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SCHOPP: Don't rush me into draft

So now it's over. The deadline has passed and moves were made. No more waking up and checking Twitter three or four times a day -- OK, 79 -- to see if a Sabres trade had happened. Exhale.

What do we talk about now?

Predictably, a lot of the talk once the trades were completed was about what the Sabres can do to their roster next. How their having two picks in the first and second rounds of the spring draft can be parlayed into a great player or two. How now they finally have the necessary flexibility to trade Derek Roy.

Don't rush me.

Believe me, I love playing GM. Imagining trades is fun, and I like the challenge of thinking up realistic trades that two teams should want to make. And so many games are short enough on action that talking trades seems often about the only way to make hockey talk interesting.

But I want a break. I want to stay up late and see these next few games, see how the Sabres look. The season has one last chance to save itself and I want to be watching.

Cody Hodgson is only one player, and he's young, and he's not Wayne Gretzky. But I'm curious to see if he pays quick dividends. He fills a positional need and is said to have loads of talent. The trade activity itself should inject some life -- and just as importantly, some resolution -- in the locker room. Paul Gaustad was, for me, a largely ineffectual player. Monday's moves impressed many fans, and in turn we're ready to feel a little hopeful again. A good road trip and the Sabres will come home and feel some love. Don't call the season off yet.

Granted, one more losing streak and they'll be cooked. That would be that. I know the odds aren't good. But there'll be plenty of time for hashing out the roster again. My advice? Let's take a breath and watch some games.

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