based bidders? If there are new bidders which would tend to raise the purchase price, wouldn't that tend to eliminate Bob Jovi? In the immortal words of the great Lombardi, "What the hell is going on out there?
08/07/2014 10:52AM
Another case of "if you have money you don't have to follow the rules".
08/07/2014 10:52AM
Eight huh?
Why are we just finding this out now? Maybe because good ol' Paulie, Doggy and Scloopp spend the entire day complaining about the Bills not using all their time-outs in the first of five pre-season games. It's the same old same old year after year on this station. Murphy is the only one I'll listen too anymore. Great job management.
08/07/2014 11:37AM
WGR fan Poll Today
Why worry? When the trucks get'll be all over.
08/07/2014 11:49AM
Someone will certainly outbid Pegula
It's 100% that someone within the 8 has the fortune to outbid Pegula. There are not many in this world rich enough to buy an NFL team and you have to be a complete fool to believe that no one richer than Pegula will bid on this team. When the smoke clears you will be shocked at some of the names you hear bidding on this team. When you do see these names for those of you with half a brain please look them up on the most recent Forbes list because their wealth will make Pegula's look like pennies in comparison. The only hope at this point is Mary Wilson's and the rest of the trusts commitment to WNY. If they really are dedicated to seeing the team stay here then they will award the winning bid to one that is probably significantly lower because there is a promise to keep the team here. Pegula is that person. Money talks though and these far richer individuals that will outbid Pegula...well you can probably say with almost 100% accuracy that their intentions will not be to keep the team here. They have the financial means to pay the penalty up front of what will ultimately turn out to be a "not so binding" lease.
08/07/2014 12:24PM
i just dont believe anything Tim Grahams "sources" say nor any of the other "sources" we have been hearing about. Someone is out there feeding rumors to these clown reporters and they are eating it up like wings from Duff's.
08/07/2014 12:37PM
New ownership
Anyone of these people should... Just on good faith..... Sign a 50 year lease with the state stating that the team may move from the ralph but will not leave western ny !!!!!!
08/07/2014 12:43PM
Please stop
You guys have lost all credibility. So many stories on the Bills potential owners and price, and time and time again , they are wrong. You DON'T know, stop acting like you do
08/07/2014 12:58PM
Who is next the president
Now with these people comming in to the fold. What are we going to do know go through the same format. Are they going to keep the team here or move them. Why is it when it comes down to any one of our teams. We the fans don't have no say so in the matter at all. I for one will be glad when all this Sh@#t is over with. Because for us fans have to worry about all this; show a lack of respect for all of us. Than they wonder why people move from here in a heart beat. So depressing.
08/07/2014 1:02PM
How is it fair?
If the reporting of these bids are accurate and I was the Pegulas,where I did everything the right way the first time, then Morgan Stanley and the Wilson trust bend the rules simply to accommodate others so I may have to pay more or loose the bid I wouldbe furious!
08/07/2014 1:36PM
joke of process
Pegula's are meeting in nyc with nfl owners
08/07/2014 2:44PM
8 Bidders ....
and all of them are willing to keep the team in Buffalo - keep dreaming.
08/07/2014 5:18PM
It doesn't matter
Football is a spectator sport as is the selling of a franchise. Unless you're in the running to buy the team just sit back and relax. The fans, the sports writers, we are all insignificant to this process. When it's done we will know.
08/07/2014 6:27PM
Yep, these articles are getting like the Byrd ones
Joe can't just DROP IT. What an idoit!
08/07/2014 7:19PM
wgr sucks
stop th madness shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
08/07/2014 8:36PM
Terry Pegula is playing buy the rules, he can out bid anyone, the Bills trust cannot be trusted, all they want to do is drive up his bid by allowing all these late bids, shame on Mary Wilson and others. Pegula will get the team but Bills trust will driveup the sale price first, how much money does someone have to have ?
08/07/2014 9:42PM
Some of you whiners have issue's. Thanks for the report Joe. The Bill's aren't going anywhere. Pegula's willing to overspend and everyone else know's it.
08/07/2014 11:03PM
Bills will stay in Buffalo
Jeffrey Gundlach is from L.A. But, he is a huge Bills fan and fully intends to keep them in Buffalo. There is also speculation that he is teaming up with Jim Kelly. I think Pegula will win. Because he sees this as part of his greater Buffalo Investment - to which he already has a lot of money tied up in the Sabres. And he has over a $billion in cash to play with.
08/08/2014 1:12AM
greedy NFL
driving up the price with a bidding war, going to price themselves so only the rich can afford to go to games, by the way to: eight huh? , Murph is the only one i wont listen to with his wimpy, lovefest interviews.
08/08/2014 12:56PM
lets eliminate groups
The Toronto group shold be eliminated because they failled on 2 attempts to convince the Trust they would keep the team in Buffalo. Jim and Jeff should be eliminated because they don't have the money now looking to join another group. I see thisas a investor looking to make some quick money and then selling his interest in the team
08/08/2014 1:32PM
The way I see it.
News outlets, especially in Western NY, know that fans are hungry for news regarding the sale of the Bills and where they may end up. (Down here in NM the news outlets could care less) So they try to provide us fans what information they have. In this story they say up to 8 which doesn't mean 8 for sure. And the story mentions those who either they know or have reason to believe had submitted bids. I do not believe the news outlets are trying to be in anyway misleading. But instead provide us some information rather than leave us in the dark
08/08/2014 2:47PM
stop yer whining
LOL you bunch of sisseys... The BILLS will stay..get some sleep!
08/08/2014 7:13PM
Because Jim Kelly is involved whoever he supports is the new talks and in this case there appears to be a lot of it out there....Adam B from Channel 2 is the one with no credibility....he has a new inside tracker almost everyday...I like the PBR rumor best of all
08/08/2014 9:38PM
Bills future
No matter who is doing the reporting, it is all about so-called "reliable sources' which have proven to be for the most part, "unreliable". Aside from the contract about the penalty clause for moving where is the evidence that the trust insists on the team staying in WNY? There isn't any, it is only what some "hope" will be the case, hence, Terry Pegula winning the bid which clearly now, is no guarantee. If there isn't many bidders, at the present projected value, maybe a potential new owner is looking at the business model and at the price they will have to pay, maybe Buffalo doesn't look so good now.
08/11/2014 10:27AM
re: to stop yer whining
They really do need to stop crying and get some sleep. And if they keep on listening to some of those wgr boys. You might start seeing a lot of bodies floating down stream. I can see it now that wgr reports that a plane crash in the water. carrying 5 millon in us dollars and they had not found it yet. after a 100 or so people die looking for the money. Wgr gets on the air and say ha ha ha... April fool day. Knowing dam well it's august.
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